Venus Goes Into Scorpio October 23rd, 2022

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With Venus entering Scorpio, we will feel a strong urge to transform our love and financial life to ensure stability.
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“Occasionally, we must examine our relationships to ensure we’re getting the same energy as we’re pouring into these unions!

As we leave Venus's charming, beauty-loving vibes in Libra, we move into more intense energy and about going deep beneath the surface in relationships and financial situations.

Transiting Venus in Scorpio helps us take our situations more seriously, especially regarding anything Venusian in our lives. So, this could transfer into our romantic life, career, finances, and how we enjoy ourselves.

There are varying tones to each celestial body when combined with a Zodiac Sign, which is why Astrology uses a system called Essential Dignities to show which Signs work or struggle in which planets. When Venus is in Scorpio during this alignment, it enters a phase known as Detriment.

And for this reason, Venus tends to have a more challenging time in Scorpio.

Due to the fun times and good vibes nature of Venus, it can have more of a challenge when redirected in the Scorpionic need to take things seriously. Venus wants to let its hair down, enjoy itself, have fun, feel good, eat chocolate, buy the best clothes, go shopping, and throw caution to the wind completely.

Also, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the opposite of Scorpio, which is another factor in why this combination can be challenging. In Taurus, it prefers tranquility and is willing to let things roll off its back to live a softer life.

But Scorpios says absolutely not; we need to focus our attention on what could be problematic with our relationships and money. So instead of ignoring unhealthy situations, we get to the bottom of things regardless if it's at the expense of harmony.

However, this doesn’t mean we won’t have some sweet spots in this energy; we will just feel redirected to take a moment to focus on what will bring us security.

Venus transiting Scorpio gives us the perfect excuse to delve into areas of our career and love life that are ordinarily avoided. We become more in tune with our emotions and intuitions, resulting in seeing something we could have missed while wearing our rose-colored glasses.

Having the assistance of this sign’s keen perception is beneficial, even if it’s frightening to see the raw truth about love and money. As a result, we will take our time with specific scenarios and quietly observe before we open ourselves up to the possibilities.

Regarding love life situations, this could be a period of examining our options and looking for connections that have long-haul potential. Our minds could be on devotion rather than a meaningless fling.

Interestingly this can also bring in more apprehension about other people because trust becomes low in Scorpio. Therefore, we might approach romantic situations with more caution, which is essential because rushing in isn’t always a good idea. However, the trepidatious nature of this energy also needs to be balanced: otherwise, we could hold ourselves back to the point of being closed off.

Romantically, the ready-for-something-serious types might become more pronounced. If you're single, this could bring to the forefront of your romantic life more of a karmic tone to them. With energy like this, there could be a sense of a soulmate vibe or spiritual connection.

Also, Scorpio energy brings in an entrancing vibe regarding romantic situations, so this could be when you’re attracting attention in a very magnetic way.

In dating, this could be about taking a serious step, such as finally being intimate with someone. Scorpio governs that serious step we take with another person about bedroom things, so if you’re seeing someone, this could be when things finally happen.

Scorpio is an energy about profoundly connecting and melding with your partner.

For those in a relationship, this could rev up intimacy in a more intense and more connective way. Going deeper into this energy can help you feel more devoted to your partner and the need for emotional connection.

Socially, this is not one of those energies about having a massive entourage around us. Therefore, this could be when you feel more comfortable with a select few people around you. The need to keep your inner circle small will feel more enunciated during this time.
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It’s not to say we won’t socialize, but we could feel more selective about how we spend our leisure time. This kind of Venus combination enjoys things that might seem intense to most. In other words, we could find ourselves wanting more in-depth adventures.

In this energy, we could be more open to a fun night at an escape room, a haunted tour, and even visiting places with a more gloomy feel. Also, we become more interested in researching deep topics, enjoying a true crime podcasts, horror movies, documentaries, or suspense films for funsies.

Our spending and indulging might seem to shift.

We could be looking at ways to treat ourselves still but make sure we aren’t going overboard. This could also help us figure out a plan to transform our spending habits out of fear of not having security.

Venus is connected to money, and combined with Scorpio; we feel the need to keep things under control with our finances.

Career-wise we’ll have more of an urge to transform our work situation. This could be a period of taking your goals more seriously because you want to build something that will bring you the lucrative security you crave. Also, this could be about refocusing on a healthy way to make money and breaking patterns that have held you back.

But really, it's going to be all about finding something we can seriously commit ourselves to on all levels, goal-wise.

Obviously, there's a lower vibration with any planet in a Sign regardless of if it works well or not in a particular configuration.

Power struggles in relationships could become more inflated than typical, especially if there's a need to dominate one another.

Because this is the kind of energy that looks for what could be a problem, we could feel more suspicious than typical. The distrustful nature of Scorpio transfers into our relationships and financial situations resulting in accusations and the need to gain control of the problem.

With this combination, an easygoing situation could turn into a fixation. In other words, Venus, in this Sign, transforms the fun casualness of having a fling or crush into a scenario where you bond too closely with someone who’s only meant to be temporary.

On the flip side, this can pronounce the concern of committing yourself to anyone out of fear of losing control of your emotions. This could turn into closing yourself off to the point of romantic isolation if it's not balanced.

So, yes, things become more intense energetically under this influence but take advantage of this opportunity to understand what areas of your personal and financial world need transformation.

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