This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For December 19th to 25th 2022

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The start of Capricorn Season in this week's astrological forecast coincides with a New Moon in Capricorn, allowing us to pursue a better strategy to achieve stability. Furthermore, Chiron travels Direct, and Jupiter enters Aries.
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We have another busy and transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week's Astrology, Jupiter moves forward in Aries, allowing us to review things occurring from May to October. Capricorn Season begins, putting a more goal-oriented tone in the air. We have a New Moon in Capricorn that will help us start a fresh long-term goal. Chiron goes out of Retrograde this week and will tell us how far we've come on our healing journey. And this is a busy week for the Cardinal Signs causing the urge to initiate change in their lives.

Monday brings us a colorful dance between Venus, Mars, and Chiron. In other words, these planets will connect in a series of alignments that pronounce relationship themes.

12/19 Venus Square Chiron: Questioning Your Value In Relationships

Venus and Chiron will be in a square, which may allow us to see the truth about love and the appropriate behaviors in romantic relationships.

Uncertainty about a toxic relationship may cause anxiety to bubble up to the surface because this alignment enunciates these feelings. Because our demands aren't satisfied, we could start to doubt our abilities and feel self-conscious about it.

No matter how challenging, resist blaming yourself for other people's actions because that responsibility isn’t on you; it’s on them. If you believe you made a mistake by remaining with someone who didn't deserve you, give yourself some grace.

Our focus can shift quickly to negativity and thinking things are our fault, so please try to cut yourself some slack. Seeing things for what they are is never easy, but this gives you the nudge needed to start distancing yourself from unhealthy relationship situations.

12/19 Venus Quincunx Mars: Impulsivity In Love Life Situations That Leads To Drama pt. 3

As part of the Mars Retrograde tale, Venus and Mars are forming a difficult transit. Any problems with dysfunctional relationships, especially romantic ones, will come up and need to be resolved.

Because this configuration has already occurred due to Mars Retrograde, it could help shed more light on some of these issues. Therefore, we might find a solution to these problems.

It's essential to be aware of your blind spots because this is a quincunx. In other words, this can demonstrate the reasons behind our own instability in our personal and professional lives.

We could see why excessive libido and addictive tendencies needed to be treated before entering a relationship. And it might be clearer why we need to understand the distinction between a relationship that satisfies all of our wants and one based solely on physical attraction.

This alignment might help us see how our communication challenges exacerbate our relationship troubles. We may understand that just because we are attracted to someone doesn't necessarily indicate that it would work, so why push it?! This could happen when you suddenly halt things with someone after realizing you’re not a good fit.

With this, we might detect problems with conflicting conduct, such as wanting a commitment but having a wandering eye or a propensity for superficiality and wondering why compatibility isn't present between you and your person of interest.

The last time this transit happened was on November 11th, so think back to what was occurring around complicated themes of this nature.

Even though this is the last quincunx between these planets, there are still a few more complex retrograde configurations to come with Venus and Mars. The next time these celestial bodies will form this configuration will be on November 14th, 2024.

12/19 Mars Sextile Chiron: Taking Actions To Work On Old Baggage pt. 2

We might get an opportunity to let go of past stories holding us back because of Mars' connection to Chiron.

Hopefully, this mitigates the other planetary patterns occurring on this day. We got the first version of this configuration on September 17th.

This is the perfect time to change unfavorable conditions, as this alignment boosts motivation.

Making lemonade out of lemons is precisely what this transit demonstrates. This alignment has a massive benefit in giving us the grit we need to succeed in trying conditions. With this Transit, your endurance will consequently be in overdrive, giving you the tenacity to tackle challenges you previously doubted you could handle.

One of the marvelous things about this is it helps us feel confident in ourselves so we could feel more motivated and surer in our talents and shed any imposter syndrome bogging us down.

We could find ourselves decompressing from the day's drama with this one and blowing off steam through healthy outlets like exercise. Also, this is good for defusing drama, so it could take some of the sting out of the air from earlier today.

The next hit of this pleasant transit happens on February 11, 2023, as Mars is in the post-shadow retrograde.

After that date, we won’t see this sextile between these planets again until March 6th, 2024.

12/20 Jupiter Re-enters Aries: Your Journey This Last 6 months

Jupiter leaves Pisces today and transits forward into Aries. We won’t see this planet in Pisces for another 12 years, so hopefully, all of you got to experience the last bit of this combination while it lasted.

But from now until May 16th, 2023, Jupiter will traverse Aries, which will pronounce the urge to blaze a trail in our lives.

We may feel more inspired than anticipated, perhaps even to the point of being unduly excited, as the planet of making everything more superb re-enters Aries, an action-oriented Sign. This will inspire us to seek purpose in our lives, embark on a new journey, consider what kind of new adventure we should initiate, and make room in our lives for growth.

In this energy, we'll concentrate on the potential for making something exciting for our life. This will encourage us to be more ambitious in pursuing our objectives, go forward with audacity when putting ourselves out there, and be willing to let go of anything that prevents us from considering our options.

Because Jupiter is still in pre-shadow retrograde, there are some lingering effects from the regressive cycle for the Cardinal Signs. Therefore, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this the most, between 1 to 9 degrees.

Jupiter leaves post-shadow on February 11th, 2023.

12/21 Capricorn Season: Boosting Your Confidence Through Hard Work

Happy Birthday, Capricorns!!

Capricorn Season marks the opening of the winter solstice, where we experience the longest night of the year.

When the Sun is transiting Capricorn, our egos get a significant boost from being ambitious, getting our priorities straight, and by outward security. During these periods, we have more of an urge to hunker down and take care of business.

Capricorn is about making wise decisions regarding how we spend our time. In this sign, we commit significantly to mastery since it takes time and perseverance to improve, pick up new abilities, leave a lasting legacy, and produce something enduring.

Our focus goes on mastery so we can push through obstacles and come out on top. We also learn the importance of setting parameters. So, if you need to set limits with yourself, situations, or others, this is an excellent time to commit to developing proper boundaries with others.

Mercury is currently in Capricorn and in pre-retrograde shadow, so this will add an extra dose of re-working these signs' themes into our life.

12/21 Sun Square Jupiter: Doing Over The Top Antics For Attention

The Sun and Jupiter will be in a complex transit on Wednesday.

And even though this alignment has its tense moments, it does carry an adventurous tone.

Connecting with our sense of humor rather than ego is the answer to a challenging Sun-Jupiter transit. In other words, this kind of alignment inflates our confidence, but if channeled healthily, we can use this to come out of our shells and go after things we shy away from due to imposter syndrome.

Of course, make sure it’s healthy, like using your skills and talents to get further.

An alignment like this enunciates the need to feel more to take a risk and be more adventurous. So, this could be a day you decide to shoot your shot or just go on an outing that helps you expand your horizons.

However, this does pronounce arrogance, so try to be mindful about coming off cocky. We could feel more daring than usual under this energy so try to be cognizant of taking hardcore risks because they could backfire.

12/21 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: When Your Whole Personality Is For Shock Value

Speaking of being careless, the Sun will make a connection to Uranus that might give us the urge to stroke our ego by provoking unhealthy reactions. We could do things for shock value because it seems cool and edgy.

Because this is an alignment that promotes attention-seeking behavior to boost our confidence, try to gather yourself if you notice you’re egging others on to build your self-esteem.

Interestingly, this could bring sudden changes to confidence levels, so one moment we might feel good about ourselves, and another, we could feel deflated. As a result, it could create scenarios where we act out of character just to regain our confidence.

Due to this connection's disruptiveness, most plans might be altered. And it can enunciate irritability, so we could feel pricklier than typical resulting in bickering.

12/22 Venus Trine Uranus: Doing Things Differently In Relationships

Thursday brings in a refreshing transit with Venus and Uranus. This connection can bring some much-needed upbeat energy.

A configuration like this inspires us to make healthy changes effortlessly in our love life and career.

Regardless of your current romantic situation, this transit should increase our possibilities of romantic encounters, making things enjoyable instead of just routine. A similar circumstance is also necessary for unforeseen financial luck; while it may not produce a windfall, it does offer some support.

Venus, the planet that aids in acquiring material commodities, can produce some pleasant surprises when combined with a celestial body like Uranus, such as job offers and unanticipated financial support.

12/23 New Moon In Capricorn: How To Get Your Life Together

With a New Moon in the sign of the Seagoat, we could feel the urge to build something long-lasting in our lives.

New Moons are about starting something fresh through a signs of positive attributes. Since this is a driven Zodiac placement, this is an excellent place to start if you’re ready to get your life in order.

Capricorn energy is all about placing ourselves in a position to succeed, postponing gratification, creating something long-lasting, setting boundaries, and being proficient in a subject we hope to be outstanding at some point.

So, if you're ready to put in more effort to advance in your life, this is an excellent sign to incorporate into your sphere.

The signs most impacted by this Full Moon are those belonging to the Cardinal Modality: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 0 and 10 degrees.

12/23 Chiron Direct: Looking Back On Your Healing Journey

Chiron will turn to direct the next day; on the 19th, Mercury will turn retrograde, and there will be a Full Moon in Gemini, making Sunday feel transformational.

Chiron is critical to resolving internal conflicts in astrology despite being a small planet. Try to reflect on what you could have done to become more independent in the past because this celestial body has been in its retrograde phase since July.

We still have to go through the shadow phase while this planetoid progresses, but at least it will be clearer how to guide ourselves through the healing process.

Zodiac Signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 10 to 20 degrees, will feel this more than others. Therefore, if you have Cardinal Placements within those degrees, your experience with this Regressive period will be more profound.

Essential dates for Chiron RX:

  • Pre-Shadow Retrograde 3/25/22
  • Goes Retrograde 7/19/22
  • Turns Direct 12/23/22
  • Out of Post Shadow 4/15/23

12/23 Jupiter Semisquare Uranus: Taking Unexpectedly Big Risks

Jupiter’s aligning with Uranus for the second time this year. The first connection was made on May 11, 2022.

These planets move more slowly than personal planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. Hence their transits take longer to connect with one another.

This alignment will create a strong urge to do something adventurous, which could also make for an exciting day. People often exaggerate, so try only to accept information that is grounded and based on fact. Furthermore, it could incite others' sense of righteousness.

We could feel like things are on an upswing; however, try to refrain from taking significant risks because the influence tends to create fluctuating luck. So, make sure something is a sure thing before diving in; otherwise, try to exercise caution because this alignment is prone to becoming erratic.

12/23 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication pt.1

Mercury and Saturn will form a Semisextile, making communication difficult.

We will see this come up again because Mercury is in pre-shadow, so this will circle back around.

The next round will occur on Jan 14th, 2023.

When Mercury and Saturn are in a problematic alignment, our minds could feel heavier than typical so try to go easier on yourself when experiencing harsh inner dialog. Because our minds could feel gloomier than usual, this could also cause us to shut down communication-wise.

We might not be able to communicate clearly now due to feeling somber, so some of our contact today might come off short to others. As a result, it could seem like we’re being cold and uninterested.

In addition, we often experience problems with this alignment when we judge others and ourselves.

12/24 Mercury Sextile Neptune: High Vibrational Thinking

By the time we hit Christmas eve, we get a high vibrational alignment between Mercury and Neptune. This should soften some of the harsher energies of the week, allowing us to have some pleasant dialogue through the holiday.

This is a great way to communicate with others appropriately and show that we genuinely care about our words' impact on those around us. A transit like this is also perfect for discussing philosophy, art, music, writing, or poetry.

We could have the urge to reconnect with our high vibrational side under this transit. So, if you’ve fallen out of your spiritual routine, this could be a time to return to those activities. Additionally, Mercury and Neptune, in this aspect, are fantastic for feeling inspired.

Use this Transit to express your creativity.

Because this is a pre-shadow transit, we will see this alignment 2 more times. The following connection is on January 1, 2023, then on February 6th, 2023.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes shift from harmonious to a more somber tone this week.

At the beginning of the week, ambition, romance, and mental will be present. This will help us start the first few days off with a ton of motivation and a need for interaction.

By the middle of this week, mental, social, and emotional sensitivity, along with a substantial amount of romance, will be available. This energy will get us in the mood for amorous exchanges and other social interactions. With that emotional sensitivity, our spirits could be off, but we want company regardless.

But that tone changes as we get to the 23rd to 25th because psychic, imagination, and confusion, along with solitude, will be prominent. This weekend could cause you to need space because you feel foggy or more energy-sensitive than typical.

Transits For The Week

Indeed, this is a very split week in terms of Transits which could cause us to feel like our moods are ebbing and flowing.

Transits For The Week Of December 19 to 25th:

  • 12/19 Venus Square Chiron: Questioning Your Value In Relationships
  • 12/19 Mars Sextile Chiron: Taking Actions To Work On Old Baggage pt 2
  • 12/19 Venus Quincunx Mars: Impulsivity In Love Life Situations That Leads To Drama pt 3
  • 12/20 Jupiter Re-enters Aries: Your Journey This Last 6 months
  • 12/21 Capricorn Season: Boosting Your Confidence Through Hard Work
  • 12/21 Sun Square Jupiter: Doing Over The Top Antics For Attention
  • 12/21 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: When Your Whole Personality Is For Shock Value
  • 12/22 Venus Trine Uranus: Doing Things Differently In Relationships
  • 12/23 New Moon In Capricorn: How To Get Your Life Together
  • 12/23 Chiron Direct: Looking Back On Your Healing Journey
  • 12/23 Jupiter Semisquare Uranus: Taking Unexpectedly Big Risks
  • 12/23 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: A Lack Of Warmth In Communication
  • 12/24 Mercury Sextile Neptune: High Vibrational Thinking

Use this week to work on seeing your value and finding healthy ways to get things started in your life.

Have a wonderful week; Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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