The Sun Goes Into Libra September 22nd, 2022

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On September 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra. Here are some ways it can improve our love lives and careers while demonstrating the most effective interpersonal communication methods.
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“I’m only interested in what’s fair for everyone!”

Welcome to Libra Season 2022

Also, Happy Birthday to all the Libras out there; it’s your turn to be vivacious!

Oh, and Happy Equinox, everyone!

As we leave the practical application of Virgo, we shift into a more charming approach.

Over the next four weeks, our desire for connection with others will be substantial while the Sun is Transiting Libra. This is because Libra is all about gaining a boost from close-knit bonds. So, we will shift into energy that is more communal and charismatic.

Also, because we are now on this side of the Zodiac, this is the time when we hit equal day and equal night. Libra brings in the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere allowing us an even amount of sunlight and darkness.

We have returned to a brand-new season corresponding with the Cardinal Signs. The Cardinal axis deals with seasonal points, so we begin a new weather pattern during these periods. Aries and Libra open the equinox, and Capricorn and Cancer start the solstice points.

Entering Libra Season also means the Transiting Sun goes into a condition in Astrology called “Fall.”

Essential dignities are a system used in Astrology to determine the temperament of a placement. Through this, we learn which celestial bodies pair well, and others that might have a tougher go at it when combined with a specific Sign. With so many Astrological combinations, this is just what happens. Some planets prefer to be linked with particular Signs over others.

Because the Sun is Exalted in Aries, the polarity to Libra, this celestial body runs into some snags.

The Sun works well in Aries because this celestial body and Sign are about being self-reliant. For this reason, it pairs well with this Sign because embracing our individuality and doing our own thing without being bogged down by others is easier. Also, the Sun rules Leo, which is about shining as a unique individual.

In Libra, it's about partnerships, collaboration, and the benefits of one-on-one relationships. In this energy, we become more concerned about others and their needs rather than placing the focus on ourselves. For this reason, the Sun and Libra agendas clash, leading to more mishaps than typical.

Does that mean Libra Season will be a bad time?!

No, not at all. Libra Season is an excellent time to bring harmony and balance to our situations regarding our ego.

The Sun in Libra is an enjoyable time, and it kicks off cuffing season, so that can't be a bad thing, right?!

Libra promotes cultivating one-on-one relationships. We get to use this time to soak up the beauty of life through art, culture, food, and even polishing our overall aesthetic. This allows us to take action and responsibility for others rather than ourselves. It gets our selfishness and ego out of the way.

So that, I believe, is a very positive thing.

While looking out for yourself is crucial sometimes, there needs to be balance too.

Libra promotes meeting others halfway so we can create fairness in our unions. Under this alignment, it's easier to try and see where the other person is coming from and work through that to bring peace into your relationships.

Being considerate becomes more of a focus with the Sun Transiting Libra. During Libra times, we take responsibility for helping the people around us. We become more willing to compromise because we crave peace and harmony rather than being victorious over others.

When we come to the other side of the Zodiac, we face our opposites Signs which helps us to look at our relationships with others. So, once we’re on Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, we look at how our actions affect others.

Therefore, we think about our impact on loved ones during these periods more often than typical. Libra’s role in these Signs is about close unions; mostly, we think of romantic relationships with this Sign, but it also has to do with other tight-knit bonds.

Libra occurs around Cuffing season, the time of year when people tend to couple up more than typical. It’s getting cooler out, and people are slowing down from their summer antics, so they start to consider the benefits of being in a relationship. Once we get to Scorpio Season, this is when people really take unions seriously. It’s funny how synchronicities work.

Romance-wise, our need to relate to others becomes more crucial. And with Libra being an Air Sign, cultivating a relationship where there is a meeting of the minds is essential. Mental connections are critical to this Sign due to its intellectual nature.

For single people, this might be a period of connecting with those on the same frequency as you. This could be a time to meet those with mutual relationship goals that you have more in common, so things flow easily.

Relationship-wise, you and your other half could feel more open, causing intimacy to seem more connective than average. Things can feel more romantic during this period like you two are going to the next level in your union.
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Socially, we will crave culture and to be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing environments. Libra is a Venus-ruled Sign that deals with art, beauty, how we adorn ourselves, fun activities, culture, and other feel-good things.

Having the urge to gallery hop becomes strong in this energy because we get a buzz from being around art. We could be more open to having people over and throwing a get-together since Libra is a very social Sign. Or indulge in a new restaurant with various decadent foods to enjoy.

And, of course, every Sign ingress has a shadow side, regardless of whether it’s Exalted or Fall Position.

Our need to identify with others becomes more pronounced in Libra, so you want to ensure you aren’t losing yourself in those unions. Having a stronger urge than typical to relate and be in relationships could inflate situations where you don’t know where a partner ends, and you begin.

Again, self-reliance can get dicey with the Sun in its Fall position. Sometimes, identity can slip into codependency, where we become lost and melded in a relationship.

Balance can become skewed in Libra, so looking for fairness could result in tipping the scales in our favor. So, we must be mindful in situations where we have to meet others halfway.

Otherwise, it can have the opposite effect and create unfairness in a relationship.

Because we crave equilibrium more than usual in this energy, our need for what’s just could get in the way of what’s right. But due to the lower expression, there could be a need to seek compensation even if it’s unjust.

On the flip side, we could be overly accommodating, resulting in others gaining from the relationship rather than an even exchange. So, try not to compromise to the point where you give up everything to make others happy.

Passive-aggressive behavior becomes inflated as the Sun is Transiting this Sign.

Compromising is a massive feature of Libra energy, so keeping the peace becomes more important than disrupting the flow. But when we don’t speak up, it turns into disharmony. The outcome of not expressing our needs will build up over time and lead to resentment. As a result, hurt feelings could come out sideways during this time.

But other than that, let's use this Libra Season to ensure we’re relating to others on the same frequency.

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