The Sun Goes Into Scorpio On October 23rd, 2022

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For the next 4 weeks, the Sun will be in Scorpio, helping us to concentrate on the adjustments we need to make to enhance our lives.
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“It’s okay to embrace our intense side at some point.”

As we transition out of Libra's harmonious vibe, our energy shifts into a take life more serious tone.

Welcome to Scorpio Season 2022!

And happy birthday to all the Scorpios; it’s your turn to be magnetic!!

A few hours earlier, Venus entered this region of the Zodiac, and now the Sun has caught up to illuminate Scorpionic energy fully.

The Sun in Scorpio increases our ego's sensitivity and sharpens our attention on what's important. In this energy, our persona becomes more intense. When we transit Scorpio, our interest becomes less superficial, and we crave profoundness. We obtain this urge to have truthfulness and have more realness in our life.

Scorpio enables us to see beyond the surface to handle complex issues.

We're less impressed by those who flex material things, attention-seeking behavior, and a person's appearance. We become more interested in people with layers or just situations with depth. The genuine sides of individuals, good, bad, or indifferent, become refreshing because at least it’s truthful.

Once Mercury transits into Scorpio next week, there will be a stellium in this sign, further ramping up the need for depth and expelling the things that prevent us from moving forward.

In other words, this could be a time to purge out what's no longer necessary and to do a much-needed detox. So, if there's been anything in your life causing disruption or bs, this could be a period where you're shedding toxicity to make way for something better. This would be an excellent time for a deep cleanse because Scorpio energy is purifying, and it's a time to eliminate harmful foods from your diet.

Sometimes, this need to move away from situations could be a meaningless relationship, especially with Venus being in Scorpio. This could also be letting go of things that don’t help our confidence or prevent us from being ourselves. Or transforming a superficial attitude so you can have a life with more substance.

In Scorpio, we also look for protectiveness for our ego rather than things that can damage it. This is done by ensuring we’re aware of the people and other things around us that are disempowering.

The need to be more cautious is amped up during Scorpionic times, so we could feel more reserved than typical. Hence, this could be a period of not rushing into things and being more guarded in your everyday life approach within this energy. Being leery isn't bad; it’s just something we need to maintain balance with because this is a neutral expression of this sign.

One of the reasons Scorpio seasons can seem so abrupt is we switch from Libra’s friendly approach to a more trepidatious way of socializing.

Socially, Scorpio's energy is more withdrawn. This does not imply that you won't go out or interact with others, but you'll be comfortable in your own company or with a select few people. Therefore, we might crave more meaningful exchanges rather than mindless chatter because the emphasis goes on making real connections with others.

Our need for substance in our interactions becomes potent, so this will be about not just hanging out to pass time. Because this energy causes us to see the truth, we could feel like our social life needs a revamp.

This will give us more of a desire to develop relationships with others who share our interests. Also, this helps us weed out individuals who would likely be just good-time friends so we can connect with those who will be ones of virtue.

Another reason we feel the urge to retreat a bit is due to the increased psychic energy during the Sun’s transit through Scorpio.

As a result, when someone uses their intuition to perceive signals deeply, they need to recharge. When feeling empathic, it can be challenging to be around many people because the vibes might feel uncomfortable, resulting in the need to retreat from interaction.

Some people don't like the ominous vibe that Scorpio Season creates, but I find it to be quite enjoyable.

Holidays like Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, "Day of the Dead," revere the spirit realm during the Sun's transit through Scorpio. The line between the world of the living and what’s in the void becomes thin during this period. Therefore, this energy opens us up to the mysterious and unknowable aspects of existence.

A need for deeper analysis rather than a surface-level one of things becomes more pronounced during this time. We gain more of a propensity to learn about metaphysical, occult, and astrological subjects while in Scorpio. Therefore, now is a great moment to delve into these topics because our ability to focus on complex matters becomes more assessable.
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Scorpio season is a time for transformation because this energy is concentrated in cycles of regeneration. To go on to the next level, we undergo a metamorphosis and shed off what is no longer helpful. This could be a time when we feel pushed to deal with our coping skills and unburden what has been repressed so that we can heal from past trauma.

We’re more open to working through our psychological nature during these times.

With this energy, we are inspired to reflect on our lives and make the necessary adjustments to improve as people. We turn within to purge out what is harmful so that we can cleanse our souls and put in the hard effort required for transformation. Then, as we draw nearer to the Sun's entry into Sagittarius, it will be time to emerge, celebrate the diligent work we did in the shadows, and resume social interactions.

Unavoidably, there is a lower vibration whenever a sign changes.

Currently, Mars, the ancient ruler and the depositor for this Sign, will go Retrograde in Gemini, and we have a Solar eclipse in Scorpio. This could further amplify some of these harsher qualities of this Ingress.

Since this is a sign of intense emotions, it's possible for things to be misunderstood, which could lead to emotional reactions. Jealousy, vindictiveness, and obsession are a few potential difficulties that might surface.

We must be mindful of being overly controlling within this energy because sometimes the ego gets fed by restraining others and dominating everything.

Fixation becomes more pronounced due to this sign's focused vibes, which is excellent for hard work that needs our attention but not good when we are obsessing. We can find ourselves in the thralls of a preoccupation with something, and the next thing you know, something simple becomes an unhealthy focal point.

Continuing with obsession, this doesn’t have to be a person. It could be a new passion that you're completely fixated on or some deep research where you've gone down some crazy rabbit hole, and you're not pulling yourself out of it. Just something to be aware of when it comes down to this energy.

Additionally, uncomfortable memories might become dredged up due to Scorpio’s ability to bring repressed things to the surface. Water signs tend to hold past events in our subconscious and unconscious, so during their seasons we tend to reflect on nostalgic things and other times stuck emotions we suppressed.

Even if all of these situations sound complex Scorpio Season can be a period of deepening your understanding of yourself and others.

Use this period to empower yourself and clear out things that prevent personal growth.

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