This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For October 3rd to 9th, 2022

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In this week's astrology, Saturn and Uranus will complete a rare four-part alignment that will encourage us to focus on aspects of our life that are currently inactive. Pluto will end its retrograde motion, which could shed light on how much change has occurred in our lives. And there will be a Hunter's Moon in Aries, allowing us to recognize why it's vital to advocate for ourselves.
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We have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, part 4 of a rare alignment between Saturn and Uranus concludes, giving us a better solution to what seems stagnant. After almost 6 months, Pluto goes out of Retrograde, showing us where we’ve worked on transformation in our lives. The Full Hunters Moon in Aries will happen over the weekend and could show us the importance of standing up for ourselves. The Moon will make up a majority of the Transits this week, allowing us to work on emotional security. And we will have an equal amount of Sun and Mercury Transits, which could help us work on self-expression plus how we communicate.

10/3 Moon in Capricorn: Pushing Past Frustration To Obtain Our Objectives

Monday, the Moon will be in Capricorn, which could cause us to persevere through obstacles to get to the top.

There are a few complex alignments connecting with this Moon. Mars, Chiron, and Pluto will be in complicated Transits causing us to feel edgy, so we must be mindful of our tempers and the need to control others.

At least the Moon will make harmonious Transits with Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and the Lunar Nodes. This could help us feel motivated to create a game plan and make the necessary changes we need so we can go after some of our whims. Even if it doesn't happen on that day, we will have a solid plan that can be executed once we’re ready.

10/4 Saturn Square Uranus: A Build Up Of Tensions Part 4

On Tuesday, the fourth and final Square between Saturn and Uranus takes place, prompting us to consider where tension is growing in our lives.

Saturn and Uranus made 3 contacts in February, June, and December of 2021. As both planets went out of Retrograde, they were at full speed, which is why they moved away from the Square. Now that both celestial bodies are back in their regressive phases, this alignment will resume for one final round.

There might be some tension between trying to maintain the status quo and making the necessary changes to thrive in your present situation.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while you can carry some of your past experiences with you on your path, it's equally necessary to move on in life by continuing to develop personally. Therefore, find the most effective strategy to incorporate these things to reduce stress. Take advantage of this chance to let go of any tension that may have built up due to your failure to alter certain circumstances in your life.

10/5 Moon in Aquarius: How To Emotionally Detach Yourself To See Things More Objectively

Interestingly, the Moon has left Capricorn on the 4th and is now in Aquarius.

Saturn is the ruler and ancient governing planet for Aquarius, while Uranus is the modern ruler for the Sign of the Water Bearer. As all of this is going on, our emotions could feel more tense than typical with the ruler of the Aquarius moon in a tight connection to both its natural pairings.

This Aquarius Moon will Conjunct Saturn and Square Uranus plus the Lunar Nodes, causing us to experience a sudden shift in emotions. We could feel jittery one moment and then disconnected from our feelings the next.

Because of this, we could have moments where we must face unhealthy patterns that need to be cleared up. One of the more favorable things about this is we could have a sudden emotional breakthrough because we are more detached than typical, resulting in being able to see things more objectively.

10/6 Moon in Pisces: Trying To Make Sense Of Unclear Emotions

Thursday brings in a Pisces Moon, which will dredge up some relationship situations as it aligns with Venus and the asteroid Juno.

By night our emotions could feel off due to feeling foggy about a situation in a relationship where things have been deceptive. This could be a night of trying to make sense of behavior that doesn’t align with what someone is saying.

10/7 Mercury Trine Pluto: Deep Communication That’s Refreshing

Mercury and Pluto will connect on Friday in a Transit that occurred 6 weeks ago. Because we are still in the Mercury Retrogrades Post Shadow period, this configuration could bring up themes from August 22nd and September 27th.

Luckily, this is a harmonious connection.

This one is beneficial in taking care of things we’ve ignored. In other words, this is excellent for getting on top of tasks you didn’t complete. We also feel more compelled to work on clearing our minds of unhealthy things, working on coping mechanisms, and understanding the importance of not repressing what we have to say.

An alignment like this is excellent for having good communication with others.

With Mercury and Pluto in this Transit, we are more open to deep conversations, have the urge to connect with others on a soul level, and are less inclined to talk over people. And this is excellent for uncovering things which could be researching, understanding truth, and discovering aspects of life that are deep but cool.

10/7 Sun Oppose Chiron: Becoming Comfortable With Your Uniqueness

The Sun will make a Transit to Chiron on this day; try to stay grounded because this Aspect can cause confidence to fluctuate.

A Sun-Chiron Opposition marks the halfway point of this celestial body’s Retrograde. So, this is the cycle's peak which could bring in some intense feelings.

Also, this means the Inverse Cycle for Chiron is 50% complete, so that’s a good thing.

One of the beautiful things about this is it gets us to take action regarding disappointment so we can heal, and it also gives us the push we need to start the process of adopting a healthy ego. This could also point us in the right direction to focus on where we shine rather than where we don’t get the appreciation we deserve.

These Sun-Chiron Transits cause us to focus on our individuality, managing our ego, and overall, what makes us stand out from the crowd. So, research ways to boost your confidence and realize what makes you exceptional.

Another issue with the Sun that day is that it will be Quincunx to the North Node and Semisextile to the South Node of the Moon, causing us to feel directionless regarding our potential.

10/8 Pluto RX Direct: Emerging Like A Phoenix

On the 8th, Pluto will Station Out of Retrograde. Stationing is when a planet is still for a moment until it goes into Retrograde and as it goes out of its regressive stage.

Pluto went into its Inverse Cycle on April 29th, giving us a Retrograde of over 5 1/2 months. This is because of Pluto's distance from the Sun. The further away a celestial body from the Sun, the slower the orbit.

Planets in Retrograde slow down as they are about to go backward or forward; therefore, they are stationary. As this celestial body goes direct, it will give us more clarity on the things in our life that need to be transformed.

Since Pluto Retrogrades are for a longer duration, its impacts may feel more internalized, but eventually, the transformation you experience becomes external.

Even if you are not personally experiencing these energies, you may still see the shift in the world's frequency. With the help of this inverse cycle, we examine our lives to see what needs to change and how to develop better coping mechanisms.

Retrogrades affect the collective and us personally, particularly when it comes to the outer planets.

Therefore, if you’re being aspected by this regressive period, you would have felt its effects, while others might have observed more of a shift with the people they know or on a societal level.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn sign placements, which fall between 24 and 29 degrees of these signs, would have been Aspected by this Retrograde, thus experiencing its effects more than others.

This celestial body will leave Post-Shadow RX on January 29th, 2023.

10/8 Mercury Greatest Western Elongation

On the 8th, Mercury's Greatest Western Elongation occurs as the planet is the furthest away from the Sun in its orbit.

This portion of Mercury’s angular separation from the Sun becomes visible in the early morning hours right before Sunrise. Soon Mercury will close out the Retrograde Cycle in the next 8 days while it’s moving through this angular separation.

10/9 Full Moon in Aries: The Importance of Standing Up For Yourself

Over the weekend, we will have a Full Hunters Moon in Aries, which could show us why we need to assert ourselves healthily.

Full Moons are cycles of completion where we review the past 6 months of what we built in a particular Sign. During these lunar events, we look at what became solid, the things that still need to be refined, and what we need to move forward from in our lives.

In this Sign, we understand the importance of bravery and why being passive has put us in an unfavorable position. For this reason, we could find ourselves having the courage to assert ourselves healthily or stand up for those who need support.

Aries is self-assured; thus, this quality may help us get out of a rut and pursue the things we've been reluctant to try.

As a result, you can have a burst of motivation to put yourself out there, whatever that may entail. Or perhaps you needed a little additional encouragement to come back into the dating scene after a long absence.

The sign of Aries is about our independence and ability to strike out on our own. With this, we might feel more confident in doing tasks that we otherwise would need the help of friends, family, or a significant other to complete.

Signs feeling this Full Moon the most will be the Cardinal Mode Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 14 to 24 degrees of these placements.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes for the next 7 days are moderate compared to what we’ve seen over the last 3 weeks.

Imagination and confusion will be high on the 3rd and mixed with mental plus psychic vibes. This could cause us to be in our heads, intuitive the next but still unclear about how to take action in critical moments. Wait until you’re clear-minded before reacting or making decisions because they might not go as you hoped.

By the 5th, mental and romantic energy will be high and last until the 7th.

This could be a flirty few days filled with charming exchanges and deep conversations. Also, we could feel more clear-minded than we have lately, allowing us to act on things more appropriately.

From the 7th to the 9th, social, romantic, and psychic energy is present, which could make for a fun weekend. We could feel like we’re returning to normal and have an urge just to let loose.

Transits For The Week

Even though the start of this week feels edgy, we still have a bunch of days with promising energies.

This Week’s Transits October 3rd to 9th:

  • 10/3 Moon in Capricorn: Pushing Past Frustration To Obtain Our Objectives
  • 10/4 Saturn Square Uranus: A Build Up Of Tensions Part 4
  • 10/5 Moon in Aquarius: How To Emotionally Detach Yourself To See Things More Objectively
  • 10/6 Moon in Pisces: Trying To Make Sense Of Unclear Emotions
  • 10/7 Mercury Trine Pluto: Deep Communication That’s Refreshing
  • 10/7 Sun Oppose Chiron: Becoming Comfortable With Your Uniqueness
  • 10/8 Pluto RX Direct: Emerging Like A Phoenix
  • 10/8 Mercury Greatest Western Elongation
  • 10/9 Full Moon in Aries: The Importance Of Standing Up For Yourself

Use this week to clear out the things that leave you stagnant and work on healthy assertion.

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