This Week’s Horoscope Forecast September 12th To 18th, 2022

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In this week's astrology, Venus will make the most of the alignments that will force us to resolve concerns with our romantic and professional lives. Additionally, the Sun will be the second celestial body to participate in the majority of the transits, forcing us to improve our self-assurance and demeanor.
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We have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have a ton of Venus Transits which will emphasize the areas of our lives involving romance and career situations. The Sun will be the second celestial body to make many alignments this week, helping us work on our confidence and diffuse ego issues that prevent us from evolving in our lives. And we have a few Mercury Transits that could cause moments when communication is over the top and others where we’re more reserved.

Monday’s tone could cause us to feel like our confidence is plummeting faster than we can keep up with the Sun in a complex configuration to Saturn.

A misunderstanding about something someone said could cause us to feel self-conscious. Because we’re feeling off-kilter, feedback given at this time, even if it’s neutral, could lead to feeling slightly deflated.

As a result, it could make us wonder what we have to offer and whether others accept us for who we are or for what they believe we ought to be. This can be a day when we feel like our efforts at work and in other areas of life aren't appreciated.

Tuesday brings us a Transit from Venus to Pluto that might help us let go of what doesn’t serve us.

Venus and Pluto offer some intensity in healthy relationships that could rev up the connection. This transit tends to bring out a more passionate side, causing intimacy to feel off the charts.

However, this is a complicated alignment, so in situations that aren’t balanced, this could inflate tensions. If a romantic union is dealing with misunderstandings and distrust, this Transit tends to cause us to feel triggered about the past.

So, if feelings about unhealthy behavior get stirred up, this could bring out suppressed emotions that have been building up due to resentment. And the chances of verbal power struggles are high because this Transit tends to puff up those with a dominant personality. An alignment like this shows us why we eventually need to move forward from situations that no longer serve us.

Hopefully, a Moon in Taurus could help us stabilize this situation because it is making a harmonious configuration with Venus. Venus is the Ruler of Taurus, so the Moon connecting with its natural paring could help us get back on track quickly in tense situations.

We could find ways to ground ourselves and make better choices that bring us stability in the long term. Because this Taurus Moon is connected to other alignments that promote change, this could be when you find a solution to a complicated issue.

Wednesday, the Moon continues to Transit through Taurus, causing us to work on breaking through emotional blocks and stagnant situations we’ve stayed in for too long.

As this Moon is Transiting on the 15th, it will connect with Uranus and the Lunar Nodes, Quincunx Mars, and Square Saturn. With this many complicated alignments, we could feel the urgency to make overhauls to situations that have run their course. The good thing is a Moon in Taurus is calm under pressure, so even though some of these Transits are edgy, we could push through obstacles steadily.

At least this Moon will harmoniously connect with the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto. With Transits like this, we could experience a boost in our confidence regardless of how tough things might seem. Our ability to find a bright side and shift our focus to what will benefit us will come easier with these planetary connections to the Moon.

Thursday is a jammed-packed day with issues dealing with many relationships and financial themes that could lead to drama and confusion.

Mars is in Pre-Retrograde Shadow so pay attention to this Transit because it will come back around. The next rounds of these will happen in the form of an Opposition once Venus is in Sagittarius on November 30th and another Square when Venus goes into Pisces on February 3rd, 2023.

Venus and Mars will be in a complicated alignment that could cause passions to rev up on either side of the spectrum.

On one end, this day could be filled with fun and flirtation. Venus and Mars coming together in this Transit can bring out the exhilarating side in dating and committed relationships, so this could be a day to connect on a deep level, along with doing adventurous things with one another. Passion becomes more pronounced in romantic situations so this day could be about high levels of attraction and intimacy.

Rekindling forgotten passion and romance comes easier with this Transit. This might be a day of renewed energy for things that fire you up. Or, in relationships that need to spice things up, this could be a day of reconnecting with your spouse.

Socially, we will want excitement and something out of the ordinary. We could feel like spontaneously doing something daring we wanted to try for a while, so now’s the time to get that adrenaline rush.

On a money and career level, this brings out our go-getter nature.

However, unresolved issues could boil to the surface in unhealthy romantic unions where there is already tension. Relationships and dating situations with a more argumentative tone could pronounce conflict. We might have to check if we’re the thrill-seeking type because the tendency to go off the deep end with excitement will be more enunciated with this energy.

Overreacting and making accusations happen quickly with this alignment resulting in arguments. Even if you’re correct, check the facts first to ensure it's not a misunderstanding. Also, attention-seeking behavior could lead to drama due to it being obvious a person needs their ego to be stroked.

On that same day, we have another Transit with Venus that might cause us to deal with issues about self-worth in our love lives and career.

A Quincunx between Venus and Chiron could reveal our blind spots in our love life. We could realize why we’ve unknowingly practiced self-betrayal in relationships. Therefore, this could be a period of seeing how our refusal to look at the truth regarding partners is coming at a cost to us.

On the other hand, this could be a time to work on the deception done to others in terms of disloyalty, lies by omission, or outright deceit.

Saturday’s tone is a mixed bag, with one Aspect that can help us feel motivated to let go of old baggage and the other where communication might seem off-kilter.

The Sun and Neptune will connect that same day, causing us to feel unsure about ourselves.

Because this is the halfway point of Neptune’s Regressive Cycle, it could feel like Full Moon energy.

Neptune RX themes could feel stronger than typical today, especially If you’re being aspected by this Transit. An alignment such as this could cause a realization about an issue you believed was one way but isn’t what it seemed. Because of this, our egos could feel deflated due to putting a lot of stock in something, but it turned out to be unhealthy.

Grounding your energy is one of the best ways to get through this Transit through music, meditation, journaling, and other activities that promote healthy distractions.

But at least we're halfway done with Neptune RX. This planet will go out of Retrograde on December 3, and then it will leave its post shadow on March 24, 2023

Mars will connect with Chiron in a way that can help us release old stories holding us back. This will come back around on December 19th and February 11th, 2023

If you want to turn around unfortunate circumstances, this is your lucky day because this alignment pumps us up in the motivational sense.

This Transit exemplifies the phrase "making lemonade out of lemons." One significant aspect of this alignment is that it offers us the strength we need to prevail in challenging circumstances. Your stamina will therefore be in overdrive with this Transit, giving you the resilience to take on problems you didn't think you could handle.

It allows you to take on things you thought you could never handle. This is the kind of aspect that will enable you to destress with more ease. Also, you should be able to diffuse others in this transit. Channel this energy with exercise and other physical activities.

That same day, A Mercury RX Transit returns for a second look at frustrating details we might have blown off.

Mercury will make an alignment with Jupiter, which might cause us to rethink a conversation that seemed bogus. August 29th themes might come back to be addressed since this is the second contact from the Retrograde Cycle. This will occur again on October 11th

Communication issues could feel exacerbated with this Transit.

Throughout the day, keep an open mind because situations like this often bring out exaggerators in other people. Frustration could arise due to the truth being stretched in interactions. There could be moments when we might have to get to the bottom of conflicting messages others have sent to us.

Additionally, we might have to recheck the documents, contracts, or even things we signed up for because something isn’t adding up.

Sunday brings in two Transits that deal with changing our attitude and working on coping skills.

The Sun will Trine Pluto, which happens to be on the other side of the Retrograde. What this means is Pluto is slowing down and will be out of Retrograde in the next few weeks.

A closing Retrograde Trine from the Sun and Pluto could help us look back at issues that occurred with how we’re evolving.

So, if you’ve been looking for ways to clear out what bogs you down, this is the perfect Aspect for it. This kind of transit will have you focusing on what needs to be transformed in your life so you can boost your confidence and see some progress on the goals you set for yourself.

The Sun's connection to Mars and the outer planets in a Trine on either side means a celestial body is in or out of Retrograde. Since Pluto is already in Retrograde motion, this Transit means it’s slowing down and will Station out of its regressive movement. This takes a few weeks because it is a slower-moving planet.

But not only that, we need this alignment to balance our confidence and ego.

Pluto and the Sun connected in a harmonious alignment helps us get in touch with our personal power. This Transit promotes the healthy side of our ego and helps us transform things holding us back regarding our self-expression.

This is a time to move forward from something or find the answer to what you’ve been searching for, finally.

Mentally, this could be a moment where you're finally unearthing something beneficial to you. Suppose you're being aspected by this Transit. In that case, it could feel like you’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, especially after going through a transformative period that felt karmic.

In that case, this could be a period of reaping the benefits of evolving and transforming the situations that no longer serve you and moving into better energy for yourself. So hopefully, we all gain something extraordinary from this energy.

Another Mercury Retrograde Transit comes back with Mercury and Saturn in a complex alignment.

The last time this one occurred was on Aug 25th and September 1st. Mercury, combined with Saturn, causes us to dwell, so this could be a day of obsessing over instances in which you weren't at your best.

In other words, this can make you think back on situations from the past that didn't turn out the way you had hoped, which might lead you to judge yourself.

Mercury and Saturn in this configuration might cause us to feel less social due to the gloomy nature of this Transit. However, socializing could help us get out of our heads and uplift our mood so try not to turn too many people down and take this as a healthy distraction.

Vibes For The Week
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The romantic energy will peak and valley through this week. This is due to the relationship-related Transits, which are edgy, so there could be moments of intense passion resulting in make-up intimacy.

From the 15th to the 17th romantic energy will be at its peak and combine with psychic vibes, social energies, solitude, and a smidge of mental. These vibes have conflicting points due to the variety of harmonious and stressful energies.

Mental energy will occur around from the 13th to the 15th. Even though it's a small amount, this will be a week of figuring out our stuff. We could have moments when we want space from others but, at the same time, don’t want to be alone, so we take the social distraction.

Transits This Week

With the middle portion of September being a mixed bag of Transits, this week could feel up and down mood-wise.

Transits For September 12th to 18th:

  • 9/12 Sun Quincunx Saturn: Feeling Like The Winds Been Taken Out Of Your Sails
  • 9/13 Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto: How To Release What Doesn't Serve You In Love
  • 9/14 Moon in Taurus: How To Handle Pressure Like A Pro
  • 9/16 Venus Square Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama Part 1
  • 9/16 Sun Oppose Neptune: Feeling Unsure Of Yourself
  • 9/16 Venus Quincunx Chiron: Understanding Your Worth
  • 9/17 Mars Sextile Chiron: Taking Actions To Work On Old Baggage Pt 1
  • 9/17 Mercury Oppose Jupiter: Stretching The Truth Part 2
  • 9/18 Sun Trine Pluto: A Conclusion About What Needs To Be Transformed
  • 9/18 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Down Mentally Pt 2

Use this week to work on situations that are stagnating your progress. And take advantage of healthy distractions to uplift your mood when possible.

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