Mercury Goes Into Capricorn On December 6th, 2022

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Mercury will enter Capricorn for two months due to its Retrograde Cycle. This will require us to be open and truthful about our degree of maturity, financial security, and accountability.
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“It takes massive strength to think critically!”

As we leave Sagittarius's limitless go big or go home mindset, we transition into the Capricorn method of thinking things through carefully.

Mercury is our planet of communication and understanding, so now that this planet is shifting to Capricorn, the tone goes from a philosophical to a more pragmatic one. And we will be in this energy for a while because Mercury will go Retrograde in this sign.

That’s right, folks! We have our last Regressive Cycle of the year in the sea goat sign. And unlike the other 3 we had throughout 2022; this one will fully Retrograde through this entire sign.

Mercury will be in Capricorn until February 11th, 2023. Therefore, this more serious tone will be with us for a while.

In Capricorn, Mercury demonstrates the art of efficient communication while also assisting us in focusing, taking life more seriously, and helping us determine where our attention should be directed.

Our thoughts and discussions become less boisterous as we move from Sagittarius to Capricorn because the dial is turned down to a more suitable octave. We become a little more reserved and introverted. In addition, rather than being as wordy as in Sagittarius, we become more concise and forthright.

Mercury in Capricorn helps us think more logically.

There is less filler with this energy since we can absorb information effectively without adding anything we don't need. As a result, we will be able to use our critical thinking talents rather than merely having them on display since our reasoning will be sound.

This means that decisions will be made with reasonable judgment when evaluating things, comprehending information, solving problems, and so forth. With this alignment, we are more likely to act decisively and timely rather than as swiftly as we may with other groupings like Mercury in Aries or Mercury in Sagittarius.

Since Capricorn is a sign of commitment and the long game, it doesn't want to be associated with a mistake; thus, this is about making the proper choice and following through on it. If it doesn't work, it's one of those situations when you conclude and stick with something or not because you've carefully considered the evidence and determined that investing your time in trying is worthwhile.

Venus will also be in Capricorn, while Mercury is also transiting this sign. This combination will further enunciate our need to with examine how to raise the standards in our lives.

Thinking about our responsibility and not letting things slip through our fingers becomes crucial in this combination.

Therefore, if you felt too scattered to get your priorities in order, this is a time when we focus on getting our lives in check. This energy is excellent for getting back on track if you’ve fallen behind because it promotes developing a sound strategy for organizing your life.
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Sustainability tends to become more important to us in this combination. In other words, Capricorn energy is about finding ways to create security for the long haul. Hence our minds will be fixated on what will give us lasting results so we can thrive.

One of the many advantages of this alignment is that it encourages us to become more self-focused and stay the course on personal achievements. When Mercury is in Capricorn, our minds typically have the strength to put in the effort necessary to commit to improving in an area where we hope to one day be leaders.

Talking styles might seem more deliberate during this time.

Communication takes a more direct tone under this influence. Even though this is a take-your-time sort of energy, we could find ourselves making sure we get to the point because, again, Capricorn energy doesn’t like to waste time.

In other words, this is a think before you speak sort of energy, but there is still a direct tone because this combination lacks a bit of empathy. On the one hand, this can be refreshing because it is straight to the point. On the other hand, this can be a neutral expression because convos can be too blunt and lack warmth.

Sticking to our word and other obligations tends to happen more often than usual with Mercury in Capricorn. To put it another way, individuals typically keep their promises and have greater integrity, so if you make plans or guarantees, they are more likely to come through. Therefore, we can expect a considerable amount of consistency from others during this period.

Socially, we might feel more introverted than typical within this vibe. In Capricorn, it’s more like wanting to use your time wisely, so we might be more selective with who we exchange with interaction-wise. Another thing with this energy is that it gains more from one-on-one interactions rather than being in large groups. Therefore, you could be more interested in keeping your gatherings light, so your social battery doesn’t feel depleted.

Stimulation-wise, we will crave mastery. In other words, this could be when you’re looking to dominate a particular subject, career, or other things to be excellent at in life. Capricorn energy is all about being ambitious so our minds can feel more perked up when we focus on how to be successful.

With this energy, we can get excited about creating the perfect image and building a good reputation. Developing a master plan for our lives actually feels fun in this energy. We periodically need this kind of thinking to get our lives in order, even though some of this may sound dull.

However, this energy isn’t all work and no play in terms of mental stimulation.

Games that involve strategy will be one of the best ways to incentivize your mind. This could be anything from video games, chess, mobile games that include intricacies, or competitive activities. Therefore, something fun where you can dominate and be victorious will offer us the mental encouragement we seek.

Another thing that stimulates our minds is humor with this Sign.

Yes, humor because all that hard work must be channeled into amusement. Capricorn vibes need to temporarily escape from intricate thinking because it’s crucial to approach life's complexities with a massive dose of comedy. This will help us perceive things for what they are and joke about them because it’s the best way to get through difficulties.

Energetically, humor takes a more sarcastic tone with this alignment. People often express themselves through dry wit. If you've spent any time with a Capricorn, you probably already know that they occasionally say something caustic to laugh off the stress and annoying things in life. This will be one of the best ways to let off steam if we feel heavy in this energy.

Of course, every planet-sign combination always carries a lower vibration, and Mercury in Capricorn is no different. Be aware of becoming too focused on outward security because our minds tend to be more concerned with material things and our image in this combination.

You can find yourself mentally preoccupied with obligations that prevent you from unwinding. And because some of the guilt that could result from feeling like we aren't doing enough needs to be kept in check, we need to be aware of our internal dialogue.

Therefore, we need to be aware of dismal thinking and feeling guilt-ridden if we’re not achieving success. In this energy, we tend to be more competitive than typical, so we need to be mindful of being too hard on ourselves when we aren’t winning or becoming gloomy when we’re not victorious.

Regarding our interactions with others, we must be mindful of how we come across because of the icy expression of this energy. Over-directness is more enunciated with Mercury in Capricorn, which comes across as cold and unpleasant. In addition, people frequently have an arrogant manner and are unduly judgmental of others.

Heavy skepticism can be a problem with this alignment. There is nothing wrong with questioning things, but doing so too often can lead to feeling cynical about everything. This is the kind of energy where pessimism runs rampant if not curbed, so try to find things that reconnect you with your hopeful side.

Mercury will go into Pre-Shadow on December 15th, which will start the process of us getting honest about what needs to be organized in our lives. Also, this occurs while Mars is still in Retrograde, so this time around, themes could feel more urgent than usual with both planets in their regressive phases.

But in the meantime, let’s use this combination to get honest with ourselves and adopt a more responsible mindset.

Mercury In Capricorn RX Dates:

  • Transited Into Capricorn on December 6th
  • Goes Retro at 24 Capricorn at Shadow 8°
  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow 12/12 2022
  • Retrograde 12/29/2022
  • Direct 1/18/23
  • Leaves Post Shadow 2/7/23
  • Moves Out Of Capricorn Feb 11th, 2023

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