This Week’s Horoscope Forecast September 26th To Oct 2nd, 2022

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We have a jam-packed 7 days of Transits in this week's astrology that makes us feel more hyper than usual. Venus enters Libra, increasing the demand for harmony in our romantic and financial lives. When Mercury turns direct, we can make sense of the uncertainty from the previous month.
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We have an exhilarating and over-saturated week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the tone will be all about seeking excitement. Venus enters its Home Sign of Libra, which could show us where we need balance in our love lives and career. Mercury will Station out of Retrograde, causing us to feel like we’re getting to the bottom of things about situations at the end of August. An even distribution of Transits will come from Mercury and Mars, causing our focus on communication plus motivation levels to be in overdrive. Throughout this, Venus will make a bulk of the Transits causing us to focus on resolving situations with self-worth, love, and finances. And this week, we have a ton of overconfident energies along with problems that are subject to change with 4 planets connecting to Uranus.

Monday is a jammed-packed day filled with a myriad of planetary alignments that vary in temperament. The 26th is the most concentrated day for this week, causing it to feel more charged up than average.

We may feel antsier than usual because Mars and Uranus will be in a Semisquare.

Try to keep as grounded as you can today because our moods will feel like they are mainly fluctuating due to the other Transit.

The temptation to rush or want things now, now, now might cause irritation when things don't happen as quickly as we would like since we feel wired and need instant gratification. With this Transit, our tolerance for tardiness plummets to an all-time low, making it simple to become angry with those who move more slowly than you. Additionally, this could lead to relationship problems due to the need for excitement-seeking behavior.

To get things done, focus your nervous energy on resolving the issues you can control.

Due to this being an alignment connected with Mars Retrograde, we will experience these two more times. The next, Mars-Uranus connections will be December 8th, then Feb 18th, 2023.

Speaking of being reckless, the Sun will connect with Uranus in a manner that might cause us to look for a reaction in an unhealthy way.

Due to the Uranus connection, we may occasionally have moments of varying confidence energetically.

Most plans could change because of the disruptive nature of this connection. Due to this alignment with Uranus, you can also become irritable if you can't be yourself with people.

Continuing with the wafting levels of unjustified confidence, the Sun will Oppose Jupiter. An alignment like this might rev up those with overly inflated senses of self.

And Opposition is when the Earth is strictly between the Sun and an outer planet. Additionally, The only inner planet to go into Opposition is Mars, along with our natural satellite when we have a Full Moon.

On top of that, this will be Jupiter's closest approach to Earth in decades, so make sure you look up in the sky tonight. Jupiter hasn’t been this close in about 70 years due to this celestial body's elliptical orbit. This celestial body will be brighter than typical, so get out those cameras and binoculars for a spectacular light show.

Also, this is the halfway point of the Jupiter Retrograde Phase. The good thing is this Inverse Cycle is 50% complete. This is a karmic transit and surprisingly lucky. So, it brings some benefits; it just comes with caveats.

These stipulations are being watchful of greed because that could blow up in your face. Because of the arrogant vibes of this alignment, we could feel like we’ve got nothing to lose which could work out but can also come off cocky.

Unlike the last 3 Transits for Monday, there’s one with the Sun and Saturn that has a sobering tone occurring on that same day.

With this Sun-Saturn configuration, we could experience the consequences of out-of-line behavior and issues to do with overconfidence.

Saturn and the Sun will be in a Sesquiquadrate, which could amp up the feeling of demotivation. With this Transit, we could also experience frustration if things aren’t moving along as we thought, causing us to feel like letting go of stagnant things.

Even though most of the Transits on the 26th are rough around the edges, at least there’s one sweet spot.

Mercury will make an Aspect to Venus that gets us communicating more softly.

Hopefully, this connection with Mercury and Venus will mitigate what occurs on that day because this is great for taking the sting out of the air. This Transit could help us be more flexible and compromise with others.

The best part about this Transit is that talks usually turn out to be fun and easygoing. Also, it brings out the flirty side in us, so don't be shocked if someone you like slides into your direct messages. This alignment may also lead to surprising clarity, and people frequently find solutions to challenging financial and romantic issues.

Tuesday is a little less condensed concerning planetary energies and easier to manage regarding the kinds of Transits we will receive.

After some of the energies that occurred 24 hours ago, we could get the opportunity to work on being ourselves.

Mercury will connect with Pluto in a transformative alignment. It last occurred on Aug 22 and will hit again on October 6th.

Mercury in this Trine to Pluto is transformative, so if there were issues with our dialog and how we process situations, we could find helpful ways to fix these behaviors. Because this is a Retrograde Transit, this might be a moment when you go over things from the last 3 weeks.

After that last transit, it’s so lovely to get this one that turns those emotions of self-absorption into common sense and self-awareness. Communication with others improves, allowing you to get your words across in a way that makes people interested in what you have to say. This also helps with speaking the truth without drama.

More productive energies occur on that day with Mars in a harmonious connection with Saturn.

Even though this is a Retrograde Transit, it’s an easier one that gives us a boost if we feel stuck. Pay attention because one will return on November 28th, then around March 30th, 2023. The March configuration will be out of Sign and Retrograde. However, it will still bring back themes from the Regressive Cycle.

If you’re being affected by the Mars Retrograde, this alignment will be felt as a period to reconsider your goals. Look at the areas where you’re wasting precious energy on the wrong things. This could be a period of redirecting where you take action to put you on the right path, so you’re chasing the goals that align with your purpose. Also, this could be a time to ensure you’re committing to the right relationships because Mars deals with intimacy.

In a constructive alignment, Mars and Saturn help us take action on our goals in a way that builds a solid foundation that will lead to an upgrade in our lives. If something seemed like it’s taken forever, this could finally be a breakthrough moment.

Making progress on your goals or whatever you’ve wanted to make a reality tends to go smoothly with this Transit. We get the stamina to seize opportunities without too many interruptions, and the aims we chase turn into something stable under this configuration.

This Transit helps us put our eye on the prize, so things meant to better our lives don't get past us. We can understand complex issues easily, so our minds can handle technical situations like a pro if something is complicated.

Also, relationship-wise, this is excellent for committing yourself to a healthy union.

Wednesday brings in an outer planet to outer planet connection with Jupiter and Uranus in a complex Aspect that might bring out our wild side.

Jupiter will make its second configuration with Uranus this year. The first connection was in 2022, on May 11th.

Prior to that, this alignment hasn't occurred since May 7, 2012. Due to their sluggish motion, these planets' transits take longer to link than those of a personal planet, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.

Given the influence of Jupiter and Uranus, there may be periods when things are going well and when it would be prudent to avoid taking significant risks. As a result, if you want to try something risky, be careful because this alignment tends to be unpredictable.

Additionally, this kind of alignment might make for an exciting day because there will be a strong desire to do something exciting. Try not to believe every wordy narrative you hear on this Transit because people tend to exaggerate. Additionally, this might bring up others' sense of righteousness.

Thursday brings opportunities to balance how we relate to others, with Venus entering Libra.

We now receive this heavenly body in Libra, where it shines.

The lively spirit of Libra is gregarious, sophisticated, elegant, and appreciative of beauty and romance. So, when it comes to our romantic relationships, this may be a moment to establish balance in them.

Amorous exchanges pick up with this Sign Ingress which might promote the urge to enhance our love life circumstances and improve intimacy. And this brings in a stronger desire to do more sentimental activities with a significant other.

Saturday brings in complex energies regarding love, self-esteem, and confidence, with Venus connecting to Jupiter and Uranus.

Venus with Jupiter could put us in the mood to be over the top with romance and lavish things.

If you've been looking for an excuse to binge on your favorites, i.e., food, booze, Netflix, and gaming, this is the Transit for you. Venus and Jupiter in Opposition amps up our urge to go overboard on the things we like, so try to reel yourself in if you’re overdoing it. We also need to be mindful of spending more than we have in our bank accounts.

Scorekeeping in relationships tends to come out with this Transit due to resentment and pent-up jealousy. This could over-inflate the unhealthy situations in our love lives where we do too much, resulting in drama. Also, this enunciates an insatiable need for intimacy.

Our needy side could come out because we’re craving more attention than a person could give. Self-esteem and confidence issues could cause us to act out of character. Also, we could address a problematic issue with a partner who is disingenuous with their intentions by laying it on thick so they can reel us into their web.

Channel this energy into healthy outlets like art and other creative activities.

Venus will also be in an unpredictable aspect with Uranus that could emphasize the previous Transit regarding our love lives and finances.

The thrill of the chase emerges because this configuration tends to bring out our excitement-seeking side in romantic situations. For those who get bored quickly, this could be problematic because the need for newness could disrupt things if you’re currently in a relationship.

Fears of being tied down in a union could abruptly end the relationship. So, if you’re the type that gets anxious about commitment, this could be a day when those feelings get revved up. This Transit also revs up those always looking for a bigger, better deal because nobody meets their criteria for love.

In a restrictive situation, you could find yourself needing more freedom. Also, anxiousness could feel more pronounced about finances. On the other hand, this could pronounce the need to leave an unfulfilling or restrictive job.

Try to make sure you have a backup plan or proper exit strategy; otherwise, an abrupt decision will be regrettable later.

Sunday brings a confusing yet numbing tone with some of the Transits occurring on the 2nd.

An understanding of why a relationship or job situation has been dissatisfying could come up with Venus connecting with Saturn in a complicated Transit.

Look at the areas where you are shut down or overly detached in relationships.

A configuration like this helps us see things in romantic relationships and careers for what they are. This arrangement reveals the areas where our emotional and intimate needs are not addressed. The complicated aspect of this one aids in your realization that you are no longer interested in someone. These two events could both assist us in starting the process of ending an unhappy relationship.

Jobwise, this can highlight the areas of our current position where we aren't happy. We can therefore feel pressured to update our resumes and start the application process for a position that will be more rewarding for our professional path.

Mercury will Station out of Retrograde on that same day.

Because this portion of the Retrograde is Direct, we could take action to make sense of unclear situations that left us baffled. So, any themes that had to do with Virgo will finally see some conclusion.

Libra’s part of the Post-Shadow Period will arrive on October 11th. Again, since this is the other side of the Regressive Cycle, we will have more clarity and some resolution around Libra themes.

Mercury will move out of its Post Shadow Period on October 16th.

Signs that would have been affected by this Inverse Phase were the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00 to 10 degrees of these placements. And the Mutable Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, within 24 to 29 degrees of these orientations.

Just as Mercury is Stationing Direct, it will make its second connection to Neptune, which could cause us to go over things that didn't add up since August 21st.

The last Opposition was more exact; this one is off by 1 degree, but the effects are still potent. We could revisit situations that were left unclear, which led to miscommunication over the last month.

For those not feeling the effects of the Retrograde, this could be a period of needing to ground yourself because your mind feels scattered. This could be a day when you need to separate what’s real vs. fantasy.

Because Mercury is Station Direct, this Aspect will feel more potent than typical.

Knowing the difference between reality-based logic will help you make sense of things. During a Transit like this, it’s better to leave things alone for the moment and come back to them when you’re feeling clear-minded. Be aware of self-deceiving thoughts.

Communication-wise, getting through conversations could be challenging due to the haze during this Transit. We could get or give the wrong impression while speaking to someone leading to misunderstandings. However, there can be instances where we are dealing with someone playing mind games, so their intentions are deceptive.

Vibes For The Week
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This week's vibes are over-saturated, leading to our emotions going from highs to lows.

At the beginning of the week, we have a smidge of emotional sensitivity and romance intersecting with higher amounts of social and solitude energy. Because of the variety of Transits, there will be moments when we require social interaction, but it could feel edgy throughout these exchanges leading to moments of shutting others out.

Intersecting the above energies mentioned are ambition, good luck, and mental energy. Even though there are edgy alignments in the air, we will feel energized and motivated to take risks and go after opportunities that we usually wouldn’t due to overconfidence.

The good luck energy, ambition, social, and solitude will peak on the 26th and taper off on the 30th. When we get to the middle of the week, things get revved up again so we can feel off-kilter. Even though we’ll need some personal space, at least we will have enough energy to move mountains.

Social energy will be present with family and friends from the 28th through the 29th. This is a week of dealing with our personal relationships, so things could feel cranked up regarding interactions with our loved ones. Some of it fun, and other moments when things get tense.

From the 30th to October 2nd, the abundant tones continue with ambition, good luck, imagination, confusion, psychic vibes, social, family, and friends, along with solitude. All of this combined will make for an exciting weekend, sometimes for uncomfortable reasons and others that are fun.

Because of the complex energies mixed together with social, our interaction with others is inevitable regardless of feeling off, so try your best to ground your energy.

Also, set boundaries if you’re feeling pressured and practice spiritual hygiene because these complicated vibes pronounce pushiness from others and emotionally dumping of negative energy.

Transits This Week

Again, this week being a mixed bag of high-octane energy could cause us to feel like we’re bouncing off the walls. But at least we’re getting a variety of easy Transits instead of just complex ones.

Transits For September 26th to October 2nd:

  • 9/26 Mars Semisextile Uranus: Feeling Antsy Part 1
  • 9/26 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Doing Reckless Things To Get Attention
  • 9/26 Mercury Conjunct Venus: Having A Way With Words
  • 9/26 Sun Oppose Jupiter: Dealing With Unjustifiably Confident People
  • 9/26 Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Dealing With The Consequences Of An Unhealthy Ego
  • 9/27 Mercury Trine Pluto: How To Make Healthy Changes part 2
  • 9/27 Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Responsible Actions To Upgrade Your Life Pt 1
  • 9/28 Jupiter Semisquare Uranus: Fluctuations With Luck
  • 9/29 Venus in Libra: How To Create Harmony In Your Romantic Life And Career
  • 10/1 Venus Oppose Jupiter: How To Be Grandiose With Money And Love
  • 10/1 Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Unpredictability In Restrictive Relationships
  • 10/2 Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn: A Dissatisfying Relationship That Won’t Improve
  • 10/2 Mercury Goes Direct: Attempting To Make Sense Of Unclear Situations
  • 10/2 Mercury Oppose Neptune: Miscommunication And Unclear Thoughts part 2

Use this week to start gaining stability in your love life and finances.

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