This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For November 14th to 20th, 2022

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Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius in this week's Astrology, bringing a more upbeat outlook on our relationships, love lives, and financial situations. Additionally, a few Mars Retrograde alignments will bring up concerns from October that still need to be handled.
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We have a jammed packed week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus and Mercury will enter Sagittarius giving us a more optimistic outlook regarding our thoughts, communication, love life, and finances. The Sun will make up most of the alignments, allowing us to work on how we shine, boost our ego, and find some much-needed leisure time. And this is a busy 7 days of Mercury transits resulting in a chattier week than typical.

The 14th through the 15th will be jammed packed with concentrated energy.

11/14 Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Focusing On How To Recover From Disappointment

Monday's connection of Venus and Chiron brings about the urge to heal from the dissatisfaction that held us back from happiness.

With this combo, self-worth issues could surface because the Venus-Chiron transit brings up old memories in an intrusive way. As a result, you might review earlier repressed romantic or professional setbacks.

This tense situation does, however, encourage the resolution of any self-esteem issues that have resulted in underrating our own worth. We may identify the underlying causes of such circumstances and start the process of realizing our value by acknowledging them for what they are.

Also, this alignment could cause you to be the one holding space for someone else who needs to recognize their value and gain self-worth.

In this aspect, Venus and Chiron assist us in understanding why we are more valuable than we had previously realized. Thus, this might encourage us to change our unsatisfying relationships and employment circumstances. Of course, these changes won't happen immediately, but they prompt us to act in trying situations.

11/14 Mercury Sextile Pluto: Craving In-Depth Talks And Complex Topics

The aspect between Mercury and Pluto may help us overcome obstacles we could not conquer.

Therefore, if something was too complex to resolve, this should give us the strength and sharpness needed to solve our concerns. This kind of transit helps us get back on track because we’ll feel determined and focused.

Because this is a transit about intricacies, it helps us engage in in-depth mental work. If things require deep research, this will help us find some missing pieces we might have yet to notice. Also, this is excellent for having a clearer outlook on the world and how you handle situations.

And any correspondence you receive today will be worth your time, plus it's perfect for profound and entertaining chats.

11/14 Sun Trine Neptune: Feeling Confident About Your Spiritual Growth

The Sun will form a trine with Neptune, which means this planet is slowing down and will Station Direct soon.

Trines from the Sun to outer planets mark the beginning and ending of Retrograde motion on either side of this particular configuration. Since Neptune is the second to last planet from the Sun, it will take 13 days for this celestial body to go Station Direct.

We experience a strong urge to act in a way that feeds our ego spiritually during this transit. Despite being retrograde, this configuration adds an extra dose of creative energy.

Therefore, today is an excellent day to engage in activities that help you communicate with your higher self, such as practicing meditation, receiving energy healing, or taking a relaxing bath filled with candles and incense. This should lessen some of the tension caused by the other alignments that day.

11/15 Venus Trine Jupiter: Making Grand Gestures In Romantic Situations

Jupiter and Venus will be in contact, which makes us feel fortunate and improves our moods.

This jovial Transit is precisely what we need to spread positive energy in our environment.

Venus and Jupiter make it simpler to let loose, socialize, feel open to romance, and feel like luck is on our side. However, because this is a laid-back Transit, we must seize the possibilities offered to us if we want to benefit from them.

An expressive tone may help you be more affectionate during this Transit if your love life is an issue. When it comes to romancing a POI ("Person of Interest") or someone you are currently seeing seriously, this alignment makes it simple to get uber-flirty and lay it on thick.

This is also a great way to meet people who share your interests and deserve your attention in platonic relationships.

11/15 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Clearing Your Mind Of Unhealthy Mental Chatter

Mercury will make the same transit to Chiron as Venus did on the 14th.

Because Mercury and Venus are traveling in Scorpio together, we will continue to see a theme of both planets making the exact alignments one after another. Also, the Sun will make this configuration to Chiron later in the week since it’s on the same transiting path.

Today, there may be a greater tendency to overthink and fixate on the past.

This problematic transit involving Mercury and Chiron could pronounce issues from the past resulting in replaying awkward situations in our heads. Try to discover ways to cleanse your mind because we sometimes get caught up in our thoughts on events that have already happened yet make us feel mortified.

There may be a need for more clarity in communication, which could produce misunderstandings and trigger strong emotions. As a result, try to be careful with your language and limit the harm you cause.

11/15 Sun Quincunx Mars: A Case Of False Bravado

Mars Retrograde motion will be speeding up from now until its station, so it will move 1 degree every 3 days, then 1 every 2, and so on. This is due to the Synodic cycle with the Sun Quincunx Mars; an alignment like this speeds up or slows down the planet on either side of the retrograde.

Today is one of those days where your patience could be super low due to this configuration. Because this is a Quincunx with the Sun and Mars, it could reveal off-putting behavior we weren’t self-aware of, so this is coming up as a wake-up call.

This energy could cause you to feel tense and get more annoyed or even furious at people, so try your best to find ways to get calm. We also need to be aware of reacting aggressively since this pronounces anger leading to disputes and hitting below the belt.

Our arrogance could have us walking around like everyone owes us money.

An alignment like this shows us why condescending behavior needs to be curbed and that it’s uncool to be an edge lord. In other words, it enunciates people's competitive nature to undermine what someone else is explaining, one-upping others, and the need to say something obscene to get a reaction.

Another issue with this is that it could show us why it’s unwise to challenge or underestimate people because it could result in a massive dose of humble pie or escalate into a fight.

The best way to channel this transit healthily is by just being active and keeping busy, like going for a walk, working out, or anything that will get you burning off this hardcore energy.

The last time this happened was on November 7th, 2020, so it could bring up scenarios from that period. We will see this Quincunx again on December 30th, 2022, so these themes will come back up around that date.

11/15 Venus Enters Sagittarius: Ready To Go Big Or Go Home In Love Life Situations

Venus enters Sagittarius helping us experience a more enthusiastic tone with love and finances. Also, this Venus allows us to expand our options for both romantic relationships and employment.

We should take advantage of this time to broaden our horizons in those areas to maximize our enjoyment of life. This ingress has everything you need if you're single and looking to have more romantic adventures.

For those in long-term relationships, this can make things more intriguing than usual. This brings out the adventurous side of love, allowing you and your partner to try new things, go to a restaurant with an exciting or cultural menu, or even plan a romantic getaway.

The great thing about this Sign Ingress is that it provides us the self-assurance to be open to opportunities for love and all types of people. Additionally, this combination helps us seek out more blissful experiences.

The main thing to be aware of with this combination is overdoing it when it comes to celebratory things, food, drink, intimacy, and money. We tend to take more risks in this energy, so be cautious about being overly daring. In our interactions with those we have deep relationships, we must be careful not to express our opinions too strongly.

11/16 Mercury Trine Jupiter: A Much-Needed Dose Of Humor

Conversations take on a positive tone with Mercury and Jupiter in a harmonious alignment.

Communication is enjoyable with this transit. Mercury and Jupiter in this configuration promote not taking things so seriously and just having light chats with others; This brings out the fun side in our convos, so it could be a day of talking about things that elevate our mood and make us laugh.

This gives you an added incentive to embark on an adventure, be more sociable, plan a gathering, or lose yourself in something thought-provoking like a book or documentary.

Additionally, Mercury and Jupiter make it simpler to think ahead. Our minds are usually broad, sharp and full of creative ideas. And because of this energy's warm and casual vibe, talks usually flow easily.

11/17 Mercury enters Sagittarius: How To Be Open-Minded And Optimistic

As Mercury enters Sagittarius, our communication will become more upbeat.

Mercury in Sadge will enable us to engage in conversation and think and digest information more quickly.

However, Mercury rules Gemini, which is the opposite of Sagittarius. As a result, this combination is in an Astrological term called Detriment. So, this combination can bring some fun on a higher vibrational level, but it can also lead to being misunderstood because the way this pairing expresses can come off wrong.

Also, Mercury in Sagittarius is about seeing all the possibilities versus looking at the fine details.

Gemini energy wants to look at what’s factual, small details and has a left-brain approach to how to go about life. Sagittarius' significance is about the more extraordinary things, uses a right-brain method, and focuses on hope, belief, truth, and what’s on the horizon. So, this is another area that could feel more frustrating than usual.

But this is still a fun ingress. Our minds will be on big plans and the need to be upbeat. This sort of energy gives us the feeling that luck is on our side, along with being more assured in ourselves.

Communication will seem more talkative than typical. This energy gets us to have fun verbal exchanges about humor, topics that are out of the ordinary, and philosophy. So, this will be when you’re feeling more social and ready to hear about different perspectives in life.

Other than that, there is a fun side to all of this, so use this period to get in touch with higher perspectives and connect with your humorous side.

11/18 Sun Sextile Pluto: Feeling Capable In Your Abilities

Our sense of self could feel transformed with an alignment between the Sun and Pluto. So, it may be easier to cleanse our minds and let go of things that prevent us from making the necessary changes.

In addition to helping us regain some control over our life and achieve concentration on what matters most, this alignment also enables us to connect with our inner strength, which will increase our sense of confidence.

11/19 Mars Square Neptune: Return Of The October Haze

Mars will create a Square with Neptune, bringing in themes from October 11th.

A retrograde transit like this one encourages us to take our time because whatever we're working on needs to be done once we're more certain about making decisions before acting on a goal.

Pay close attention to the specifics, as this could cause us to cloud information. Therefore, something that wasn’t addressed concerning communication, documents, and services might come back up so you can resolve the unclear specifics.

Please take your time and carefully read any contracts, agreements, or other paperwork that you must review before you sign it. Otherwise, these situations will come back for you to continue going over until the terms are clear.

A complicated configuration like this often makes individuals sleepy, so you might feel drowsier during these times. Also, please set proper boundaries because we tend to take on other people's energy and attitude.

Therefore, if you’re the type that’s receptive to moods and vibes, this alignment could pronounce bombardment from others, so take care of yourself and set proper limits with draining individuals.

Consider doing something creative with this Mars-Neptune alignment; it's one of the healthiest things you can do with it. So, channel this energy into art, writing, poetry, listing to music, or any other creative activities.

But if you’re too drained for that, this is an excellent time just to relax and vedge out on movies because Neptune governs cinema, so why not take in a good flick?!

It's essential to keep in mind that we will feel this Transit until December 13th due to Mars' slower motion.

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On March 13, 2023, this square will make one more connection to us. However, this final transit will be short due to Mars's accelerating motion at that time.

11/19 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Fluctuating Confidence

Our confidence might go up and down for a bit as the Sun makes the same connection to Chiron as it did with Mercury and Venus.

There could be moments when we feel deflated and unsure of ourselves. This could bring in flashbacks about past rejections and blows to our ego. However, this gives us the push to work on our confidence.

With an alignment like this, we could feel called to fix what made us feel left out and understand why we can’t dwell on things that caused us to believe we’re unworthy.

11/20 Sun Trine Jupiter: Treating Yourself For How Far You’ve Come

Over the weekend, we have an opportunity to end this week positively, thanks to an alignment with the Sun and Jupiter.

This trine with the Sun means this planet is slowing down and will be out of its Retrograde motion in a few days. Jupiter will Station Direct on November 23rd, just in time for Sagittarius Season, the Sign that’s ruled by this planet.

We gain some much-needed luck and optimism while this transit is occurring. As a result, our social battery will feel charged and ready to spend time with friends and family. This gives us hope and allows us to enjoy the much-needed downtime.

Road trips and other types of travel frequently go off without a hitch when this energy is present. So, we'll want to do something thrilling after a long week of not-so-fun energy.

Opportunities frequently occur in this energy. A transit like this helps increase favorable outcomes so something fortunate could come our way.

Vibes For the Week
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This week's vibes are a good mix of more accessible energies than we had since November started.

From the 14th to the 15th, we have a varying mix of good luck, family and friends, social, ambitious, psychic, and mental energies. As that tapers down, solitude intersects all other vibes from the 15th to the 16th. This will mix in with mental, romantic, and psychic energies.

Because of this wide variety of energies, our moods might fluctuate but not in the way they did since this month started. Therefore, these next 7 days will help us shake off some uneasy feelings and get us in the mood to engage with others and take a more upbeat tone.

Then as we get through the rest of the week, there's a steady stream of psychic and romantic energies until the 20th. By the 19th to 20th, mental, good luck, and a smidge of social energy will be present.

With the psychic stuff, make sure you’re practicing spiritual hygiene since we have a problematic transit associated with that energy. Therefore, ground your energy, pay attention to your gut instinct, go out in nature if possible, visit a lovely crystal shop, and use high vibrational items such as sage to clear negative vibes.

Even though this weekend has some complex energies, we will be able to push through and enjoy ourselves.

Transits For The Week

The middle of November might have had some tense moments, but at least there were a ton of harmonious transits to mitigate that more complex energy.

Transits For November 14th to 20th:

  • 11/14 Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Focusing On How To Recover From Disappointment
  • 11/14 Mercury Sextile Pluto: Craving In-Depth Talks And Complex Topics
  • 11/14 Sun Trine Neptune: Feeling Confident About Your Spiritual Growth
  • 11/15 Venus Trine Jupiter: Making Grand Gestures In Romantic Situations
  • 11/15 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Clearing Your Mind Of Unhealthy Mental Chatter
  • 11/15 Sun Quincunx Mars: A Case Of False Bravado
  • 11/15 Venus Enters Sagittarius: Ready To Go Big Or Go Home In Love Life Situations
  • 11/16 Mercury Trine Jupiter: A Much-Needed Dose Of Humor
  • 11/17 Mercury enters Sagittarius: How To Be Open-Minded And Optimistic
  • 11/18 Sun Sextile Pluto: Feeling Capable In Your Abilities
  • 11/19 Mars Square Neptune: Return Of The October Haze
  • 11/19 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Fluctuating Confidence
  • 11/19 Sun Trine Jupiter: Treating Yourself For How Far You’ve Come

Use this week to let go of baggage that keeps you from being confident.

Have a wonderful week!!

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