The Full Moon In Pisces Forecast September 10th, 2022

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A Harvest Moon will occur in Pisces on September 10th, which could help us understand where we’re headed on a spiritual level.
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We have the Full Moon at 17 degrees of Pisces happening at 2:58 AM PST, which is 5:58 AM EST; check your local time to see when this lunation is occurring in your area.

Pisces’s lunar event marks the Grand finale of the 2022 summer Full Moons series.

As the summer season winds down, we get a lunation called a Harvest Moon.

Depending on the calendar year, a Harvest Moon occurs in September; however, there are instances when it can happen in October. This occurs because the Harvest Moon is closely tied to the Fall Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

Also, the Moon’s orbit tends to vary, so there could be one part of its cycle when the Harvest Moon lands in September and others when it can occur in October. But these lunar events occur approximately a few weeks before or after the Fall Equinox. The last Harvest Moon we had in October was 10/1/2020.

Because we are at the Equinox point, we experience equal day and night, so we get 12 hours of light and then another 12 of dark. This particular Moon also provides a few more hours of luminance as well. During this time of year, as the days and nights are equaling out, this Moon tends to come out earlier and supply added luster.

Hence the name Harvest Moon because this lunar event allowed more time to gather fruits and vegetables for civilizations from the past. September’s Moon is also when we reap the harvest of the seeds planted in Spring during the Vernal Equinox.

Another name for this autumn lunation is the Corn Moon, which denotes a time when farmers gather their crops.

Spiritually this could be a time when you’re seeing the efforts of what you started finally come to fruition. Therefore, if you’ve set intentions and acted on your goals, this could be a period to reap the opportunities and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Chart rulers are Jupiter, Neptune for Pisces, and Mercury for the Sun Transiting through Virgo. Interestingly, the Rulers for these Signs are in Retrograde, causing moments when we need to take another look at crucial data points before acting.

Jupiter, the ancient Ruler for Pisces, is in complex alignments with Saturn and Uranus. This could cause us to consider why we must take responsible action rather than do things impulsively. We might have the urge to overhaul something, but we must wait until we are grounded and have a stable foundation.

Mercury is in a complicated alignment with the ancient Ruler for Pisces, Jupiter. With this configuration, we could deal with misinterpreted communication resulting in aggravation. Also, make sure you’re slowly going over details. Otherwise, there could be mishaps with necessary paperwork or contracts.

At least Mercury’s making harmonious connections with Mars even though Mercury is Stationing in Retrograde. An alignment like this could motivate us to take care of draining situations and speak up for ourselves when necessary.

Planetary Aspect patterns will be present during this lunar event.

A Yod will occur during this Full Moon because Mars and Chiron will connect to the Moon's South Node at the apex point. This could urge us to resolve toxic patterns that have helped us back finally. Also, it could cause us to be more conscious of what we need to transform in our lives. A T-Square pattern will be present from Mars at the Moon's and Sun's apex. With these configurations, we must work on how we react to others. Also, this could be a period of learning not to let others ruffle our feathers.

Neptune, the modern chart ruler, has a few interactions that could show us what we’ve been ignoring.

The Moon will be in conjunction with Neptune and Juno while Oppose Venus. This could bring to our awareness the realization we need more security in our committed relationships. An alignment like this could cause our emotions to feel off kilter because of a relationship that's not giving us the stability we need. Therefore, this could be a time to address issues where you're giving more than receiving from a spouse.

Luckily, there are easier alignments to the Lunar Nodes and Uranus. Also, the Sun is in a Conjunction with Venus.

With a configuration like this, we could understand the importance of upgrading our love life and career. Also, have a revelation on how to get out of a slump, so this could be a period of finding a solution to becoming unstuck.

Zodiac Signs that will feel this the most are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 13 to 21 degrees of these configurations.

Pisces Full Moon Vibes
Transits GraphSirius Software

Even though this lunation is jammed packed with Transits, there are only a few vibes on the graph.

Ambition peaks on the 10th, then tapers on the 11th. Because of the Transits occurring, we will feel more motivated than typical to take care of business. Complex Transits help us take action because of the level of urgency it creates. As a result, the next few days will fuel you so you can take charge of your life.

Romance then becomes the highest energy on the graph around the 11th. With some of the contacts occurring to Venus and Mars, the chances of passionate romantic exchanges are more potent than typical. This could be a day of being more demonstrative than usual.

Reflective Questions For The Pisces Full Moon

Full Moons are complete cycles where we look at what can come with us and the things that no longer function. Now that you are at this peak of the Lunar Cycle, it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of your life.

Think about where you were back around March 2nd; what has become clear for you since the New Moon in Pisces?

Here are Some Things To Consider:

Have your confidence in individuals, circumstances, religious, and spiritual ideals shifted?

Have you realized why you can no longer sweep unacceptable behavior under the rug?

Was this a period of letting go of disingenuous individuals in your life?

Did you learn how to redirect your bad habits in favor of healthy escapism?

Are you letting go of unrealistic expectations?

Have you established better limits with yourself and others?

Or, on the flip side, are you re-learning how to trust again?

Are you prepared to restore your faith in yourself?

Learned how to break free from limitations and live a boundless life?

Have you made healthy sacrifices to improve your circumstances and relationships?

Are you understanding the importance of treating yourself kindlier?

Have you Improved your faith in people, circumstances, or spiritual principles?

Where have you renounced superficial connections in favor of solid spiritual ties?

Are you at a stage in your relationship where you're ready to have a spiritual connection?

Have you learned to be more tolerant of other people?

Has this been a period where you developed more empathy?

Has this been a period where you’ve connected with your creative and abstract side, i.e., art, music, or poetry?

Have you worked on the relationship with your higher self?

Are you learning the art of manifesting the right things for your life?

Have you elevated your higher awareness by developing your spiritual gifts throughout this period?

Learned to pay attention to your gut feelings?

Have you learned the importance of paying attention to psychic hits and deciphering your dreams?

Has this been a time when you’ve immersed yourself in metaphysical awareness?

In Pisces energy, we look at where we can be limitless, we put our hope into things that haven’t materialized, but we have faith it will work out. We get connected to our spirituality and our intuitive nature. And we gain access to creativity that can seem divinely guided.

A complete lunar cycle in the Sign of the tethered fish could help us understand the importance of taking a moment to connect with our intuition.

This Sign helps us be more reflective to decipher the unseen things better. In other words, with Pisces, we connect to our psychic sense and learn to trust what we feel. Sometimes things can be explained with intellect, but there are those instances when we need to rely on our gut.

Of course, we need both logic and intuition, but with Pisces’s energy, we are encouraged to take a second look at life from an abstract perspective. In this atmosphere, we gain momentum for connecting with our creative side.

In this Sign, we also learn the art of being empathetic and trusting more. We need trust, especially when it comes down to believing in ourselves. Of course, putting your faith in another person needs to be earned, but with the Piscean energy, it’s easier to be less closed off from others.

Pisces Full Moon Checklist
Full Moon In Pisces ChartSirius Software

In life, sometimes our attitudes and ideals shift, so it’s essential to move in the direction of where intuition is leading us. For this reason, Pisces is an excellent Sign if you’re ready to understand and listen to divine guidance.

Here’s a Pisces checklist to go over:

  • It’s essential to connect to higher vibes and raise your spiritual awareness.
  • Practice spiritual hygiene regularly, i.e., using sage, palo santo, meditation, energetic grounding, or other clearing techniques to keep your vibes high-vibrational.
  • Remember to take moments for yourself if you’re feeling drained physically, emotionally, along with vibrationally from other people's baggage and energies.
  • It’s important to finally release limiting beliefs that prevent you from growing.
  • Take the time out for yourself to quench your thirst for spiritual knowledge.
  • Do the research needed to learn what spiritual practice is suitable for your frequency.
  • If you’re a deep person, it’s crucial to connect with those who are on the same wavelength as you.
  • It’s nice to have people around, but make sure you clearly understand their intentions and your role in their life.
  • This is your time to clear out the situations and relationships that hinder your progress.
  • Once deceptive energy has finally revealed itself, you must not sweep it under the rug.
  • It’s okay to be distracted but make sure it’s not becoming unhealthy escapism.
  • It’s time to heal your soul and set boundaries with others
  • Sacrifices aren’t always dire but necessary, so this could be a period of cutting out things that bog you down.
  • Implement a plan to show yourself the compassion you give others.

Use this time to gain a better perspective on the Piscean themes in your life.

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