The New Moon In Libra Forecast September 25th, 2022

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On September 25, there will be a new moon in the sign of Libra. Here's how we may use this balanced energy to bring harmony and fairness to our financial and personal lives.
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Hey guys, we have The New Moon at 2 degrees of Libra on September 25th at 2:54 PM PST, which would be 5:54 PM Eastern; check your local time to see when this Lunation occurs in your area.

We’re at the first New Moon of the Fall Season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Chart Ruler Venus is making difficult Transits with Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. With this complex energy, it’s crucial to be mindful of irresponsible behavior in romantic and financial situations.

Venus connected to Mars and Jupiter in challenging alignments brings out our arrogant and careless side, while Neptune makes things blurry along with pronouncing the need to escape reality. Therefore, you want to ensure you aren't being too abrasive with others or numbing yourself with unhealthy things to take the edge off.

However, it is connecting with Uranus and Pluto in pleasant alignments.

With these configurations, we could channel our energy into what steps we need to take to upgrade our circumstances. This could also help us uncover something out of our reach, so we can now piece things together.

The luminaries will make complicated connections with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Hopefully, Saturn mitigates some of this impulsive energy. During this lunar event, we could feel more reckless than typical so try to be mindful of taking the edge off through indulgence.

At least the Sun and Moon are making harmonious Transits with Mercury and Venus.

Even though Mercury is in Retrograde at the time of this New Moon, it will help us do some damage control for communication gone wrong. Also, these connections could be the motivation we need to start a new game plan for our personal goals, love life, and financial situation.

Signs that will experience this lunar event more than others will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00 to 8 degrees of these placements.

Vibes During The Libra New Moon
Transits Graphimage by author

With a lunar event like this, the vibes on the graph reflect the mixed energies.

The highest energy on the graph is good luck, which intersects romance, social, emotional sensitivity, ambition, mental, and solitude.

With all the connections to Jupiter during this lunation and some of the edgier Transits, we could feel more motivated to take advantage of opportunities. Because of this, we could put ourselves in positions or the right place at the right time leading to some lucky moments.

Since solitude is mixed in with some of the social energies, good luck, and emotional sensitivity, we might not get the option to take space for ourselves. So even though some of these alignments will rev up our need to do our own thing, we might have to mingle regardless. My advice is to tell others when you’re available; that way, you can at least take some time to do you, rather than rushing to everyone on their time.

Due to the mental energy on the chart and all the Mercury activity, our minds could be filled to the brim with what to do next and how we will start a new path. During this time, jot down some ideas about creating something fresh and return to it later when your mind is less cluttered.

New Moon in Libra Themes

Aside from the energies occurring now, this is an excellent place to start if you want to integrate more Libra energy. A New moon is about starting something under this fresh cycle, creating what you want to improve on, and including the best qualities of that Sign.

Now that you're in a New Phase of all things, Libra, it’s time to think about what you want to gain from this lunar event.

Where do you see yourself in 6 Months?

What Libran things do you want to incorporate into your life by April 5th, 2023?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you looking for balance in all of your relationships?

Have you wanted a fresh start so you can balance your energy and attract healthier unions?

At a point in your life where you’re seeking peace with others?

Realizing you deserve reciprocal relationships?

Ready to surround yourself with people you relate to rather than those with whom there's no mutual understanding?

Are you prepared for relationships that involve real commitment, finally?

Or are you ready to become more of the committal type?

Are you looking to become reliable in relationships?

Ready to learn how not to get lost in a union while still being tight-knit in relationships?

Understanding that you need to commit yourself to worthwhile exchanges with others?

Even if it means some time to yourself, do you feel ready to let go of one-sided relationships in favor of something better in the future?

Ready to work on the relationship you have with yourself?

Is this a time when you know it’s not best to make impulsive decisions about your personal life because things need to be weighed out?

Ready to have inner peace with yourself?

Are you hoping to collaborate with people on the same wavelength?

Ready to cut off those who openly oppose you?

Libra is about finding equilibrium in your relationships and other areas of life that need harmonizing. Because this is a New Moon, in the Sign of the scales, you could be at a point when you need to create a more balanced and peaceful life.

Adopting the positive qualities of this Sign helps us seek out the ideal partnerships, love life, friendship, and family dynamics. To create teamwork, we also seek harmony in other unions through networking, collaboration, or employment situations.

With Libra, we become more intentional in one-on-one unions. Libra shows us the importance of only exchanging your energy with people you can relate to because forcing situations with those not on the same wavelength creates chaos. We learn to do this by understanding the temperament of the people we connect with, and if the individual is turbulent, then we know to keep things surface-level with them.

Therefore, going over these topics will offer a jumping-off point on where to start during this Lunar phase.

New Moon in Libra Checklist
New Moon in Libra ChartSirius Software

Libra is all about aesthetics, so this checklist could offer ideas to bring more balance into your life.

Here are some themes to look at during this Libra New Moon:

  • It’s time to balance what is lopsided in areas of our lives that are Libra-esk so we can bring more beauty into our lives.
  • This is a great spot to focus on superficiality if it's been a problem in your love life; it's time to alter your outlook on appearance.
  • Find a way to harmonize who you are as an individual vs. your role in one-on-one relationships.
  • Now is the perfect opportunity to learn how to connect with your spouse on a deeper level.
  • Learning to be in partnerships without blending with the other person or losing your identity.
  • It’s time to bring in quality over quantity in your platonic relationships; that way, you connect with those who bring substance to your life.
  • Use this opportunity to bring fairness to the relationships worth harmonizing that just need to be fixed.
  • Indecision comes up at times in our lives when something needs to be weighed against, so if something requires more analysis, don’t let anyone rush you into a decision.
  • You can’t always please everyone; make sure you’re speaking up if things are unfair.
  • Being considerate of others is a superpower.
  • This is a time only to allow relationships of reciprocity in your life
  • Look at what you truly value and what boosts your self-worth
  • It's time to reestablish harmony and tranquility within you, and in the relationships you desire.
  • Reconnect with the side of you that loves beauty, fashion, art, and theater
  • Resolve issues with your relationship with money to ensure you’re not blocking your ability to attract wealth
  • Begin working together with like-minded individuals so you can produce outstanding work with the people you network with.
  • Let's make the imbalances in our life right and start something fresh in these areas.

And use this opportunity to design a beautiful environment as a Libra would.

Have a lovely New Moon, everyone!

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