This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 24th to 30th, 2022

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The planetary alignments in this week's astrology, which include a Solar Eclipse, Jupiter Retrograding back into Pisces, Mercury Entering Scorpio, and Mars Turning Retrograde, will feel extremely transformative over the course of the following seven days.
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We have another transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have the Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which could help us improve our coping skills. Jupiter will Retrograde back into Pisces, allowing us to review situations from the end of April to the beginning of May. Mercury enters Scorpio allowing us to think and communicate more profoundly. Mars will enter Retrograde, showing us why we must reevaluate how we take action. And this is a week where Mercury will make the most of the alignments causing us to focus on our social life and thought processes.

10/25 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Working On Your Coping Mechanisms

At the beginning of the week, there’s a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

This solar eclipse will help us usher in a new phase and eliminate whatever stagnates our growth.

However, given the edgy nature of this lunation, things could become stressful. Scorpio focuses on engaging with the aspects of ourselves that require strength and growth that we are apprehensive about looking at because it's too complicated.

Therefore, we might need to modify aspects of our life that don’t empower us.

This lunar event will be felt more strongly by the Fixed Signs. Therefore, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 0 to 8 degrees of these placements will experience this eclipse more potently.

10/25 Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Misunderstanding What Someone Meant

With the complicated Transit to Neptune, our minds could misinterpret what someone is saying to us.

Also, we could experience more spiritual and extra sensory activity than typical.

Spiritually speaking, today may be a day of high intuition, so our gut feelings are more potent than usual. This could also be a time when our dreams are more vivid and have some psychic undertones.

However, take your time while making judgments or responding to others because this alignment could cloud our perception. We could also become easily triggered by what someone says, leading to illogical behavior.

So, try to ground yourself and wait until some of the fogginess has passed before reacting to a misinterpreted message.

10/26 Mercury Trine Mars: How To Rethink Your Plans Part 1

Unlike Mercury's last connection the other day, this one could get us back on our feet because it’s an amicable configuration to Mars.

And Mercury hasn't Trined Mars since December 14th, 2020, so this isn’t a frequent Transit. This is due to their orbits and Retrograde Cycles.

Our comprehension skills are on point with a transit like this because it helps us feel mentally wired in a good way. With this Transit, our mental bandwidth will be constant since this gives us the alertness and capacity to be agile and absorb data.

In terms of social interaction, this is excellent for stimulating talks with others. So, this could be a day of lively chit-chats that don’t become boring.

Communication becomes revved up, so we would have a few days when our phones constantly go off. Our social media accounts could also seem livelier than average, with animated comments from others and tons of DMs. Also, there is a refreshing air of honesty that comes with this Transit making it easier to be open and communicate clearly.

Additionally, Mercury and Mars's combinations encourage assertive and confident communication. Because we are less passive and don't care as much about what other people think, this could be a day to speak about something you wanted to but felt too self-conscious to pull off a while ago.

Because this is a Retrograde Transit, it will come back around once Mars is in the Post-Shadow on February 22nd, 2023.

After we won't see this Trine again until 2024

Thursday brings in a tone that could result in uncomfortable conversations and a feeling of Deja vu with two of the Transits occurring on the 27th.

10/27 Mercury Square Pluto: Conversations That Take A Serious Tone

The next day Mercury will be in a problematic connection with Pluto, which could create conflict while communicating with others.

This could be another tense day marked by abrasive communication. Try to let arguments roll off your back because Mercury and Pluto tend to bring out people's direct and opinionated sides.

My best advice is to put off hashing things out until you are calm and vice versa. Additionally, this transit tends to bring something to light, so it will uncover any obscure issues or information that’s been withheld.

I advise channeling this Plutonic energy wisely by looking into better coping mechanisms, learning complex subjects, or engaging in activities that help you focus on something positive.

10/27 Jupiter Retrogrades Back Into Pisces: Guess What?! It’s Gonna Be May!

Jupiter will be back in Pisces on that day bringing in themes from May 1st to 10th.

Think back to what kind of Piscean themes were occurring in your life around that time

As far as Regressive Cycles go, this planet has the calmest energy and lessons compared to the majority of Retrogrades.

It does, however, have some aspects that can be bothersome. As the planet of expansion, Jupiter can inflate some circumstances.

We tend to assess our ability to take advantage of opportunities, our philosophies, education to make things easier, and how we can start a new quest in our lives. When Jupiter is retrograde, we often find ourselves looking for information, knowledge, or an understanding of other viewpoints. We evaluate our behavior to see if we act justly to ourselves and others and seek to correct wrongs.

This allows us to look at all the possibilities in front of us so we can take more risks because we’re ready for progress on all levels.

The Mutable Signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, would have felt this Regressive Period More than others. Therefore, for those with placements between 23 and 29 degrees of these signs, it could have been a period of growth for them.

Critical Dates For Jupiter Retrograde:

  • Headed into Pre-Shadow Retrograde 5/4/22
  • Started its Retrograde on 7/28/22
  • Goes out of Retrograde on 11/23/22
  • Leaves its Post Shadow 2/14/23

10/28 Moon In Sagittarius: How To Be Careless

Friday gives us a Moon in Sagittarius, which could be fun for some nightlife antics.

However, this Moon will make complicated connections with Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. As a result, we could behave recklessly and have no regard for others.

Communication could become edgy with these connections due to Mars and Uranus creating rude plus shocking words resulting in feeling emotionally volatile. And with Neptune, we could have moments when we’re feeling more sensitive than usual, causing us to react without the facts.

Hopefully, the harmonious connection between this Moon and Saturn will give us moments to get back on solid ground.

Saturday gives us a day of intensity with one Sign change and two Transits that could result in feeling mixed up due to dishonesty.

10/29 Mercury Enters Scorpio: Thinking And Communicating Deeply

Mercury will transit into Scorpio on Saturday, causing us to communicate in a way that has more substance.

An ingress like this helps us gain some mental focus plus, this Alignment is excellent for a nice mind detox. Scorpio is a purifying sign, so combined with Mercury, it may be possible for you and others to have cathartic dialogues to let go of pent-up feelings and thoughts.

People tend to be more receptive and intently listen, while Mercury is in Scorpio since it provides a more focused tone. This energy allows you to participate in talks while being empathetic so that you may maintain space for others during the conversation.

The main thing we need to be aware of in this energy is becoming overly fixated, enviousness, and coming off so harsh our words become hurtful.

10/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Unrealistic Expectations In Your Love Life

Venus will connect in a complex Transit with Neptune causing us to examine if we are deluding ourselves in love life or career situations.

Venus's interaction with Neptune reveals to us any areas where we have been hiding from an unhealthy relationship. Because of this, even if you've been disregarding the indications that this situation isn't for you due to dishonest behavior, today may make it challenging for you to let it go.

So, try to set limits with others because this alignment tends to pronounce contact with opportunistic people. From a financial perspective, we could see where we had been spending our money carelessly.

Try to channel this transit properly through creativity because an alignment like this could make us feel out of balance if we are susceptible to energies.

10/29 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: Overexaggerating To Sound Smarter

Mercury, in this uncomfortable transit to Jupiter, could make communication difficult on Saturday.

Due to the nature of this transit, it tends to bring out the over-embellishing side in others, especially those who want to sound more intelligent than everyone else. This also inflates a person's need to correct others' mistakes to make themselves feel superior.

Know it all behavior could cause us to disregard vital information whenever Mercury and Jupiter form a complicated aspect because we believe we can do no wrong. Of course, this could lead to mishaps and errors if we aren’t careful.

But this does expose those who try to really sell it, resulting in embarrassment for them.

10/30 Mars Enters Retrograde In Gemini: Reviewing Where You Don’t Open Your Options Or Take Action

After being in its Pre-Shadow Phase since September 3rd, Mars turns Retrograde.

With Gemini, we could see issues with themes involving multitasking, our local environment, short-distance travel, comprehension of the details, information, speedy action, communication, flexibility, and thought processes.

This is a concept-helping Sign, so we produce abundant thoughts when it functions at its average level. With Gemini, we also deal with our relationships with immediate relatives, which could rev up conflict in domestic situations, especially with siblings.

Mars governs our motivation, temper, passion, and how we go after things and take risks. We might have communication issues due to this connection, which could be more argumentative than usual.

Because this could feel like an over-extended Mercury Retrograde with more edge, try to ensure you’re checking all the facts before jumping into anything, primarily contractual. This could also lead to expressing frustration that’s been bottled up.

We will need to be mindful not to spin our gears and take on more than we can handle because that could backfire with a Retrograde Mars combined with Gemini. This Sign is about dexterity, so connected with our red planet that deals with impulsivity and taking action, we could end up biting off more than we can chew, leading to frustration.

Signs that will experience this Retrograde more than others will be from the Mutable Mode Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 5 to 27 degrees of these placements.

Mars will go Direct on January 12th, then leave its Post Shadow RX on March 15th, 2023.

Vibes For The Week

We have a loaded week; however, the vibes are minimal compared.

Imagination, confusion, mental, and a smidge of psychic energy are on the low end of vibes. This could be a mixed-bagged week in terms of feeling social, so we could have moments when we need some privacy or a break from other people’s drama.

There's a moderate amount of family and friends, along with social energy plus solitude mixed in on the 24th. With this, others could come off as wishy-washy regarding social interaction. Also, we could have moments when we need space as well.

Mental energy will be at its highest from the 26th to the 27th. Our minds could finally feel focused and like we’re gaining clarity on complex issues.

Romantic energy will be moderate over the weekend, with a smidge of mental energy. Even with some of the edgy transits Saturday and Sunday, we could find ourselves escaping with romance and adventurous dates.

Transits For The Week

October doesn’t want to end quietly, so this last full week will be anything but boring.

Transits For October 24th to 30th:

  • 10/24 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Working On Your Coping Mechanisms
  • 10/25 Mercury Quincunx Neptune: Misunderstanding What Someone Meant
  • 10/26 Mercury Trine Mars: How To Rethink Your Plans Part 1
  • 10/27 Mercury Square Pluto: Conversations That Take A Serious Tone
  • 10/27 Jupiter Retrogrades Back Into Pisces: Guess What?! It’s Gonna Be May!
  • 10/29 Mercury Enters Scorpio: Thinking And Communicating Deeply
  • 10/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune: Unrealistic Expectations In Your Love Life
  • 10/29 Mercury Quincunx Jupiter: Overexaggerating To Sound Smarter
  • 10/30 Mars Enters Retrograde In Gemini: Reviewing Where You Don’t Open Your Options Or Take Action

Use this week to empower yourself and review situations for the upcoming Mars Retrograde that need resolution.

Have a wonderful week!

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