This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For November 28th to December 4th, 2022

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Neptune exits retrograde in this week's astrology, allowing us to assess our progress concerning the limits we've established for ourselves and others. Additionally, Venus and Mercury will be active this week, causing us to concentrate on problems with love, money, and communication.
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We have a jammed-packed and transformative week filled with planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Neptune goes out of Retrograde, which will help us see our progress in situations where we sacrificed too much of ourselves for others. Venus will be highly active over the next 7 days, pronouncing issues concerning love life, career, and self-worth. And Mercury will make many alignments causing us to process crucial details work on miscommunication issues, along with mental fog.

11/28 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Responsible Actions To Upgrade Your Life pt. 2

A Retrograde Mars will make its second harmonious alignment to Saturn, resulting in productiveness.

We already experienced this on September 26, so it will bring up themes from that period.

An alignment like this is excellent for thinking twice about your aspirations. In other words, this is the perfect time to reevaluate the places where you're squandering valuable energy. This could be when you need to change course and take steps to get back on track to pursue the objectives that are consistent with your purpose.

Due to Mars's association with intimacy, this is also an excellent time to commit to the correct partnerships. This is a great way to commit to a strong union from a relationship standpoint as well.

Mars and Saturn work together to support us in achieving our objectives by encouraging us to do so in a way that creates a solid foundation to improve our lives. This may finally be a turning point in a process that appeared to take forever.

With this Transit, it's usually easy to move forward with your plans or to make everything you've dreamed a reality. Our goals become stable in this setting as we have the endurance to take advantage of chances without too many interruptions.

With the aid of this Transit, we can maintain our focus and ensure that circumstances intended to improve our lives don't slip by. Our minds are adept at comprehending sophisticated ideas; therefore, if anything is complicated, we can easily manage technical situations.

We will receive one more connection from this square on March 13th, 2023.

11/28 Venus Quincunx Uranus: Becoming Aware Of Reckless Behavior In Relationships

Venus will form a challenging transit with Uranus that could bring out the need for excitement romance-wise.

Try to be aware of the urge to break up the monotony in your union.

This makes us want to act in a more compelling way when it comes to our romantic relationships. Yes, this could be enjoyable; however, if this energy isn’t channeled correctly, it can result in upheaval in a relationship. In other words, because this is a quincunx, we tend to lack insight into our behavior, which could result in shocking antics to get a cheap thrill.

So, wanting to try something new could come across as too experimental, which could appear strange and red flaggy in a partnership. This kind of energy could throw a spouse off, resulting in a rift in the relationship.

If you’re single riskier than typical scenarios pop up with this transit, it could be the need to let your hair down in an uninhibited way or meet those with that mentality.

11/29 Mercury Oppose Mars: Got A Dirty Mouth Part 2

We have some edgy vibes coming from Mercury and Mars today.

This is the second hit from this alignment due to the Mars Retrograde Phase.

The last hit we had was in the form of a square back in September, which could bring up misunderstandings from early Autumn. This transit will come back in the form of another square for one last round on March 16th, 2023.

Things tend to go differently than planned in this transit which could lead to feeling impatient. Sometimes this impatience is due to waiting for someone to get back to you, so try to be mindful of your temper if you don’t hear back immediately from an individual. Also, some delays can result in overthinking, leading to anxiety.

Go slow even if you feel revved up because this transit could result in mishaps. Ensure you’re actively listening and processing what others are saying because it can lead to a misunderstanding that turns into being angry for no reason. Because this is keyed-up energy, we tend to go so fast that we assume things leading to feeling sensitive and defensive.

Also, be aware of the speed you’re talking or rushing through a task because this can lead to doing work or projects incorrectly.

Energetically, an alignment like this comes with a lot of pent-up irritation, so the need to express annoyances become more potent than typical.

On the healthy end, this could be an opportunity to stand up for yourself if someone’s been repeatedly disrespectful towards you. This could also be about standing up for someone else because you’ve had your fill of watching them be spoken to rudely.

With the unhealthy end, this energy deals with extreme polarities; we could have more inflated scenarios. Therefore, it could pronounce situations with those who need to be right about everything so they will cut their nose off to spite their faces. This could enunciate situations with those who play the victim even though they caused the drama. Also, people tend to look for a fight for no reason during this transit, so don’t take part.

Use this high-octane energy to power through your goals. The only thing with this is it’s a touchy sort of Transit, so try your best to let things roll off your back, and don’t accept invitations to any screaming matches.

11/29 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Thinking About Long-Term Goals

Luckily on the same day, Mercury is in that complex alignment with Mars, it's also making a constructive transit to Saturn.

One of the beautiful results of this astrological alignment is that improving your interactions with others is simpler.

Because this promotes constructive communication and behavior, this could be helpful with limiting yourself from interactions with dramatic individuals. So, you can conduct yourself maturely when choosing to chat with others.

For healthy conversations, this could be a day of accomplishing goals through your talks with others. This transit is also suitable for accepting constructive criticism, so if there’s feedback you must receive or give, it goes over better than usual.

With this transit, things usually go according to plan, so you can keep moving forward without worrying about anything getting out of hand. And while we're about planning, Mercury in a sextile with Saturn is fantastic for considering long-term objectives and concentrating on a sound strategy for your future.

11/30 Venus Oppose Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama pt. 2

With Venus in opposition to Mars, relationship situations that still need to be addressed could arise over the next couple of days.

Because this is a Retrograde transit, we have already received these Venus-Mars configurations in the form of a Square on September 16th, so this will bring up love-life situations from that period.

Some fun things could come from this transit if you're in a healthy scenario. So for solid relationships, this could be a time of intense passion and deepening your connection.

However, in unstable situations, at this point of the cycle, this could feel like something has reached its peak. A transit like this could show us the consequences of an unfit relationship.

Hypocritical behavior in relationships tends to be addressed in this alignment. Therefore, if a partner is behaving in a do as I say, not as I do manner, this could finally reach a boiling point resulting in calling them out for it.

Because this has the last straw sort of vibe, we could finally take action on unfair behavior in a relationship, such as lying, manipulating, disloyalty, jealousy, pettiness, or any other form of disrespect. Because Venus governs self-esteem, this could be when you finally realize you're worth more than what you’re dealing with in an unhealthy union.

And because this is Venus and Mars, this might bring up intimacy within a relationship.

12/1 Mercury Square Neptune: Not Paying Attention To Crucial Details

Mercury will make a Transit to Neptune, which could make things feel skewed due to feeling hazy.

This energy can occasionally lead to misunderstandings; therefore, it’s easier than typical to misinterpret data and what others are saying to us. Our ability to remember things tends to be more clouded, so our memory can seem off-kilter under this configuration. There is a propensity for mental glitches because this is an energetic Transit where forgetfulness is higher than usual.

Due to mental haziness, it’s easier to veer off an important task, feel scattered, and lose interest fast because something seems too complex. Also, being able to focus on vital work details or essential documents can feel challenging.

Additionally, due to the unfavorable Aspects between these planets, it's imperative to be on the lookout for dubious activity because con artists and scams appear out of nowhere in this energy.

12/1 Venus Sextile Saturn: Taking Your Romantic And Financial Commitments Seriously

Venus will form a sextile with Saturn, illuminating the necessity for us to establish stability in our personal and professional lives.

When these planets get together in a harmonious transit, it helps us commit ourselves to things that are worth our time. So, if you’re looking to make your love life more solid, this could be a period when you get honest about what it takes to have a healthy relationship.

For single people, this could be when you’re meeting someone worthy of investing your time into because they’re a sure bet in a good way. Commitments can come out of the blue due to this alignment, so if you’re dating someone, this could be a time to make it official. Or if you’re already in a relationship, this might be a period to take things to the next level and cement the union.

And this could lead to committing yourself to take action on your career so you can have a solid foundation with your income. This supports developing good financial habits and identifying more efficient income sources.

12/3 Neptune Direct: Finally Understanding Why You Can’t Sweep Things Under The Rug

Neptune is now Direct after 5 1/2 months of resolving concerns with circumstances that distort us!

Instead of living in denial, we can view things for what they indeed are, so we learn that ignoring unacceptable behavior is not a long-term fix if we want to be happy.

Neptune retrogrades are about dealing with the discomfort of considering scenarios that aren't grounded in reality. So, this period helps us see where we were being gaslighted in some way and that we didn't just imagine wrongdoing by someone.

Therefore, this inverse cycle serves as a way for us to look at the things hindering us so we can move forward and stop sacrificing our needs to make others comfortable.

We could have experienced this period as a time to regain faith in ourselves or place our belief in something more grounded and trustworthy. Also, these regressive cycles help us get back in touch with ethereal things, so this could have been a time of a spiritual awakening or coming back to healing practices for your soul.

Signs that would have felt this Retrograde more than others is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 20 to 29 degrees of these Signs.

Neptune RX Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow3/7/22
  • Retrograde Station 6/27/22
  • Out Of Retrograde 12/3/22
  • Leaves Post Shadow 3/24/2023

12/3 Sun Semisquare Pluto: How To Ignore People With Dominant Personalities

There may be ego problems due to the Sun's semi-square to Pluto.

We must remind ourselves that we can't always have our way and be content with other people's refusals. So, this might be a day we have to reign ourselves in; otherwise, it could come off like we’re being too pushy, resulting in arguments.

Egos tend to become bruised quickly under this transit leading to flare-ups with our temper if we aren’t getting the attention we demand. Therefore, it can be a day when you have to check yourself or ignore those with entitlement issues.

12/3 Venus Square Neptune: Looking At Situations For What They Are Even If It Isn’t Rosey

A square between Venus and Neptune could confuse the areas of love and money. Venus and Neptune working together might skew your perspective of truth and increase your propensity for denial.

We might have to come to terms with a relationship or career situation that is too unrealistic for us to pursue. This is a time to take a moment to get out of our own way in perplexing problems by manipulative people who want to leave us in the dark.

Venus-Neptune aspects also help us gradually understand the importance of valuing oneself rather than chasing false happiness.

12/3 Sun Trine Chiron: Recognizing Your Talents And Regaining Confidence

Fortunately, there are some upbeat energies with the Sun and Chiron.

So, if circumstances need to be patched up, this Transit should make it simpler.

This is also an indication that Chiron's retrograde cycle is about to come to an end in the coming weeks.

Let's face it; some things can occasionally undermine our confidence. If that has happened to you, this alignment may inspire you to look into strategies for boosting your self-esteem. It can be challenging to restore confidence in oneself, but this Transit provides a little extra push.

If you've been experiencing mental obstacles or even brain fog, this configuration can help you by bringing moments of clarity and focus. You can also use this to improve toxic internal dialogue.

12/4 Mercury Semisextile Pluto: Dealing With Individuals With Strong Personalities

Sunday could feel more confrontational than typical with a semisquare between Mercury and Pluto.

People tend to throw their weight around and come on too strong during this transit, so communication could feel edgier than typical. Another way to express it is that today can be a day when we have to deal with folks who like to talk over others and don't allow anyone to speak.

Because of power struggles with forceful people, arguments may emerge from these situations.

Vibes For the Week
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

Over the next 7 days, the energy is a mix of harmonious and edgy vibes.

Solitude will be present from the 26th to the 30th, then taper and spike back up throughout the 1st and 2nd. By the time we get to Saturday, there will be a low amount of this energy. For this reason, the next 7 days will have an undertone of not feeling as open to other people's company or being selective about it if you must socialize.

Intersecting all the solitude is good luck, mental, romantic, psychic, and emotional sensitivity, along with imagination and confusion, which is the highest energy on the chart. For this reason, you might feel like your moods are fluctuating from the 30th to December 2nd. Of course, there are some moments when we’ll have opportunities to have fun and seek out good possibilities, which at least helps with the edgy vibes of this week.

Transits For The Week

Indeed, this week has had some uncomfortable moments; however, at least we have some sweet spots to get us over the hurdles. Hopefully, the harmonious transits will mitigate the complex ones.

Transits For November 28th to December 4th :

  • 11/28 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Responsible Actions To Upgrade Your Life pt 2
  • 11/28 Venus Quincunx Uranus: Becoming Aware Of Reckless Behavior In Relationships
  • 11/29 Mercury Oppose Mars: Got A Dirty Mouth Part 2
  • 11/29 Mercury Sextile Saturn: Thinking About Long-Term Goals
  • 11/30 Venus Oppose Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama pt 2
  • 12/1 Mercury Square Neptune: Not Paying Attention To Crucial Details
  • 12/1 Venus Sextile Saturn: Taking Your Romantic And Financial Commitments Seriously
  • 12/3 Neptune Direct: Finally Understanding Why You Can’t Sweep Things Under The Rug
  • 12/3 Sun Semisquare Pluto: How To Ignore People With Dominant Personalities
  • 12/3 Venus Square Neptune: Looking At Situations For What They Are Even If It Isn’t Rosey
  • 12/3 Sun Trine Chiron: Recognizing Your Talents And Regaining Confidence
  • 12/4 Mercury Semisquare Pluto: Dealing With Individuals With Strong Personalities

Use this week to get real about scenarios that are holding you back.

Have a wonderful week.

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