This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For December 26th to January 1st, 2023

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Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn this week, allowing us to set priorities for our obligations. Additionally, Venus and Mars will be busy for the next seven days, emphasizing our need to improve our romantic relationships.
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We have another interesting week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn, causing us to reevaluate the things we need to get real about in our lives. Mars is still in Retrograde and will make 3 transits, bringing up unresolved September scenarios. Mercury will be active over the next 7 days showing us why we need to communicate effectively with others. And Venus will make most of the transits causing us to work on relationships and finances.

12/27 Venus Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Luster Relationship

Venus will form a complex transit with Saturn, creating an uneasy vibe about romantic relationships and job situations.

An alignment like this makes it easier to realize a person or a particular career is no longer doing it for you. Therefore, a feeling could wash over you that something needs to change or it's time for you to move forward from stale situations.

Think about the factors contributing to feeling lackluster about your circumstances and try to make a game plan. That way, you have a good strategy that will ensure your stability.

12/28 Sun Semisquare Saturn: Pushing Through Self-Doubt

The Sun and Saturn will make an uneasy transit on Wednesday.

What makes this configuration uncomfortable is it pronounces feelings of discouragement due to waiting for something that’s been put on pause. Also, there might be feelings of gloom when we work hard but don't get desired outcomes toward our aspirations.

But the wonderful thing about this aspect is that, despite the fact that we could be disheartened by something that seems hopeless, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Saturn is a planet of hard labor being rewarded, so you will eventually reap the rewards in the future. Therefore, keep going because this will pass and is a reminder not to give up on your goals.

12/28 Venus Sextile Neptune: Seeking A Spiritual Connection

At least on that same day, we have a pleasant alignment between Venus and Neptune that should infuse the air with lovey-dovey vibes.

Blissful feelings come in from these two celestial bodies connecting with one another. Also, we could feel like the vibes with others are just right since Venus-Neptune alignments help us connect spiritually.

In terms of romance, this might feel storybookish, so if you’re in a relationship, this adds an extra dose of amorous exchanges. For single people, this might increase your chances of meeting someone on the same frequency as you and who has a soul mate vibe to them.

And we might be in the mood to indulge, shop, and do something to beautify ourselves under this influence. I advise keeping track of your spending because these feel-good vibes are incredible; however, with Venus and Neptune, it's easier to get carried away.

12/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars: Reconsidering Your Values In Relationships

Thursday brings in a Mars Retrograde transit we last experienced on Halloween. This was the first alignment we got from this Mars RX phase, so what this means is that we are coming to a close with this planet’s backward motions.

We could feel all up and down in this challenging alignment regarding love plus finances.

On the one hand, Venus and Mars give us tremendous desire. If you're single, this may be a day when you feel more attractive than expected, which could lead to many flirtatious interactions. For those in committed relationships or those who are courting, this might be a day of great intimacy.

However, some drama could be dragged out in love relationships with a history of conflict. This could raise concerns like dishonesty, arguments regarding the past, and competing with one another.

Circumstances from that past period may surface, so if any issues occurred on October 31st, these themes could come back for resolution.

We won’t see this alignment again until October 27th, 2024. But we still have a few more complex Venus-Mars transits to close out this retrograde series.

12/29 Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Reconstructing Our Mindset About Life’s Priorities

Just as we’re 2 weeks away from winding down from one regressive cycle, we have another one starting that same day.

On Thursday, Mercury will enter an entire inverse period through Capricorn.

We’ve hit the final Retrograde of 2022, which will leak into 2023. So, we are simultaneously ending one year with a bang and kicking the door down into another.

Capricorn is a sign of authority and the pursuit of excellence in Astrology. It involves maturity and putting in the necessary effort to succeed. It also has to do with feeling secure in our accomplishments on the outside and working hard to rise to the top. Therefore, we could feel the need to get our priorities straight.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn will highlight concerns with commitment, honesty, integrity, and coldness toward others.

A retrograde like this gets us considering how to advance or if it's time to leave a job. With the energy of Capricorn, we see things for what they are, so if there’s no room for progress, we will have the urge to find something to help us level up.

The Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 6 to 26 degrees of these placements will experience this Retrograde stronger than others.

Check out the Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign to see how this may affect your placements since some Signs will be more affected by this Regressive Cycle.

Mercury in Capricorn RX dates to remember:

  • Transited Into Capricorn on December 6th
  • Goes Retro at 24 Capricorn at Shadow 8°
  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow 12/12 2022
  • Retrograde 12/29/2022
  • Turns Direct 1/18/23
  • Leaves Post Shadow 2/7/23
  • Moves Out Of Capricorn Feb 11th, 2023

12/29 Mercury Conjunct Venus: Reevaluating Your Commitments In Love And Career

Right out the gate, Mercury makes its first retrograde configuration.

Mercury will make a conjunction with Venus that encourages softer communication.

A Mercury-Venus transit is excellent for reducing the sting of what happens that day, so maybe this will have that effect. With the aid of this transit, we might be able to compromise and be more adaptable.

The most astonishing thing about this aspect is that conversations are enjoyable and relaxed. Don't be surprised if someone you like accidentally enters your direct messages because it also brings out our flirtatious side. People typically resolve incidents with love and financial problems due to this transit, so it could be a day to patch things up.

12/30 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars: Got A Dirty Mouth pt. 4

Mars is in a second retrograde transit for the week, and this time Mercury is involved.

Mainly with this one, we might feel triggered and have a poor tolerance for BS on this day.

One benefit is that it forces us to speak up and be assertive. As a result, now can be the ideal time to resolve a lingering problem. And because Mars is retrograde in Gemini, it's about saying what you've been holding back for a while.

Furthermore, you might find yourself in a position where you must speak up for others.

On the other hand, a transit like this accentuates the need to be correct in a debate and may result in combative interactions. The unhealthier side of this arrangement might exaggerate argumentative people; thus, there may be instances where individuals attempt to provoke an argument with you.

Try to set limits, so you’re not getting sucked into needless ego games, and actively avoid paying attention to people seeking drama. Also, don't react to those who enjoy confrontation since this further fuels them.

Therefore, if you're feeling very irritable, attempt to channel this energy towards accomplishing tasks, being active, or getting in an excellent workout to help you defuse the situation.

Because we already had the Mercury-Mars alignment before, this transit might bring up uncomfortable conversations from December 3rd.

And since this is a Regressive Cycle aspect, we will see it return on February 9, 2023. But the good thing is we will be in the Post-Retrograde Shadow, causing it to feel more resolvable.

12/30 Sun Quincunx Mars: A Case Of False Bravado PT 2

Mars begins its slowdown today.

13 more days until Mars Stations Direct!!

From this side of the retrograde, Mars will stay at 8 degrees and wind down by the second until it reaches its station. This results from the synodic cycle with the Sun in a quincunx to Mars; an alignment like this causes the planet on either side of the retrograde to move more quickly or slowly.

Due to the configuration, it may be one of those days when you have very little patience, which could reveal unflattering behavior, we weren't even aware of about ourselves.

Try your best to discover ways to relax because this energy might cause you to feel tense and more annoyed than usual. We also need to be careful not to react too aggressively because doing so can cause massive bickering. Also, we need to be mindful of entitlement.

This alignment demonstrates the necessity for restraining condescending behavior and the uncoolness of edge lording. In other words, it highlights people's competitive inclination to discredit what people are saying, one-up others, and the desire to say something offensive to elicit a response.

Another drawback is that it can demonstrate why it's foolish to test or misjudge individuals because it might lead to a heavy dose of self-reproach or a physical altercation.

Simply staying busy and active, such as going for a walk, working out, or doing anything else that will help you burn off this intense energy, is the healthiest approach to channel this transit.

And this is the last quincunx with the Sun and Mars for a while; the next time this alignment will be back is on December 24th, 2024.

12/31 Venus Conjunct Pluto: Valuing A Deep Connection Over Superficiality

Luckily we’re ending the year right with a profound transit.

Venus will align to Pluto, pronouncing a need for deep connections in love-life situations.

For single people, this can heighten the excitement and make it simpler to find a committed partner. So, if you’re going out for NYE, it might be a night to meet someone worth your time with soul mate energy.

And If you're in a steady union, Venus and Pluto's harmonious alignment can make things more intense but in an intimate way. A transit like this tonight could feel like your relationship has reached a deeper level.

1/1 Mercury Sextile Neptune: High Vibrational Communication Pt 2

Welcome to 2023!!

We open the year up with a transit between Mercury and Neptune.

And even though this is a retrograde configuration, it produces a dose of high-vibe energy. This ought to temper some of the week's more unpleasant energy and enable us to converse amicably.

Under this transit, we can feel the need to re-establish contact with our high vibrational side. Therefore, if you've neglected your spiritual practices, now might be a good moment to pick them back up. We could also feel inspired to make a New Year’s resolution to connect with our creative side more in 2023.

Mercury and Neptune, in this arrangement, helps us interact with others responsibly and empathically. Energetically this promotes talking about philosophy, literature, music, art, or poetry.

The last time we got this alignment was on Christmas Eve; the next will be on February 6th, 2023.

Vibes For The Week
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At the beginning of the week, low-grade amounts of confusion, solitude, and social will be present. With the mixed bag of transits this week, our moods will be up and down, so we might go from one extreme to the next.

Romance will ebb and flow through this week, causing us to be in the mood for flirty antics. With this being a big week for Venus and Mars, the two planets associated with romance these next 7 days will have a massive dose of amorous exchanges.

Emotional sensitivity will show up a few times, once on the 28th and again from the 30th to Jan 1st. Again, this week has some bite to it, so we could have moments when we feel easily triggered.

Over NYE weekend, this will intersect mental, romantic, confusion, psychic, and solitude. Even though there are some harsher energies, the weekend does offer some sweet spots.

So, we could have some moments when we’re second-guessing going out or being social, then change our minds because we need to take the edge off and have fun.

Transits For The Week

We’re not leaving 2023 quietly with these alignments, so the end of the year will undoubtedly be one heck of a banger.

Transits For The Week Of December 26th to January 1st, 2023:

  • 12/27 Venus Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Luster Relationship
  • 12/28 Venus Sextile Neptune: Seeking A Spiritual Connection
  • 12/28 Sun Semisquare Saturn: Pushing Through Self-Doubt
  • 12/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars: Reconsidering Your Values In Relationships
  • 12/29 Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Reconstructing Our Mindset About Life’s Priorities
  • 12/29 Mercury Conjunct Venus: Reevaluating Your Commitments In Love And Career
  • 12/30 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars: Got A Dirty Mouth PT 4
  • 12/30 Sun Quincunx Mars: A Case Of False Bravado pt. 2
  • 12/31 Venus Conjunct Pluto: Valuing A Deep Connection Over Superficiality
  • 1/1 Mercury Sextile Neptune: High Vibrational Communication

Happy New Year to you all, and may 2023 bring tons of prosperity on all levels to your lives.

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