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Mercury will Retrograde into Virgo this week, forcing us to deal with issues that haven't been settled since the end of August, In this week’s Astrology. Also, the Sun and New Moon both fall in the sign of Libra this week, giving us a lot of Libra energy.
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We have yet another colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week's Astrology, Mercury Retrogrades back into Virgo, causing us to review issues that occurred between August 20th to 25th. Libra Season starts on the 22nd, which could help us work on creating fairness in our personal lives. Jupiter will connect with Saturn, allowing us to take accountability for irresponsible behavior. Venus will be the heavy hitter over the next 7 days, making most of the alignments which will pronounce situations with our love life, self-worth, and career. And at the end of the week, we have a New Moon in Libra that could show us the importance of maintaining harmony in our lives.

Monday has a mixed bag of alignments that will help us review past behavior and open ourselves up to better opportunities.

Mercury will connect with Uranus in a complex Transit that could cause us to address behavior that was out of sorts. Because this is a Mercury Retrograde Transit, it’s our second time experiencing this alignment. The last time this Aspect occurred was on August 29th and September 3rd. Once we’re in the Post Shadow Period, we will receive a closing Transit on October 13th.

Our thoughts may be overactive because we generate numerous ideas at once or have eureka moments. The problem with this is that it could make us anxious and restless since our minds might run faster than usual. As a result, if you feel tense, try to check in with yourself and do something grounded.

Because of the tendency of this configuration to amplify unanticipated encounters, be ready for the unexpected. In other words, you might learn about a unique situation or hear from folks you usually wouldn't. Additionally, as people often communicate in a quirky, divisive, and contradictory manner, communication may become difficult and lead to bickering.

At least Venus is making a configuration to Uranus on that same day that will motivate us to make upgrades to our current situation.

This is the Transit for you if you're seeking a lovely transformation in your love life and financial situation! An alignment like this can deliver some much-needed uplifting energy.

No matter your current relationship status, this transit should improve our chances of romantic exchanges, so things should turn from basic to fascinating. Additionally, a factor like this is essential for unforeseen financial luck; it may not result in a windfall, but it does provide some assistance.

Venus is the planet that helps us acquire material goods; thus, combining her with a heavenly body like Uranus can result in some pleasant surprises, such as employment offers and financial assistance you weren't expecting.

Tuesday's tone could feel edgy when it comes to love and accountability.

Unlike the previous Transit, this one will cause us to try to make sense of situations and people who are emotionally unavailable.

Venus and Saturn will connect in an awkward alignment causing us to reevaluate a job that no longer fulfills us or a relationship lacking passion.

We might finally admit that the level of commitment needed might not be possible with this individual. A Transit like this helps us see the truth about intimacy challenges, which could give us the nudge we need to address a lack of vulnerability in our unions. Also, this can bring up commitment issues or fears of getting close to others due to not wanting to deal with rejection.

Unavailable situations with finances will feel pronounced with this Transit.

Feeling unappreciated at work may be in our thoughts, so we realize it's time to brush off our resumes and look for a new job. This might show us how crucial it is to dedicate ourselves to the correct kinds of employment.

A Transit with Jupiter and Saturn could be challenging if we don't practice patience on the 20th.

Making sure we aren't pushing other people's limits is essential during this alignment.

Course correction will be crucial with this alignment because of thoughtless behavior we need to resolve with others. So, this could be a day of damage control if we were careless or pushed other people’s boundaries to an uncomfortable level.

Awareness of our maturity levels is essential during this Transit. We will have to wait our turn to get what we want, which might feel challenging.

This configuration could rev up our need for immediacy resulting in throwing a tantrum if we’re not satisfied with what we received. Also, with this Transit, our tendency to compete can get the better of us, so we should temper our desire to outperform others. The thing about Jupiter connected to Saturn in this way is if we behave in a bratty manner, it could backfire, so try to curb issues with entitlement.

Thursday brings in a powerful connection with the Sun and Mercury.

Now that we have reached the Equinox Point, we will experience equal amounts of day and night as well as the Sun's Fall into Libra, which is the opposite of Aries, where it is Exalted.

In Astrology, the Sun represents the self and the unique way that each of us shines. The focus of Libra is on relationships, which deflects the Sun from self-focus. For this reason, the Sun's position is more complicated in Libra.

Does this suggest that the Sun's position in Libra is unfavorable?

Absolutely not!

As a matter of fact, Libra Season is a joyful time, even if the Sun has its glitchy moments while Transiting this Sign. But either way, we can at least make use of Libra's high vibrations.

When we are in the Sign of Libra, we assume responsibility for aiding those around us. We become more amenable to compromise because we prefer harmony and peace in our relationships above winning an argument.

During this time, romantic exchanges become more pronounced.

In a committed relationship, this could be a time to deepen intimacy. Dating situations could take things to the next level and put a label on their status. For single people, this could be a period of attracting more committal types or concluding you’re ready for a steady relationship.

Of course, this does have a lower expression, so we need to be aware of co-dependency. Sometimes this complicated side could show up as passive-aggressive behavior due to resentment for not speaking up. Also, indecisiveness could be an issue due to being afraid to decide because it will interrupt the flow of things.

But either way, let's take this time to enjoy Libra's autumn vibes and all the delicious pumpkin-flavored treats that come during this season.

Mercury will be in an extraordinary Conjunction called a Cazimi, which means its alignment is centered in the middle of the Sun. This Transit tends to boost us mentally and physically, so we will feel more pumped and focused than typical.

Even though Mercury is in Retrograde, this unique Conjunction offers us relief.

So, if you've been feeling off-kilter or mentally worn out, this orientation is like getting a good pick-me-up. With this alignment, multitasking comes effortlessly, making it simpler to complete numerous activities quickly. We also experience the drive to challenge our thoughts and find new ways to improve them.

And we frequently feel more positive about ourselves. With this, we can feel assured when speaking, creating plans, having epiphanies, and interacting with others. As a result, this Transit may give us a busy yet mentally and socially engaging day.

Friday's vibe could feel like August 25th, with Mercury going back into Virgo. This is because Mercury will Retrograde back into Virgo, giving us a feeling of déjà vu.

This planet will go direct on October 2nd and move out of its Post-Shadow on October 16th. But from now to October 10th, we will be in the Virgo sector of this Retrograde, then move forward to the Libra part of this Regressive Cycle.

Virgo’s portion could raise concerns about overthinking, perfectionism, or being harsh to other people as well as ourselves.

Saturday brings in a Transit that could cause us to work on our unrealistic expectations with finances, values, and relationships.

Venus will be in a complex Transit with Neptune that could cause us to start the work of making sure we're transforming to attract the right people and opportunities to us.

This Transit can cause your dating life to feel like a storybook romance on a higher vibrational level. One of the good things about this Aspect is that it brings a ton of passion and fairy-tale energy to romantic situations. So, it's fun for that and good for dreamily losing yourself. Also, use this day to get lost in movies, music, or do something artsy.

The lower vibration of this alignment enunciates the shady side in others. Often, the uncomfortable stuff that comes up during this Transit is a deception that needs to be addressed in your relationships.

Neptune is currently in Retrograde, so things swept under the rug since March when the Shadow period began could come back to be confronted. An opposition between these planets can cause you not to know what is right or dishonest in love. And it shows us where we are sacrificing ourselves for someone who doesn't deserve loyalty.

So, try to stay as alert as possible; if something seems like it's not kosher, it's likely rotten. Complex Transits show us that steps to improve your circumstances will need to be taken. Even if that's not during this Aspect, it will at least give the push to create a game plan for yourself.

Sunday brings in the New Moon in Libra around 2:54 PM PST.

A New Moon in this Sign could help us look at what needs harmonizing in our lives. Therefore, our focus could go on achieving fulfillment in our interpersonal interactions. Given that this is a new cycle for the Moon in Libra, we could look at how we could start fresh regarding our love lives and career, so we’re attracting healthier experiences.

A Libra New Moon is the perfect time to weigh your options so you can finally decide the best approach to take and ensure you’re bringing fairness to yourself and others.

Zodiac placements that will feel this lunar event the most will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00 to 8 degrees of these Signs.

Venus will form a Trine with Pluto on that day, so relationships and financial matters may feel intense but in a good way.

A Transit like this could enlighten us that our romantic relationships call for something more profound. This might make it easier for you to connect with someone who offers substance rather than superficiality if you're single.

A configuration like this increases the likelihood of meeting fated connections or relationship types who are all or nothing. If you're just hanging out, this can be the moment when things take a more devoted turn. Those who are committed to one another might enjoy more incredible passion and intimacy in their connection.

Lastly, Venus and Pluto, in a harmonious connection, are outstanding from a career perspective. This is also a great way to take charge of your finances and achieve stability. Use today to make the required adjustments to your work and finances, as this Transit helps us grasp what we need to focus on and transform.

Vibes For The Week
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The romantic energy will peak and valley throughout the week, along with emotional sensitivity. Both points will be potent from the 19th to the 21st and the 23rd to the 24th. These energies connecting could bring in conflicting emotions in love life situations. We could feel amorous one moment, then edgy the next.

Solitude is one of the highest energies on the chart but intersects social and psychic energies. This will only last 24 hours. So, on the 21st, we could feel conflicted about being around others. The psychic side of this could cause us to be more sensitive to energies and pick up the truth about a situation we suspected.

Social energy also peaks and valleys throughout this week. With this intersecting mental, romantic, and emotional sensitivity, we could feel all over the place about getting together with others. But might use it as an excuse to distract us from feeling edgy.

Transits This Week

The 3rd week of September offered a unique variety of energies, some edgy and others pleasant, thank goodness! At least we have more sweet spots than we had over the past few weeks, so let’s take advantage of these nicer moments.

Transits For September 19th to 25th:

  • 9/19 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: How To Make A Shocking Impression Pt 2
  • 9/19 Venus Trine Uranus: Ready For An Upgrade With Love And Money
  • 9/20 Venus Quincunx Saturn: Trying To Make Sense Of An Emotionally Unavailable Person Or Lack Of Passion With Career
  • 9/20 Jupiter SemiSquare Saturn: Taking Responsibility For Careless Behavior
  • 9/22 The Sun Enters Libra: Boosting Your Confidence Through Close Relationships
  • 9/22 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Feeling Confident About Intellect
  • 9/23 Mercury Retrogrades Back Into Virgo: Reviewing Unresolved Issues From August
  • 9/24 Venus Oppose Neptune: Unrealistic Expectations When It Comes To Love
  • 9/25 New Moon in Libra: How To Create Balance In Your Relationships
  • 9/25 Venus Trine Pluto: Craving A Serious Relationship And Financial Stability

Use this week to focus on what truly makes you happy in your love life and career.

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