Venus Will Go Into Libra On September 29th, 2022

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On September 29, Venus enters Libra, emphasizing the value of interpersonal relationships and the need for balance in both our romantic and financial lives.
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It feels great to return home after traveling to all 12 Zodiac Signs!

As we leave the careful method of Virgo, we slide into a more open-minded approach of Libra.

Venus rules the vivacious Sign of Libra, so we get this celestial body operating with no restrictions. Therefore, this planet is in a place where it shines rather than having a more difficult time as it did in Virgo, which offers us a more open expression, bringing in a need for harmony in our relationships.

We enjoy pleasantries and elegance in Libra and feel more receptive to romance plus beauty. Therefore, now can be the time to focus on creating balance in our romantic relationships. This Sign makes our need to find the ideal match and the correct connections more pronounced.

Transiting through its own sign of Libra, Venus helps us learn the art of compromise.

With this energy, we have more of an urge to relate to others and create healthy concessions. We become more interested in keeping the peace rather than looking to win every conversation or dispute. And honestly, the way some of the Transits have been, we can use some easy-going and carefree Libra energy right now.

One of the other reasons we’re at ease in Libra is we feel less guilty about feel-good things or relaxing. While Venus was in Virgo, it might have felt hard not to feel shame for eating the wrong items or not getting work done, but while this planet is connected with its natural pairing, all of those uneasy feelings wash away.

One-on-one relationships become our focus. Libra has its association with romantic relationships; however, this Sign represents our close unions with others along with networking partners. This is because Libra deals with collaborating with others, so partnerships come to the forefront in this energy.

Romantically, our need for connection becomes more revved up. The summer is over, so some people feel the need to couple up during this time of year, which brings in something called cuffing season. This is a time of year when some are ready to leave behind their summer antics and singlehood in favor of connection.

Both Libra and Scorpio interestingly occur around this time of year. In other words, both Signs are about connection. In Libra, we seek to meet our other half; during Scorpio, we get the urge to take our commitments seriously.

Romantic encounters for singles could feel more revved up with those looking for something more than just a hookup. I’m not saying you won't meet the non-committals; however, what generally stands are those who want to date rather than just a one-time-only moment.

Libra brings out the side of us that wants to feel swept away by romance. Therefore, the chances of a dating situation that becomes a whirlwind then into a relationship are high.

Flirtation is more revved up with new individuals or with a person of interest. So, this could be a period when you’re noticing more effort from someone where there’s chemistry. Or it could feel like new people are being more charming than typical towards you.

In a committed relationship, romance tends to increase under this influence. Venus in Libra’s energy is fantastic for improving your situation and could increase intimacy. The urge to engage in more sentimental activities with a significant other will be stronger than usual.

Suppose you've wanted to rev up your date night, in a relationship, or a dating situation. In that case, this is lovely energy for that because it really because it promotes creative and dreamy dating adventures.

Whatever your situation, this could be when you seek fulfillment in all of your relationships, including platonic ones.

Connecting with others is more accessible under this influence because Venus in Libra expresses our need to exchange with people.

Close platonic unions come to the forefront in this energy. We get the urge to make more plans with those in our social circle. Having people over our houses and throwing a get-together might feel more pronounced now. So, we could look for an excuse to throw a dinner party or soiree.
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Venus in Libra also brings a good appreciation of beauty and refinement. Thanks to the sophisticated nature of Libra, we can appreciate cultural endeavors like concerts, art galleries, and restaurants with different menus.

Art goes hand in hand with Libra because this Sign is about balance and aesthetics.

The things we could enjoy more than typical are spending time at an art gallery absorbing the beauty. There could be a sudden urge to go to the theater or a live show venue/concert. Because we’re dealing with Venus in Libra, this could be some of the date night adventures you’re planning. Or, if it’s not romance, this could be a time to do something with your friends that’s classy-ish.

Because this is Venus which deals with our self-esteem, this could be a time to boost your confidence through beauty.

Venus is how we adorn ourselves, so this could be a time of dressing in a way that makes us feel beautiful. With the Libra expression of Venus, we become interested in harmonizing our looks, so the urge to find the right aesthetic for ourselves will be more pronounced than usual.

We might have the urge to fill up our shopping carts with cosmetics and products that give us a radiant glow or get our hair or nails done. Symmetry will be essential, so this could be about getting a look that enhances us while balancing our faces. Fashion-wise our urge for classic styles could be higher as well.

Libra is one of those Signs that has a classic look even if you’re not the traditional type; there is something sophisticated in this energy that’s contagious. So, this could be when you’re splurging on items that have a timeless style. In this energy, we generally spare no expense regarding looking good, which could be when we shop more than typical. With this need to spend, we could also find ourselves purchasing exquisite gifts for our loved ones.

Finance-wise we could seek equilibrium regarding our career.

In other words, we could prioritize our jobs if we aren't as concerned about the other stuff that comes with Libra. With this energy, our urge for fairness becomes higher, which could be a period of ensuring you’re getting that from your employment.

We also value teamwork in this energy, so collaborating with others and ensuring everyone does their part will be more pronounced. If the work environment doesn't have a healthy culture, this could be a period of seeking new opportunities with more income potential and harmony.

Of course, the vibration of any Sign Ingress always has a lower expression.

Our snobbier side might feel more enhanced, so be aware of coming off like you’re too good for people and other situations.

Because of Libras' need to weigh things out, we could have issues with indecision in our relationships and finances. So, there could be moments when we’re having difficulties deciding because we become stuck on whether something is fair or not or if it will make us happy.

Surface-level behavior tends to become more inflated in this energy. In other words, we need to be aware of only going for the superficial in our love lives or doing things because it looks good.

Shallowness in relationships and attraction become more pronounced within the Libra energy. This is because we focus on beauty, which is always lovely, but that could be the only thing that's the focus. So, it’s vital to notice If you are dating because of appearance over substance.

Because Libra wants to keep everything friendly and pleasant looking on the surface, we must be aware of not doing this in our dating life. This could result in situations where you try to be overly charming to win someone over, but others don't reciprocate, leading to disappointment. Another thing to be aware of is masking your personality to seem more appealing. We also need to look out for those who come off disingenuous to win us over.

In relationships, we need to ensure we aren't losing ourselves and becoming so intertwined that we have no identity of our own even though it’s nice to be melded with a partner, at times, it's necessary to reel ourselves in if we’ve fallen into co-dependent habits.

Keeping quiet solely to keep the peace is one of the main issues that could arise in this energy. Nobody wants to deal with conflict, but sometimes we must speak our truths and stand up for ourselves.

Passive-aggressive actions in this energy are a result of people-pleasing behavior. The problem with this is it could lead to resentment in our relationships, so it’s vital to talk about what's bothering you. Scorekeeping could be an issue as well.

With finances, we could be more open to splurging on lavish things. Of course, it’s nice to treat yourself, but because of the surface level side of this Sign, we must be aware of spending beyond our means. We also must be mindful of spending for the wrong reasons. In other words, It's important not to purchase things to gain the approval of others or to be a showboater.

Aside from that, Venus in Libra is lovely, social, and enjoyable; let's make the most of it.

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