Mars Retrograde Forecast For Zodiac Signs

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On October 30, Mars will turn retrograde. If you're wondering how this may affect your zodiac sign placements, this article contains the necessary information.
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This forecast will help you understand how Mars Retrograde will affect your Zodiac Placements.

Now that we know how Mars Retrograde operates, why not look at how it could affect each Zodiac placement?!

It’s essential to read Zodiac Signs correctly to get an accurate assessment, so I recommend looking at your Rising Sign.

However, you can use your Sun Sign, even your Moon Sign, if preferred.

Also, check your entire Birth Chart because you could have other placements in specific signs than your Sun. Therefore, using this method lets you see how these placements are aspected in your Natal Chart.

If you don’t have a copy of yours, I recommend places with a Birth Chart Calculator like Astrodienst, Astro Seek, or Astro Charts so you can see what Signs are actually in your personal chart.

The Major Participants

Because this Regressive Phase is in Gemini, the Mutable Signs will feel this more than others.

Those with placements in Virgo, Sagittarius, and the star of this show, Gemini, will feel this more than others if you have planets in these positions between 5 and 27 degrees of these placements.


For Geminis, the Retrograde Cycle will be more transformative for you than most other Signs.

Through this period, your focus could be on gaining vitality, understanding ways to become motivated again, revamping your appearance, returning to yourself, along with recalibrating health and body goals.

One of the most critical scenarios during this Regressive Period is to re-learn how to focus on yourself. In other words, this Retrograde could help you learn how to do your own thing instead of pouring your energy into others. So, these next few months could seem like you’re learning to be a little more selfish for a change.

Be mindful of how you spend your energy, as this could be a period when you experience more fatigue than typical. There could be moments when you must work on changing certain habits and patterns, causing disruptions daily. However, you will be able to get back on track with a new approach to tackling life and your coping mechanisms.

Saturn will be one of your saving graces through this Retrograde, which will be helpful in terms of feeling solid when things are shaky. And, in times you’re feeling drained could give you the extra push to get through complex work.


Virgos, this Retrograde, one of the main areas for you will be through your career and how you show up in public spheres.

Career-wise, this could be a time to step back to examine your best course of action to get ahead and what other strategies you will need to get to the next level. All your efforts to get to the top might seem slow.

During this Retrograde, a sense of a promotion or a new job might seem as though it’s on pause, leaving you frustrated.

Building your reputation could be an essential part of this Retrograde. In other words, this period could result in building up your portfolio, tweaking your social media to gain better results, or creating important work that will put you on the map.

There could also be some situations with relationships that have slowed some progress regarding careers. One of the biggest things during this Retrograde is to direct your focus on your success, but there needs to be a work-life balance to get ahead for a change. Around this period, it’s a time to reassess why certain relationships are holding you back or where you must curb the need to be a giver.

It will be helpful for you to keep showing up and doing the hard work because it will pay off in the area you’re hoping to gain momentum over the next 2 months.


Sagittarius, serious relationships could be your central theme in this Retrograde. If things seemed unfair in your one-on-one unions, this could be a time to hash things out so there can be mutual respect.

Over the next 2 months, it will be a period of expressing yourself fully if you’ve been stifled for a while. During this Retrograde, there could be a realization that you’ve overly compromised in relationships to keep things peaceful, but it’s turned into bottled-up emotions and resentment.

Therefore, this Retrograde will be your opportunity to express the need for fairness in your close unions. Others might have an issue with you reclaiming your voice again, but this needs to be done to get the respect you deserve.

With the way Mars RX is connected to your chart, this could be a period of understanding the truth about a situation that seems deceitful. Therefore, you could get answers to a problem that seemed questionable about specific individuals with whom you have close ties. And this might be a time you could also sever ties with unhealthy relationships.


For Pisces, this Mars Retrograde, your focus will go on home matters and family situations.

During this Inverse Cycle, your personal life will be at the forefront, so you might gain some traction in this area. Therefore, this could be when you’re looking at what needs to change to have a comfortable home life.

Family situations that need resolution will also come up during this time. One thing to note, this doesn't have to be relatives that live with you, although it could be, this is a time to work through generational baggage, so you’re no longer stifled by it. Because of this, unfinished business with relatives could come to the surface to be hashed out. Therefore, things might seem more off-kilter than usual, resulting in aggravation.

Emotional security will also be something you’re seeking through this period. Therefore, your well-being will come before your career, which is not to say you won't care about work but fostering a good home life will be crucial.

You’ll feel it’s important to finally express your feelings, even if it makes certain people uncomfortable. Hence this is a period about doing you and reconnecting with your inner philosophies.

Experiencing Blind Spots

Scorpio and Capricorn could experience this Retrograde in a way that reveals their blind spots. Therefore, this could be a period when you realize some behaviors have become counterproductive.


For Scorpio, this Retrograde will show up for you through actively working to see unhealthy patterns around finances, your inner workings, and understanding truths.

With financial situations, this could be a time to work on getting back on track, especially if there was a period of biting off more than you can chew, such as credit cards, loans, or other forms of borrowed funds. Therefore, this could be a time to realize where all the money is going so you can gain traction again.

You will experience this Retrograde on a more conscious level. In other words, this could be a time to work on your own psychological nature. Around this time, you could deal with why it’s important not to repress your emotions.

During this period, you learn not to be so turbulent and find ways to bring some softness into your life. Also, this could be about seeing how you show up in relationships and working on what needs to be purged out of those scenarios.


Capricorn, during this Retrograde, you must be mindful of your regimen, work situations, and how you show up for others.

If you have co-workers, this might be a period of realizing why these interactions have been off-kilter, allowing you to resolve them, so things run smoothly. If you’re self-employed, this will be about reorganizing your workflow to prevent errors and to become more organized than you have been.

Be gentle with yourself because this energy suggests going so hard that you start to feel burnt out. In other words, your routines might need an overhaul, or there might be an unexpected shift. Even though this hard work could lead to financial rewards, remember how you spend your energy.

Also, you might have to tweak how you show up for others because it is also causing you to spin your gears. Because of your need to be responsible, you could have over-committed yourself to helping too many people, which is an excellent quality, but make sure there is time for you in your schedule as well.

Incorporating What You’ve Learned

Mars Retrograde will bring forth prior knowledge to help Taurus and Cancer bust through obstacles. So, these next two months will help with integrating previous lessons to get through this period.


For Taurus, this is about understanding where you need to direct your energy on finances, self-worth, confidence, possessions, and what you value.

Remembering who you are and how hard you’ve worked to become stable will help when your confidence feels shaky. Doing this will also help you reconnect with knowing you are worthy of the best, allowing you to let go of situations beneath your standards.

With this Retrograde, you might shake loose situations that prevent your growth. Also, this will be a time to release what you no longer value or those who don’t see your worth.

During this period, your mind will focus on how to build financial stability. Therefore, this might be a time to reevaluate how you earn money which could be about finding better employment. Also, this might be a time to apply what you’ve learned to create extra income for yourself.


Cancer, this Retrograde could be about healing on all levels and getting back into practicing the things that help you be creative.

Introspection will be necessary during this period, letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you and looking at where self-sabotage is holding you back. Therefore, this could be about clearing out the situations that have dragged you down for a while. Doing this will help in your healing journey.

Spiritually, you could find yourself returning to old methods that have worked for you in terms of grounding on an energetic level. So, over these next two months, you could find joy in returning to practices that keep you grounded.

Also, this Retrograde could get you back in touch with an old passion if you're the creative type. Reconnecting with your creative side could be in the form of music, writing, poetry, painting, and even acting or singing.

Reworking Your Platonic Relationships

During this Retrograde, Aries and Leo don’t have as much edginess to deal with as the other Zodiac Signs. However, some things still needs reassessment. Your non-romantic relationships will be a significant factor in this Regressive cycle, so this is the time to resolve matters in unions. Around this period may be when you create a game plan to take more directed action.


Aries, this period could be about working towards a better relationship with your local environment.

During Mars RX, you could have the opportunity to work on sibling relationships or ties to immediate family. With siblings, this is an opportunity to get things back on track. Therefore, this could be a time to reconnect and clear up a misunderstanding. If you have parents or close friends who are like brothers or sisters, these relationships will be prominent during this Retrograde.

The other focal point will be on relatives like aunts, uncles, and cousins, so this could be a time to strengthen these relationships or find a resolution if there's been conflict.

You could be reconsidering how you move through your local area. In other words, this could be a time to become reacquainted with your city and enjoy neighborhood activities. Or this might be a period to reevaluate if your city is correct for you; in that case, you might research making a big move.

Also, there might be some consideration about starting an education program. Over the next two months, you could feel determined to get some specialization in specific subjects that lead to becoming certified for particular skills.


Leo, this is a period to work on your relationships with friends, groups, and other associations. Also, this could be a time to take an innovative approach to your aspirations.

Friendships will be one of the most critical scenarios for this Retrograde, so you could focus on rebuilding connections with those you lost touch with a while back.

You could rediscover why you and certain friends are on the same wavelength during this time. One of the good things about this is it will allow you to shift through who to keep around and those you shouldn't waste energy on because they don't contribute anything positive to your life.

If you've gone back and forth about what kind of networks or organizations to be a part of, this will be a time to narrow your options and pick what’s appropriate for you. This is a time to create a community or connect to groups so you can feel a sense of belonging with people who have the same ambitions.

And this could also be about finally finding a solution to what's caused stagnation in your aspirations. Therefore, during these next 2 months, you could finally have a breakthrough and get out of stale circumstances.

A Less Bumpy Ride

Lastly, Libra and Aquarius are the other two Signs with less friction than most during this Retrograde. Even though things are smoother, it’s still a time to reconfigure the way to go after the fun possibilities in life.

Libra 9th house

Libra, this Retrograde could be about travel plans, education, taking more risks, being more adventurous, and starting a new path with many options.

Traveling could come up in terms of creating a plan to go somewhere out of the ordinary. In other words, if you've been the type to make the same trips, this could be when you’re thinking big about long-distance journeys, also the possibility of an out-of-the-country adventure.

With long distance, this could also be when you're considering a move that would take you several miles from home, which could be cross country. Or the idea of relocating could lead you to move out of your place of origin to another country.

Also, if this isn't traveling, it can be a journey of the mind through reading, documentaries, immersive experiences, walking around different places on Google Maps, or an in-depth movie.

Education could be on your mind over the next 2 months.

For you, this might be a time to immerse yourself in learning something new or starting your college education or university. Also, there could be a more philosophical tone to the way you delineate information.

And at this point, you could be ready to forge a new path that opens you up to better opportunities, so you will be more open than usual to shoot your shot at goals.


Aquarius, this Retrograde will show you why it's time to have leisure, not take things so seriously, make time to focus on what makes you unique, and go out on some passionate dates.

At this point, you need to have some fun and destress from being in your head. That's why this is a period for you to reconnect with your playful side and let your hair down to heal from the harshness of the last few months.

Dating-wise, if you're single, this could be an exhilarating period. It might not be anyone coming in that's permanent, but at least it will be for a good time. In these scenarios, the exchanges will be extra passionate.

For those in relationships, this could be a time when intimacy is revved up. You guys could feel more playful than usual, resulting in connecting through excitement and adventurous dates.

This could be a time to reconnect with your talents. In other words, if you're uniquely skilled at something, you could find yourself returning to it and utilizing it in your life. Or this Retrograde could reveal a hidden ability you possess, so now’s the time to bring it to the surface.

Lastly, if there are children in your life, this could be a time to help them with their creative side. In addition, this might be a phase to think about the possibility of having kids or deciding to postpone until you’re ready.

Hopefully, you can all get the maximum benefit from this Retrograde.

Have a productive 2 months!!

Important Dates To Remember:

  • Enters Gemini on August 19th, 2022
  • Mars Pre-Shadow September 3rd, 2022
  • Enters Retrograde October 30th, 2022
  • Stations out of Retrograde January 12th, 2023
  • Leaves Post Shadow RX March 15th, 2023
  • Transits out of Gemini on March 25th, 2023

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