This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For December 5th to 11th, 2022

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In this week's astrology forecast, Mercury and Venus will enter Capricorn, making us yearn for more committed relationships in terms of communication, finances, and love. Furthermore, we have a Full Moon in Gemini that will allow us to reflect on our progress in terms of having variety in our lives.
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We have a high-octane and transformative week full of planetary transits.

In this week's Astrology, Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn, which will help us seek more consistency. A Full Moon will happen in Gemini, allowing us to look back at the last 6 months to see if we've achieved flexibility. There will be a multitude of planetary connections to Uranus, resulting in the next 7 days being more changeable than typical. And over the next 7 days, Venus and Mercury will make most of the transits causing us to fixate on our social lives, love, and money.

12/5 Mercury Square Jupiter: Feeling Distracted

Forgetfulness could come out of nowhere on Monday due to a problematic transit between Mercury and Jupiter.

Because this is a very distracting alignment, try to take breaks when necessary. Otherwise, an alignment like this could inflate our inability to pay attention to vital details. If not, you could experience tension from being unable to focus on crucial matters. Find strategies to ground yourself and quiet your mind to avoid experiencing acute jitteriness, another side effect.

Due to the mental lapses that come with this transit, we could have a day when it feels harder to reply to others or follow through on important tasks because we got distracted.

Since this highlights people's arrogance and opinionated side, communication might seem obnoxious and take a ton of effort. When this happens, try to steer clear of interaction with those who are running their mouths to avoid arguments.

With this kind of transit, people tend to blow words out of proportion, so conversations might become out of order. Try to concentrate on those who don't drain your energy since, in all honesty, it's preferable to let those who blow hot air exhaust themselves.

12/6 Mercury Enters Capricorn: Thinking Of A Master Plan

Mercury will go into its annual trip through Capricorn, but this time it will stay longer than typical.

This is because Mercury will Retrograde through this sign, so its usual 3-week stay will last for a little over 2 months.

When Mercury enters the sea-goat sign, our thoughts and words will take on a more efficient tone. Therefore, communication-wise, we become more deliberate with how we approach our daily chats. Our thoughts become more organized, making our mental focus more strategic.

We take our obligations more seriously as we become more aware of them. To put it another way, we concentrate on finding ways to accept responsibility, make sure we are true to our word, and fulfill our commitments.

One thing to note with this combination is that the lower expression of this tends to bring out our overly critical side. As a result, we could be harder on ourselves and others than typical, so try your best to catch yourself if you’re experiencing negative self-talk or being overly judgy of others.

This planet will stay in Capricorn until Feb 11th, 2023.

The 7th is a concentrated day of planetary energies, so Wednesday might feel more dynamic than typical.

12/7 Sun Oppose Mars: The Halfway Point of The Mars Retrograde In Gemini Series

With a transit like Sun Oppose Mars, things can get pretty edgy, but the good news is this is the halfway point of this Retrograde!!

An alignment like this carries peak energy, so situations where our tolerance is low, will be more enunciated than typical. Therefore, we must be mindful of our temper when things aren’t going fast enough for us. This is the type of configuration that could create scenarios where people throw tantrums when they don’t get instant gratification.

There could be an argumentative tone to the air that can go a few ways. One of the issues is people trying to throw their weight around, so there might be moments when someone is being overly bossy, resulting in conflict. The other way this transit manifest is through someone getting caught behaving passive-aggressively, leading to a confrontation they were trying to avoid.

Energetically, this promotes a nothing to lose and everything-to-gain vibe, which is excellent for ambitious pursuits; however, try to make sure you are taking your time with things because this transit comes with caveats.

Higher levels of reckless energy are in the air with a complex Sun-Mars transit, so we must be mindful of risky antics to boost our confidence and to get a cheap thrill. Even though some of that might be fun for the moment, this transit tends not to go the way we anticipated, so that behavior might result in consequences.

Inflated levels of unjustified confidence show up more than typical in this transit, so others will be puffed up. As a result, individuals could make some choices that might go in their favor and others that backfire.

We have one more month to go until this planet goes direct. Of course, there is the shadow period after Mars is out of Retrograde, but the great thing about that part of the inverse cycle is we will have more clarity as we advance through that particular stage.

This energy will appear again as a square on March 16th, 2023, just as the Retrograde is leaving the Post Shadow period.

12/7 Full Moon in Gemini: Are You Seeking Out Better Alternatives

With this lunar event, we will look back to see how we’ve become more flexible since May 30th of this year.

Full Moons are cycles of completion when we look back at the last 6 months since the New Moon in the Sign to see how far we’ve come on our journey. This is a time to see what needs to be tweaked, what’s become solid, and a period to let go of what's no longer serving you.

In Gemini, we could examine the areas where we need to be more objective and adaptable. This sign encourages us to be laid back, get curious about life, embrace our intellectual side, and to be more playful. We also consider the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket because in life we always need multiple sources of sustenance.

During this lunation, an incredible event called occultation will occur between the Moon and Mars. Mars will be more illuminated than typical with this occultation, and it will be closer to earth due to its Retrograde and opposition to the Sun.

An occultation happens when a planet aligns right at the center of another celestial body and becomes shrouded by the other. Therefore, it will pass through and obscure this planet for a moment, so look up at the night sky on this day because this Full Moon along with Mars will look spectacular.

The Mutable modality Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 10 to 20 degrees of these Zodiac placements will feel this lunar event more than others.

12/7 Planetary Aspect Pattern: Return Of The Yod

An aspect pattern called a yod will form for the next few months. This alignment connects Mars, Chiron, and the South Node of the Moon together in the shape of an isosceles triangle.

We’ve already seen this pattern back at the beginning of September, which could bring up themes from that period. The reason why this formation is reappearing is that Mars is going back to the degrees it was in early Fall.

A pattern connected to these celestial bodies could show us where we need to take action in the areas of our life that keep us stuck in toxic patterns.

Because we’re dealing with a South Node in Scorpio, we might have to work on what we need to detox from, such as holding on to grudges, petty behavior, jealousy, and relinquishing control issues. We tend to work on things that have not been addressed, like old baggage, secretiveness, refusing to look at the truth, obsessive behavior, compulsions, and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

This pattern will be present until February 3rd, 2023.

12/7 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Out Of Left Field Communication.

Mercury will be in transit with Uranus, which might create strange scenarios on Wednesday.

Our minds tend to be overactive during this day, resulting in experiencing strokes of genius. However, this is a hyperactive feeling, so it could lead to agitation and restlessness. As a result, if you feel tense, check in with yourself and do something grounding.

We tend to experience odd conduct from others or discover something weird during this transit. Because of the strange nature of this alignment, eccentric behavior is more pronounced. As a result, communication may become difficult and lead to quarreling because people tend to be more divisive and say things for shock value.

12/7 Sun Quincunx Uranus: A Lack Of Insight About A Reckless Personality

Continuing with the weird tone in the air, the Sun and Uranus will be in a transit that amplifies annoying behavior.

A transit of this kind could cause strange behavior because of the erratic nature of this alignment. There is also a limited tolerance for those who take their time, which could lead to a short fuse over the next few days.

Even though this transit has its erratic points, it does bring in the need to have funs, so try something novel and thrilling. However, just be mindful of being overly risky because this configuration creates unexpected outcomes.

12/7 Venus Semisextile Pluto: Petty Behavior In Relationships

Venus will be involved in a complicated transit with Pluto, making us question our financial, romantic, and interpersonal relationships.

In other words, if we are dedicated to each other, there might be thoughts of skepticism over seemingly innocent little things. And in terms of money, this can be the moment when we doubt the generosity of others.

12/8 Mars Semisextile Uranus: Feeling Antsy pt. 2

The day of the 8th will likely be disruptive due to a Semisquare between Mars and Uranus. People often speak up when a Transit like this occurs if they feel others are trying to dominate them.

Complex Mars-Uranus transits reveal what has been constrained. However, if something or someone is causing us to go more slowly than usual, we could feel more rebellious than expected as a response.

Another aspect of this is that if you've been itching for anything novel and thrilling, this alignment makes it simpler to be more daring. Just be careful not to act recklessly or in a way that causes you to act clumsily.

This configuration last occurred on September 26th, so think about what was happening for you around that time. And we will see this one again on February 18th, 2023, but this time Mars will be in its Post Shadow, making this a more effortless experience compared to what it is currently.

12/9 Venus Square Jupiter: Puffed Up On Romance And Sugar

Venus and Jupiter will make an outrageous alignment with one another, causing us to be more indulgent than usual.

Of course, having a good time is always welcome, but this Transit is where our obligations are put on hold. Additionally, we have a more substantial need to take risks, which could manifest as gambling and excessive spending.

This alignment creates a festive atmosphere that encourages the need to devour everything. So, we could be urged to eat more sugary treats or drink a few bottles of wine too many. Lastly, there is a propensity to be over the top in our love life situations and binge on romance.

12/9 Venus Enters Capricorn: Taking Your Commitments In Love Seriously

This year, we will get an ordinary Venus in Capricorn. In other words, this planet will not be Retrograde like it was in 2021 while traversing this sign.

What this means is we get to enjoy all the benefits this combination has to offer us. Venus in Capricorn is great for helping us get honest about romance and finances, plus raising our standards on what we expect out of life.

An ingress like this is excellent for taking responsible action that helps you have a more solid love life. So, this could be when you’re focusing on romantic situations that will lead to long-term success.

Because this brings out our ambitious side, your focus could go on ways to get to the top career-wise. With money situations, this could be when you’re narrowing down your options to find a job or another way to make money that will yield long-lasting results.

The main thing we must be mindful of in this energy is being so cautious we don’t take enough risk. So, this could be the energy that causes us to think we’re just going slow, but we are really stifling ourselves.

12/10 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: Self-criticism

By the time the weekend rolls around, we could experience doubt one moment and then seek excitement the next to take the edge off.

Communication will be challenging on that day since Mercury will be in a Semisextile to Saturn.

To put it another way, this can be a day when we need help to explain ourselves effectively, making us come across as misguided.

Additionally, try to refrain from having negative thoughts about yourself or being overly critical of people because this alignment tends to bring out the judgmental side of ourselves and others.

12/10 Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Being Overly Detached In Your Dating Life

Venus and Uranus will be in a challenging aspect that could highlight unpredictable effects on our romantic relationships and financial situation.

Because of the tendency for this combination to awaken our excitement-seeking side in romantic circumstances, the thrill of the chase emerges. If you're easily bored, this can be a problem because your need for novelty might generate problems if you're in a relationship.

Those who are constantly seeking a more substantial deal in love will be more revved up during this alignment. So, this could pronounce the grass is always greener on the other side sort of mindset because there’s a craving for newness.

You can discover that you require more independence in a constrained circumstance. Fear of being committed to one person could result in an abrupt breakup. Thus, if you're the kind to experience anxiety before committing, today may be when those sensations are at their peak.

Additionally, worry about money may make it feel worse. On the other side, this can indicate that leaving unsatisfying or constricting work is necessary. However, in both situations try to make an effort to prepare a backup plan or effective exit strategy; failing to do so could lead to a decision that you later regret.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes this week are primarily harmonious except for two. So, even though the transits for the next 7 days are somewhat harsh, we still have some lighter moments.

Mental energy kicks off this week but will be low, so our ability to focus might feel scattered.

Solitude and emotional sensitivity are present on the graph, so we could have moments when we feel on edge. This week has some complexities, so the good thing is we will feel more driven than typical.

Once we reach the 7th, ambitious, romantic, mental, social, and good luck energy will be present. This will mitigate the edginess and help us enjoy our week. Because romantic energy is the strongest on the chart, it will be present throughout the week, allowing us to feel more flirtatious than usual.

Transits For The Week

These next 7 days have some gritty transits, but we will feel more driven than typical.

Transits For The Week Of December:

  • 12/5 Mercury Square Jupiter: Feeling Distracted
  • 12/6 Mercury Enters Capricorn: Thinking Of A Master Plan
  • 12/7 Full Moon in Gemini: Are You Seeking Out Better Alternatives
  • 12/7 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Out Of Left Field Communication
  • 12/7 Planetary Aspect Pattern: Return Of The Yod
  • 12/7 Venus Semisextile Pluto: Petty Behavior In Relationships
  • 12/7 Sun Quincunx Uranus: A Lack Of Insight About A Reckless Personality
  • 12/7 Sun Oppose Mars: The Halfway Point of The Mars Retrograde In Gemini Series
  • 12/8 Mars Semisextile Uranus: Feeling Antsy pt. 2
  • 12/9 Venus Square Jupiter: Puffed Up On Romance And Sugar
  • 12/9 Venus Enters Capricorn: Taking Your Commits In Love Seriously
  • 12/10 Mercury Semisquare Saturn: Self-criticism
  • 12/10 Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Being Overly Detached In Your Dating Life

Use this week to ensure the risks you’re taking are suitable and try to ground your energy when feeling off-kilter.

Have a wonderful week!!

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