This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 31st to November 6th, 2022

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Venus Transits are a major theme in this week's astrology, making us consider why we shouldn't accept bad conditions with love and money. Additionally, Mars will form several Retrograde configurations that may encourage us to speak up for ourselves.
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We have a jammed packed week full of planetary transits.

In this week's Astrology, Mars has started its Retrograde motion and will be active over the next 7 days, producing a need to resolve conflict. The Sun will make a bunch of tense alignments causing us to work on issues regarding our ego and confidence. Venus will also make a majority of the configurations that could help us understand why we can’t sweep problems under the rug with career and love life situations. And Mercury will also be very active, which could bring up scenarios about tense communication and harsh inner dialog.

10/31 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Too Foggy To Feel Motivated

With the Sun and Neptune coming together in a complicated Transit, we could feel drowsier than usual.

Because it’s Halloween, we’re usually very energetic and doing activities, but this one could leave us feeling wiped out. So even if you’re planning on participating in the festivities, it might feel like you’re dragging your feet. Hopefully, a few candy bars will do the trick in perking us up.

With the way this transit works, there could be moments when you’re feeling off-kilter and unable to understand complex things. In other words, you can experience periods of insecurity due to doubting which direction to take about situations in your life. Things can feel out of reach on this particular day, and you may be unsure how to get there.

Be aware of others becoming drainers of your energy.

10/31 Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars: Unresolved Relationship Conflict

Halloween brings in a connection that could help us be flirtatious but also petty regarding matters of the heart. Mars will be in a complicated transit to Venus, which tends to be a mixed bag energetically.

Mars went into Retrograde on the 30th.

On the one hand, Venus and Mars bring us a massive dose of vibrant passion. If you are single, this could be a day when you feel more magnetic than usual, resulting in tons of flirty exchanges. This could be a day of intense intimacy for those in committed relationships or dating situations.

However, some drama could be drudged up in romantic unions that already have a rocky pattern. This could bring up issues with deceit, arguing about the past, and trying to outdo one another.

Specific Signs will be more affected by this Regressive Cycle, so check out the Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign to see how this will play out for your placements.

These planets have not been in this Transit since December 22, 2020, so it could also bring up situations from that time period. And we will see this Transit come back around on December 29th, so these themes will pop back up again during this Retrograde.

Wednesday is filled with transits to do with relationships and our attitude.

11/2 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Staying In Love Life Situations That Prevent You From Healing

The need for better-coping skills and self-worth difficulties in our relationships will be apparent due to a complex Venus transit.

Venus and Chiron's Quincunx could highlight our blind spots regarding romantic situations, so we might understand why we’re unintentionally betraying ourselves in relationships. In other words, we could realize that we’re shrinking who we are to fit into someone else’s world, love life-wise. This could also bring up issues with how being overly sacrificial causes us to become resentful.

Therefore, this could be when we examine the costs associated with not facing the reality of our relationships.

On the other hand, this could be an excellent opportunity to focus on the lies, omissions, and open deceit that have been told to others in the form of disloyalty.

Or this could be a realization that we’ve been sleepwalking through an unhealthy work environment, and we deserve better. So, look at this as a nudge that it’s time for you to move towards healthier circumstances and stability in your love life and career.

11/2 Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars: Over-Compensating For Low Confidence By Bossing Others Around

Another Retrograde Transit occurs this week, with the Sun to Mars in a complex configuration.

With an alignment like this, we might need to reign ourselves in because this tends to puff us up in a way that might seem cocky. However, some of the reason for this is due to feeling insecure, so we might be peacocking to make ourselves seem like a big deal even though we feel small internally.

Be mindful of your temper during this Transit because the overly pushy vibes of this does pronounce the need to be assertive.

We could experience a blow to our ego by someone calling us out on our antics or coming to the realization seeking attention from others isn’t working in our favor.

The last time we saw this Transit was November 22nd, 2020. The next hit for this alignment will occur on January 13, 2023.

Thursday is loaded with transits that could create communication issues while leading us astray.

11/3 Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Taking The Edge Off With A Few Drinks

At least we have a fun transit with Venus and Jupiter. Sure, it’s on the reckless side, so we need to be mindful of our behavior, but it does put a celebratory energy into the air.

Since getting too carried away is easy with this Aspect, we should generally practice moderation.

Our desire to consume alcohol, eat, and dance will be heightened, so the impulse to get out and have some fun will be increased by this combination.

Even though this might lead to overdoing it when it comes to having an adventure, it's still entertaining.

Venus and Jupiter, in complex configurations, tend to bring out our hedonistic, recklessness, and excessive side. But, if you're interested in a no-obligations dating arrangement, this aspect has you covered. From a romantic standpoint, this is fantastic for superficially connecting.

11/3 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Unable To Read Between The Lines

Ambiguity will seem more enunciated due to a configuration between Mercury and Neptune.

The transit between Mercury and Neptune may cause uncertainty in our conversations with others. During this aspect, you could experience a sense that either you do not understand what others are saying or that the people you’re in contact with are being evasive.

Before sending texts, take a minute to collect your thoughts to make sure you aren't sending any that are unclear. And when you're feeling more grounded, make an effort to resolve any misunderstandings with other people.

11/4 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars: Got A Dirty Mouth?! pt. 1

Friday brings in another Retrograde Mars Transit, this time with Mercury.

With Mercury and Mars in an uncomfortable aspect, this could be a day where you could feel extra triggery and have a low tolerance for bs. One of the good things about having a low tolerance is it causes us to finally speak up on a situation that requires us to assert ourselves.

Therefore, this could be a time to address a situation that’s been festering. And due to this being a Mars Retrograde in Gemini, it is about getting the words out you’ve held back for some time. Also, you might be in a situation where you speak up for others who need support.

On the unhealthy end of this configuration, it can inflate those who like to argue, so there could be situations when individuals are trying to bait you into an argument. Try your best not to give attention to those looking for chaos because it will drag you into unnecessary drama. Also, people who love conflict thrive off reactions, so don’t give them any.

So, if you’re feeling extra snippy, try to use this energy to get things done, be active, or get in a nice workout to take the edge off. Otherwise, a transit like this kicks up the need to be right in an argument which could lead to belligerent conversations.

Of course, since this is part of the Regressive Cycle, we will see this Transit come back up on February 9th, 2023. The last time we had this alignment was December 3rd, 2020.

11/5 Sun Quincunx Chiron: Experiencing Self-Doubt

A complex combination between the Sun and Chiron on Saturday could make us feel unmotivated.

We might require a pep talk today because this transit revs up mood swings.

There may be times when you feel like your persona is unlikable because our confidence tends to fluctuate with this setup. We may experience a wave of self-defeat; thus, learning techniques for overcoming pessimism will be essential.

11/5 Venus Oppose Uranus: Making A Drastic Change In Restrictive Relationships

That same day it might be wise to resist the urge for significant changes until we are absolutely sure due to a complex Transit between Venus and Uranus.

There could be an urge to change the way you show up in relationships. In other words, you might break out of a restrictive relationship, especially if you’ve lost yourself trying to make a toxic situation work. So, this could kickstart an abrupt change in how you interact with the person in question.

With Venus and Uranus in Opposition, things can shift fast, especially how you show up in relationships. This is your opportunity to break out of restrictive situations and set limits with others who could have infringed on your individuality.

One thing to note is that this kind of alignment triggers the urge for change, which can be a career, love life, and style, since Venus shows how we adorn ourselves.

For this reason, ensure you have a good exit strategy with your job; otherwise, it could backfire. With love life situations, even if something isn’t good, make sure you’re bowing out gracefully.

And with your appearance, wait to do anything because this is the alignment where you try something new and end up with asymmetrical eyebrows and horrific bangs.

11/6 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Feeling Stuck In Your Head

Mercury and Chiron will be in a challenging transit that makes us reflect on past actions we wish we had taken differently.

With this Transit, we must remember that some things had to happen in a certain way and that beating ourselves up won't make the past go away. We ruminate on the uncomfortable topics because our thoughts seem intrusive. If you experience this, channel your focus into looking for effective stress-reduction techniques. This will enable you to eliminate beliefs that are holding you back.

11/6 Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Inflate Your False Sense Of Self

With the Sun in a challenging aspect to Jupiter, there will likely be plenty of fun, mischief, and a desire to let go.

As a result, this Transit gives you a good justification for taking the edge off by getting drunk.

When it comes to enjoying yourself too much, a Sun-Jupiter transit can be entertaining. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. Please pay attention to your money because it's simpler than usual to make rash decisions and spend on unnecessary things.

We must be careful not to be arrogant, as this inflates our ego problems. The belief that we can act however we like without suffering any repercussions may develop as a result. Furthermore, there is a propensity to twist the facts and misinterpret others, leading you to lash out.

11/6 Venus Square Saturn: Understanding Why You Feel Nothing For Them Any Longer

Finally, Venus will make a square to Saturn, causing us to consider where we've lost interest in friendships and professional circumstances that feel meaningless.

Venus and Saturn alignments enable us to recognize that we've lost interest in a connection since we're not experiencing emotional fulfillment from it. So, this could be a day you’re starting to understand you deserve a loving, fun, and passionate relationship.

We also take a more realistic view of our employment and financial conditions. This could be a wake-up call concerning work that isn't providing the cash you need and offers no room for advancement.

Another issue with this is realizing you’ve been too responsible for others regarding resources. So, you could feel it’s time to start saying no and set limits with those who have become dependent on your responsible nature.

Vibes For the Week

The vibes this week are an interesting mix.

On the 31st emotional sensitivity is the highest vibe on the graph intersecting psychic, mental, and romantic energy. Monday could be a day when you're feeling more sensitive to energies than average and emotionally vulnerable. With the romantic energy, there could be some flirty moments and a need for more romantic attention.

From the 1st to the 3rd ambitious and psychic energy show up, causing us to feel intuitively guided to take action. By the 3rd to the 5th good luck, ambition, romantic, emotional sensitivity, and mental energy are present. This is a week with a mix of emotions, so there could be moments when we feel like taking more risks and others when we need to take care of our emotions.

Thursday through Sunday could feel like a mix of being motivated, needing an outlet for fun, and mentally having a game plan but also being more sensitive to others than usual. With romantic energy being at its peak, this is also a time when there is a need for passionate exchanges more than typical.

Transits For The Week

November’s first week has quite a bite, which could lead to feeling more triggered than typical. The good thing about these complex transits is it causes us to take action on problems that have been festering, so use this energy to clear up what needs to be done.

One thing’s for sure we will genuinely want to take the edge off with some let your hair down activities after experiencing 7 days of edgy configurations.

Transits For October 31st to November 6th:

  • 10/31 Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Too Foggy To Feel Motivated
  • 10/31 Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars: Unresolved Relationship Conflict
  • 11/2 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Staying In Love Life Situations That Prevent You From Healing
  • 11/2 Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars: Over-Compensating For Low Confidence By Bossing Others Around
  • 11/3 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Unable To Read Between The Lines
  • 11/3 Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: Taking The Edge Off With A Few Drinks
  • 11/4 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars: How To Be Verbally Intolerable
  • 11/5 Sun Quincunx Chiron: Experiencing Self-Doubt
  • 11/5 Venus Oppose Uranus: Making A Drastic Change In Restrictive Relationships
  • 11/6 Mercury Quincunx Chiron: Feeling Stuck In Your Head
  • 11/6 Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: How To Inflate Your False Sense Of Self
  • 11/6 Venus Square Saturn: Understanding Why You Feel Nothing For Them Any Longer

Use this week to make the changes necessary to have a harmonious and stable life.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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