The Partial Solar Eclipse In Scorpio Forecast October 25th, 2022

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We will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which might help us shed light on what stifling situations need to be cleared out to remove blockages from your life.
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We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees of Scorpio on October 25th at 3:48 AM PST, which would be 6:48 AM Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation is happening in your location.

Welcome to the second half of the 2022 Eclipse Season!

In the Spring, we had a Solar Eclipse in Taurus and the Lunar in Scorpio.

But now that we’re in Scorpio Season, we’re getting a New Moon Eclipse for this Sign, then around November 8th, a Full Moon eclipse in the Sign of the Bull.

Also, this eclipse won't reach totality since it’s a partial one. This is because the Moon is in a weaker area of the Earth’s shadow; as a result, just a part of the Moon will be entirely obscured by the Umbra.

Parts of the world where this event will be visible will be over the north Atlantic, Europe, the Eastern portion of Greenland, Northern parts of Africa, the Middle East, and West Asia.

For those of us in the Americas, this event won’t be visible in our region.

The Chart Rulers for this Moon are Mars and Pluto. With Pluto being the slower planet, it is receiving the Transits and happens to be connecting with the ancient Ruler, Mars, in an Aspect that's complicated.

Five days from this eclipse, Mars will go Retrograde, which could cause issues with initiating what you want to start because this celestial body governs taking action and motivating us. Also, this planet is currently in Gemini, where we might have issues with miscommunication during this eclipse because the Sign of the Twins governs our verbal exchanges.

With Mars in Retrograde, we will have a bunch of these eclipse themes with us for longer than usual.

Mars is making most of the connections in Transit to Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes, which could bring a sense of edginess. Contacts to the Modern Ruler, Pluto, could create more agitation in our temperament, so try to communicate with others when you’re calm and find healthy ways to blow off steam.

This planet is also connected with the eclipse points called the Lunar Nodes, which could create mishaps, so go slow and try not to rush into decisions. The alignments Mars is making with Jupiter and Neptune could rev up the urge to act on impulse or without the facts, so try to catch yourself if you’re feeling keyed up and impulsive.

But Mars is in a harmonious alignment with Saturn, which could be the stick of gum holding this wobbly foundation together.

Saturn and Mars in this Transit could give us the extra push to do the right thing, take responsibility for our actions, and be the extra encouragement needed to stay out of the drama.

Both luminaries are in mixed bag alignments. The Sun and Moon will connect with Jupiter in a Quincunx and a Square with Pluto. With these configurations, our emotions could be all over the place, causing us to feel good one moment, irritated the next, then gloomy. Try to find the best ways to ground yourself because this mix of energies gives us a feeling of turbulence.

A Scorpio Stellium with the Moon and Sun will be connected to Venus and the Lunar Nodes.

At least we have this to soften some of the more intricate energies so we can find some sweet spots during this lunar event. Take this time to nurture yourself and do some pleasant things to take the edge off because this portion of the transits promotes doing what makes you feel relieved and happy.

The Fixed Signs will experience this lunar event stronger than others. Therefore, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 00 and 8 degrees of these placements will be more affected than others.

Vibes of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
Transits GraphSirius Software

On the day of this Moon, we have social, family, and friends, along with mental energy on the graph.

Even with this mingling energy on the chart, this doesn't feel like the most social of lunations, so it could be about communicating with others on a minimal level. This is due to all the turbulent energy going on during this eclipse.

Mental energy is the strongest on the chart peaking on the 26th. With how this lunar event is going, we could be very reflective, causing us to look for ways to transform our situation, so we’re not going through the same rollercoaster any longer.

Naturally, with this Solar Eclipse, the mental vibes intersect with solitude on the 28th. Around that point, we could need some time to step away and research ways to cope with our stress, plus recharge our mental and emotional batteries because we’re feeling depleted.

What Are Solar Eclipses

Although many celestial planets experience eclipses, from a geocentric perspective, this happens when our luminaries, "The Sun + Moon," are obscured, causing a change in illumination. This occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's Shadow, which blocks off the light, known as the Umbra.

Solar eclipses signal the start of cycles since they occur during New Moons. During this type of eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obstructing the Sun's rays and dimming their light.

Eclipses are comparable to upgrades of software or operating systems. When you install new software or receive a message about an update, your computer restarts, modifying the script presently running on the device; as a result, consider this a moment when the refresh button is pressed to remove any kinks in your life.

Because this is considered a highly potent New Moon, something in your life is consequently given a fresh start, highlighted, and switched on. And because this is a solar eclipse, it deals with masculine energy, so something in that area could be illuminated with male figures in our lives.

These extraordinary Moon events are more likely to impact us if one of our planets or astrological angles is aligned with the eclipse. Even if you are not personally affected, others around you or on a broader scale might still experience the effects.

Something important to remember, I know that some like to journal, manifest, do spiritual baths, or energy work during lunar events; however, this is not the time for it.

Eclipses are unpredictable energy and change the light of the luminaries, so it’s ill-advised to do those kinds of activities because they can backfire. Therefore, if possible, please hold off on energy-related rituals until eclipse season is over!

Eclipse Occurrences In Scorpio
Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ChartSirius Software

Scorpio is all about connecting with the parts of yourself that need empowerment and transformation but that you are hesitant to look at because it’s too complex.

The themes of purification and transition characterize Scorpio's energy. This signs feature might be helpful when we need to change our lives; as a result, we can recognize the parts of our repression that need to be healed, thanks to the power of Scorpio.

With this Sign, we may critically evaluate and analyze our psychological makeup so we can release old baggage. This energy inspires us to consider our actions and make changes to better our lives. We go within to cleanse our souls of impurities and make the strenuous effort necessary to grow. ⠀

Because this is a solar eclipse, it can usher in changes that could happen within the next 6 to 18 months.

By the time we get to the Full Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, 2023, some of the effects of this lunation will be more apparent.

Because Solar Eclipses are about abrupt shifts ushering in something new, there may be an update regarding Scorpio themes in our own lives or on a societal basis.

Here are some occurrences that could clear out and add something new from this eclipse:

  • Healing the situations you’ve repressed
  • Truthfulness will be huge, so you will find out what you need without having to deal with sugarcoated answers.
  • Feeling more introspective than talkative and realizing you need more time to sort out your thoughts.
  • Purging out what no longer serves you and giving your life a much-needed detox⁠.
  • Understanding the importance of staying in touch with your emotions
  • Seeing why it’s essential to speak a truth that nobody is ready to hear⁠.
  • An eclipse in this Sign could bring to our attention things that were hidden.
  • This could bring you back to a spiritual practice you left behind.
  • Or open you up to the idea of connecting with your more enlightened side.
  • This could be a period of getting rid of debt due to Scorpios's association with banks.
  • You could become laser-focused on the things you are passionate about⁠.
  • This could prompt you to work on unhealthy fixation.
  • Feeling compelled to focus on your goals.
  • Finally, pushing through a challenging situation.
  • Taking a moment to internalize and then take action.
  • Feeling pushed to start an empowerment journey.
  • Purging out what isn't healthy on all levels of life.
  • Finding a way to transform your circumstances, situations, and yourself.
  • Regenerating yourself on all levels.
  • Scorpio is intense energy, but there are times when we must look at harsh truths to repair our lives.
  • This Eclipse will purify your soul and purge out what’s toxic so you can only attract high vibes.
  • It can be a moment when your intuition becomes unblocked
  • With this kind of energy, you could clear up mental blocks that derail you.
  • At this point, you could be ready to do shadow work to heal past trauma.
  • Get the urge to work on jealousy that wreaked havoc on relationships.
  • Feel compelled to do deep research about something you’re trying to solve.
  • Or examine things passed down like inheritances that could be monetary, genetic, and other things that move through the generations of your family.
  • Your approach could become more cautious rather than diving into situations.
  • Realizing you need more in-depth interactions with people of substance⁠.
  • See the importance of being in romantic situations that offer real commitment.

Hopefully, this solar eclipse helps open up new doors for you, leading to transformative times in your life.

Have an incredible eclipse.

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