Mercury Goes Into Scorpio On October 29, 2022

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For the next three weeks, Mercury will be in Scorpio, assisting us in sharpening our attention and undertaking a much-needed mental cleanse.
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“It’s better to observe quietly, take notes, then speak up once you’ve collected the data points!”

Mercury is finally shifting Signs after spending the previous two and a half months in Libra, so now our thinking, communication, and information processing will take on a more Scorpionic tone.

We shift from a more outgoing, bubbly feel as we leave the Libra mood to an analytical, introspective vibe.

Even though Mercury was in Retrograde in Libra, there was still a playful spirit. Generally speaking, Mercury in Libra is a fantastic period when you don't take things too seriously, get to be social, and have a blissful time.

Now that we’re in Scorpio, we go inward and contemplate what changes we need to make in our lives to become stronger.

Because this is Mercury, our planet of thought and communication transiting through Scorpio, our thinking becomes more profound, and the need to talk all the time lessens. Our social bandwidth reduces because what energizes us is internal chatter.

This energy also carries a wave of consciousness, making it possible for you to feel the need to assess the situation carefully before speaking or deciding how to proceed.

It's not to say that we won't be socializing during this period because mingling always happens. However, in this energy, it tends to be more about quietly observing everything, placing our focus on the right things, along with concentrating on depth and meaningful relationships. Therefore, it's not to say we won’t be socializing in groups, but we may prefer to be with a select amount of people.

Now that Mercury is in this Sign, the Scorpionic vibes will be potent, resulting in being more sensitive to energy, causing us to be able to pick up on vibes more than usual. Therefore, this is why we tend to just want some time to ourselves during Scorpio periods because we're processing many strong emotions and vibes, and we need that time to regenerate.

And Scorpio has a lot to do with renewing, so this could be a time of mental rejuvenation. We could work on a nice mental detox from not-so-good stuff and repair our inner psychological workings through this period. Mercury in Scorpio promotes purging out toxic internal dialogue. Or clearing our minds of the unhealthy intake from other stimuli we’re taking in throughout the day.

Mental stimulation will be a must with this sign's transit through Mercury. We concentrate on what's meaningful; the tone becomes energetically introverted. Our minds may finally become focused with the conjunction of many planets in Scorpio, which should improve our attention span.

Since Scorpio energy is focused on fixation, this is an excellent time to study a subject you typically wouldn't remember because of the complexities. Additionally, this will help you think clearly and analytically.

If you're still enrolled in school, now might be an excellent opportunity to finish up your challenging assignments.

It's simpler to be more analytical under this Ingress and to concentrate on learning new things. It becomes easier to comprehend subjects such as numerology, astrology, esoteric information, occult knowledge, or anything related to science, psychology, or psychiatry. These are the ideal topics to learn because Scorpio is an expert in complicated areas.

Similarly, the issues you had put off but could be stressful come back into focus. Mercury in Scorpio causes us to look at the things we've avoided that need to be addressed, so this might be the period when you finally figure out how to cope with prior trauma, identify your triggers, and face the truth.

Socially, we will crave interactions with more substance. Or prefer the company of the people in our lives that are already close to us. Meaningful talks, not small or idle chitchat, are what Scorpio is all about when it comes to communication.
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Coming back to communication, we could have more severe talks than usual. In other words, it doesn't have to be crazy and chaotic, although it can get to that level with a lower vibration.

However, we could be having deeper conversations with people and talking about complex subjects. Again, this could relate to topics that are generally not your everyday conversation—like talking about hidden and occult knowledge and things of that nature.

Verbally, the truth tends to be forthright and frank regarding unfortunate reality. Honesty is the best policy when transiting Mercury moves through Scorpio, so our chats can seem more candid.

Surprise truth-telling frequently occurs on a personal level or the global stage while this celestial body is connecting with Scorpio.

No one could ever accuse Scorpios of being sugar-coaters because they give it to you straight with no chaser. And so, in this energy, there could be a sense of honesty about things. Hence, we will feel less afraid about saying the thing most wouldn’t dare.

Of course, the truth may sometimes be a sobering truth we don't want to hear, or it may be a welcoming one because this is a neutral expression of this transit. Mercury is more indifferent in this Sign, so you might perceive the facts as good, terrible, or neutral, but the reality is crucial.

Another neutral expression that can go to a lower and higher vibration is the suspiciousness that comes with this energy. Because within Scorpio, we become more cautious about things. Being trepidatious is helpful when we shouldn’t act on impulse, but there are moments when we could be on the extreme end leading to a fear of taking action, so this is something to keep in check.

This leads to the lower expression of this ingress.

Although it's normal for people to turn inward, this tendency can occasionally spiral out of control which could become mental isolation and overthinking, leading to unsettling thoughts. You just need to be conscious of that and ensure you're as grounded as possible.

Find a middle ground if your hypervigilance results from being overly careful or analytical.

Due to the energy's focus on fitting things together and seeking the truth, feeling suspicious can result in disputes. If it becomes a point where you're feeling overly cynical about something, it could lead to problems within your relationships. In many ways, if the suspicion turns into jealousy within a romantic relationship or other situations, it can create conflict.

Because of the cautious nature, we can be overly protective of our personal space from others. On a healthy level, no, you can’t let everybody in because some people aren’t good for you. But because of the lower vibes, this can become problematic and lead to distrust even if a person is perfectly safe.

Returning to the part about honesty, sometimes, within this energy, secrets can come out in a lower vibrational way leading to drama. Hopefully, it doesn't come from revealing someone else's private business.

The depositor for this Mercury is connected to Mars, which is turning Retrograde the day after this Ingress. Because the depositor, Mars, is in Gemini, this could come out as gossip.

And you want to be aware of becoming fixated on things, a topic, a person, and your thoughts. Because of this energy, we tend to become more preoccupied than usual.

So, it's something else that we need to be aware of. If we're becoming consumed by a situation, topic, or person, we need to find a way to balance ourselves out and ground our energy the best way we can.

All we need to do in this energy is to be conscious of these lower manifestations of this Sign.

Other than that, take this time to enjoy the fact that we have 3 planets in Scorpio, which will enhance our ability to work on complexities we avoid while helping us gain focus.

So, let's use this to our advantage and concentrate on the essential things in our lives.

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