Mercury Goes Retrograde On September 9th, 2022

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Mercury will go retrograde on September 9th in Libra and then Virgo, which may help us address unfair situations in relationships and harsh criticism of ourselves and others.
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Mercury Retrograde in Earth and Air Signs; take three!

We’re now at part 3 of 3 for the Mercury Retrograde triple feature in Earth and Air Signs for 2022.

This year Mercury enters its Regressive Cycle 4 times with 3 hybrids plus an Inverse Phase that’s entirely in one Sign.

We already had Retrogrades in this particular order Capricorn-Aquarius and Taurus- Gemini. That leaves this current one, the Virgo- Libra series, and Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn as the finale for 2022.

Regarding the two elements in this Retrograde, it will be essential to work on relationships with the Air portion and stability with the Earth section of this Inverse Cycle.

Also, we will have to work on issues about Cardinal-Mutable approaches.

Modes in Astrology involve how a Sign exerts itself, its reaction to its environment, and temperament quality. Also, the nature of these Signs plays a role in how things move in the world through initiation, solidifying, and ushering in change.

Libra is part of the Cardinal Modality and is an Air Sign, which signifies the beginning of the Fall Season. Energetically, Libra’s role is kickstarting a new phase of life, creating harmony, and seeking meaningful one-on-one relationships.

Virgo belongs to the Mutable Modality and is an Earth Sign that ushers in the end of summer. On an energetic level, Virgo deals with transitioning while preparing to adapt to a new season and stripping away what’s unnecessary.

Signs that will be more affected than others will be the Cardinal Modality, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00-10 degrees of these configurations. And the Mutable grouping, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, within 24 to 29 degrees of this arrangement.

Mercury’s Retrograde Through Libra
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With the Libra portion, we will work through how we approach one-on-one relationships and, in some situations, enter a new phase in a union. In other words, some relationships could undergo alterations if it lacks the balance to improve the situation surrounding a partnership.

Mercury was already in its Pre-Shadow Phase when it entered Libra, so from August 25th to September 9th, we will go back to themes of that period about relationships.

Last year Mercury was Retrograded in this Sign for the Full duration, so this could bring back some issues in Libra from October 2022 regarding fairness in relationship situations.

So, consider what has been happening in your relationships since the end of August.

  • Have situations in your dating life been more off-kilter than usual?
  • Are you experiencing turbulence in a committed relationship?
  • Has there been a lack of fairness that needs to be addressed?
  • Have you bottled-up emotions to keep the peace?
  • Have there been oppositional situations in platonic unions?
  • Realizing that some people would instead behave in a petty manner than address an issue?
  • Have there been issues with co-dependency that you’re trying to change?
  • Are situations building up to the point it’s created resentment?
  • Do you find yourself not speaking up when necessary, just to keep the peace?
  • Is passive-aggressive behavior starting to feel like covert aggression?
  • Are you realizing that some relationships in your life our only surface level?
  • Discovering where someone wasn’t being genuine with you?
  • Feeling like you were led on by superficial charm and now feel bait and switched by a cunning partner?
  • Has indecisiveness kept you stuck in an unhealthy position?
  • Have you been on the fence resulting in flip-flopping about a particular situation or relationship?
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These are just a few questions to reflect on because this energy will undoubtedly bring up relationship issues. Libra is about working on imbalances in life so we can have harmony.

Any tension brewing for a while tends to bubble up to the surface with this Retrograde for resolution. Therefore, this could feel like a full-circle conclusion regarding fairness in one-on-one relationships.

Co-dependency could be one of the issues that come up during this period. This may lead to problems where there’s a realization that you’ve lost your identity in a relationship due to being fully immersed in the union.

In partnerships, it raises a lot of awkward issues.

Shallowness could be another issue to come up during this period. There could be a realization that a romance is unsatisfactory because the connection is surface-level. Another way this could show up is through those who use superficial charm to get their way.

Resentment in relationships could lead to pettiness due to not speaking up about things that bothered us. Sometimes in Libra situations, we’re looking to keep the peace because we don’t want to deal with conflict. However, this creates animosity resulting in passive-aggressive behavior in our unions. As a result, this Retrograde could bring up bottled-up anger that needs to be resolved. So, this could help us understand under-the-radar payback or other subtle manipulation techniques.

Fakeness can be a topic that comes up during this period. In other words, this could expose situations with people who are nice to your face but are different behind the scenes. Also, this could be a situation where someone charming was buttering you up to get what they want, and now you’re seeing through their game.

Indecisiveness needs to be addressed during this Regressive Phase. Sometimes in Libra, we deal with the inability to decide about something because we want things to be fair, so this could be a period when you have to stick to a choice without flip-flopping.

The Libra cycle will be with us for a while since it spent a longer duration in the Shadow Period.

Even though this energy is harsh, it helps work out issues with our relationships.

Use this portion to bring fairness to your romantic unions, platonic relationships, partnerships, and networking peers.

Mercury’s Retrograde Through Virgo
Mercury in Virgoimage by author

Because this is Virgo's natural pairing, this Retrograde portion will feel more potent. Planets in their Home Signs pack more of a punch, so this part could feel edgier. During this Retrograde, we will work on our relationship with adaptability.

Mercury went into its Shadow Phase at the end of Virgo around August 20th and stayed here until 8/25. On September 23rd, Mercury will Retrograde back into this Sign, causing us to revisit scenarios from that period.

Virgo's section of the Inverse Phase deals with orderliness, so try to think back to what’s occurred regarding our usefulness and the ability to make things ideal.

  • Has being a perfectionist stopped you in your tracks?
  • Is a lack of mindfulness holding you back from growth?
  • During this period, have you investigated ways to curb imposter syndrome?
  • Discovering that you need better time management?
  • Seeing how a lack of routine has created dysregulation in your life?
  • Reexamining the relationships in your life where you’re the giver but not receiving any back?
  • Beginning to realize it’s you need to pour energy back into yourself?
  • Learning why you can’t be a stickler when it comes to your regimen
  • Are you acquiring the ability to give yourself some leeway when circumstances aren't exactly as you'd like them to be?
  • Have you tried to find a way to balance your desire to help others while also taking care of yourself?
  • Understanding that people will work on themselves when they’re ready?
  • Has this been a period to review improperly handled documents, contracts, social media posts, or subscriptions you signed up for on impulse?
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo ChartSirius Software

Virgo is a sign that meticulously examines every unattractive detail.

Succumbing to the demands of diligence could be an issue we examine during this Regressive Cycle.

Analysis paralysis could have left us immobile during the Shadow Period since August 20th. This Retrograde could be a time to work on not becoming caught up in minutia and learning how to be more flexible. As a result, you could finally understand why going over everything with a fine-tooth comb has diverted you off course due to fear things won’t be precise. So, please try not to berate yourself if anything isn't 110%.

On the flip side, this could be a wake-up period about reading the fine print and why we shouldn’t rush through essential details because it creates unnecessary inconveniences later. We might have to return to things where we overlooked the crucial points of a situation, contract, work project, or something we shared on social media.

Sometimes it’s the little things in Virgo, so it doesn’t have to be a document; the issue could be simple rather than severe. In other words, it could be something minuet like realizing a subscription you signed up for during the Shadow Period wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so now you must cancel the purchase.

Critical behavior could come back in a way we don’t like with others. With Virgo, we deal with a nitpicky side, but on the unhealthy end, we could face backlash for being overly judgmental, resulting in arguments with others.

Trying to improve others in our relationships could lead to misunderstandings with loved ones.

One of the issues in this energy is the need to make everything polished, which could result in complaining if something doesn't appear appetizing. Also, we have to be aware of being excessively critical of ourselves.

And, we have to ensure our routine is balanced. With Virgo, it’s all about having a necessary regimen, but if it veers off course from one extreme to another, this could be a time to find a way to harmonize our lifestyle.

So yeah, this Mercury Retrograde season in both Signs adds some variety to this planet’s already interesting Regressive Cycle.

Use this period season to work on discord in relationships and create healthy order to enhance your life.

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