This Week's Horoscope Forecast September 5th To 11th, 2022

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This week, Mercury goes Retrograde, causing us to reevaluate our relationship issues and the perfectionism that's held us back. And the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces will also occur on September 10th, which may encourage us to have more faith in our intuition.
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We have a transformative week of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes into Retrograde, causing us to review issues regarding relationships and what unrefined situations need to be tweaked in our lives. A Full Harvest Moon in Pisces will help us understand the importance of trusting our intuition. Additionally, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will make an even amount of alignments, allowing us to work on building up more confidence, addressing communication issues, resolving love life concerns, and why it’s crucial to assert ourselves.

Monday brings in an alignment with Venus and Chiron, along with the realization we’re not being valued in relationships and job conditions.

Self-worth situations could arise with this combination. Therefore, it could drudge up old memories causing you to revisit past disappointments in love or career.

However, even though this is a tense configuration, it promotes healing any issues with self-worth that have led to undervaluing ourselves. By looking at those situations for what they are, we can get to the root cause and begin the process of knowing our worth. As a result, this will lead to self-respect and showing others how to value us more.

Venus and Chiron, in this Aspect, helps us see why we’re worth more than what we’ve accepted in the past. So, this could motivate us to move forward from unfulfilling love life and job situations. Of course, these aren’t overnight changes, but they do nudge us to take action under challenging circumstances.

Tuesday provides a day that brings us a dose of realism with the Moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn Moon’s promote setting limits, craving stability, sorting out complex issues, and the stamina to complete an arduous task. However, the Moon is in a tricky condition while it’s in Capricorn through an Astrological term called Detriment. The Moon is ruled by Cancer, which governs emotions; Capricorn is the opposite, causing this to be a complex pairing.

Emotionally we could fluctuate from high to low. A few of the contacts this celestial body is making will be to Venus, and the Ruler of the Moon, Saturn.

Saturn is the natural pairing for Capricorn, but its connection with the Moon could create moments when we shut down emotionally. With the alignment to Venus, we could have moments of emotionally disconnecting and feeling numb in a romantic situation.

Since this Moon will Aspect with Neptune and Pluto, we could have moments where we get to the bottom of situations that prevent us from having better boundaries and working on better coping skills. So even though it’s a day where our emotions go from high to low, we can at least find solutions to help us work on these complexities.

Wednesday’s energy could cause us to feel demotivated with a complex configuration between the Sun and Chiron.

Because this Transit pronounces mood fluctuations, we could need a pep talk on this day.

Our confidence tends to fluctuate with this configuration, so there could be moments of not understanding yourself or feeling like your persona isn't likable. Finding ways to work through pessimism will be crucial because we could feel self-defeat washing over us.

Thursday brings in a mix of Transits, one that’s a buzzkill and another that could show us the right direction to go towards once we feel re-energized.

An Aspect pattern called a Yod will form due to Saturn and Chiron’s connections with the Sun.

As Saturn begins to slow down in preparation for its Station Direct next month, it connects with the Sun in this twice-a-year configuration. But it is also in contact with Chiron, creating this Yod.

With this sort of alignment, we could experience moments of self-doubt and feel drained. A Transit like this could cause moments of haze while bringing in a wave of gloomy emotions. So, this could be a day when we feel unmotivated, resulting in low productivity.

Mentally we might have arduous tasks that need to be completed, but because of how this energy hits us, it might feel harder than typical to finish complex assignments.

On the bright side, the Sun will connect with the Lunar Nodes in a way that will show us the solution to getting out of ruts.

With this configuration, we could get an idea about how to solve problematic things with our self-esteem. We could experience a glimmer of hope, knowing that this will be manageable once we have the energy to take action. So, at least this Transit shows us an open door once we’re ready.

Friday brings in a slew of transformative alignments that could cause the day to feel edgier than typical.

Mercury enters Retrograde in Libra until September 22, which will help us review events regarding love life and career situations that were off kilter since August 25th.

This Retrograde will eventually backtrack into Virgo as well so we can resolve complex issues that occurred from August 20th to 25th.

Libra's share will show us issues that need to be addressed regarding fairness in our close relationships as well as romantic unions. Some of the themes that could occur is revisiting where people-pleasing conduct has led to resentment and passive-aggressive behavior. We could also experience an uptick in communication from exes. And because Libra brings in topics about seeing those who openly oppose us, this could be a period to hash out things with others or see a relationship for all its fakeness.

Also, if you conduct business, this could bring up imbalances with networking partners, affiliates, and other collaborations with the Libra side of this Regressive Phase.

Virgo’s portion will start on September 22; then, this planet will Station Direct in this Sign on October 2nd. Therefore, we will be in the Virgo section during the Post Retrograde Shadow Period. This could raise concerns about overthinking, perfectionism, or being our own worst critics and why it’s not okay to be judgmental. In the Virgo section, we will examine how overanalyzing prevents us from progressing on our goals. Additionally, we could realize how we’ve been neglecting ourselves to help others and why taking care of our needs is essential too.

Mercury will progress into Libra around October 10th. After, this celestial body will leave its Post Shadow on 10/16/2022.

Signs that will experience this Retrograde on a deeper level will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00 to 10 degrees. Also, the Mutable Signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 24 to 29 degrees of these placements.

Mars will make the first of 3 Transits with Pluto as it slides into its Retrograde Shadow.

We’re getting 3 in a row because of the number of times Mars will come back over this exact point and connect with Pluto throughout its Regressive Motion.

The Mars and Pluto combination will intensify the sensation of being energetic. An alignment like this is motivating but be careful not to come across as power-hungry. In this situation, there is a chance for conflict, and when people can't exert their power, they often become belligerent.

Continuing with complex Transits, Venus will connect with Jupiter in an alignment that could bring out our irresponsible side.

Although it is hardly the craziest aspect on the planet, a Quincunx between Venus and Jupiter may cause us to go overboard today. With this alignment, you can feel tempted to overindulge in candy and other snacks or spend a lot of money on goods you don't need.

Socially Venus and Jupiter's Transits bring an abundance of fun and romance.

Our rose-colored glasses tend to be on, which in some ways is nice because we’re more optimistic about people and situations than usual. Because of this, we could see where we have blind spots in low substance situations and relationships. So, try to ensure the company you’re around is worth your time.

Saturday brings in the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces, which could help us look at what’s working, things that need the finishing touches, or letting go of something that’s no longer viable.

This lunar event could show us why trusting our intuition is essential. The reason for this is we could be missing out on information because we are numbing our senses to the unseen things.

Obviously, logic is crucial, and we must use it as much as possible. However, ignoring our gut instincts can sometimes be overlooked, so this lunation will help us connect with that side of ourselves, so we can incorporate both left and right-brain problem-solving.

Signs that will experience this lunar event strongly are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 14 to 22 degrees of these placements.

Sunday brings a less edgy tone with two Transits that have more of a carefree style.

Healthily boosting our egos through intelligence will come easier with the Sun and Uranus.

In the following weeks, Uranus's retrograde motion will speed up in significant alignment.

Sudden breakthroughs tend to happen with this Transit, so if there’s been something you’ve been stuck on, this could be a light bulb moment. This combination is terrific for boosting your intellectual abilities.

Also, if this week has gotten you down, this boosts your confidence and ego in the healthiest way possible. The way our confidence gets boosted is through feeling competent in our genius abilities. One of the other lovely things about this is having eureka moments that help find solutions to complex problems leading to more self-assuredness.

Even though this is a Retrograde alignment, it's still beneficial because it promotes progress.

Another cool thing is that people take themselves less seriously with this Transit, so connecting with others is more manageable than usual. The Sun and Uranus in a harmonious configuration helps us feel unapologetic about being ourselves, making it easier to show off our quirky side.

An alignment like this also brings in social exchanges filled with off-beat humor.

Additionally, this boosts our confidence by trying new things, so this could be a day to get out of your regular routine and go on an adventure or side quest of your choice. And even if this isn't about socializing, the urge to try something new could be substantial. As a result, we might quench the thirst for some new cutting-edge hobby we’ve been curious about, so we take action.

Lastly, Mercury will connect with Venus in a way that pronounces our social side superficially.

A complex alignment with Mercury and Venus could create moments of laying it on thick flirtation-wise. This may be a day when you receive more communication from others than usual.

Social media contacts could become more revved up under this influence. Because Mercury is in Retrograde in Libra, this inflates the chances of hearing from people you’ve lost touch with, especially former romantic interests. Also, feeling irritated might arise if we don't get the attention wanted because this alignment tends to enunciate our needy side.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes this week are mixed due to the contrasting variety of Transits.

From the 5th to the 7th, motivation will be one of the most vital energies. Even though things are stressful, we’ll be more action-oriented and care for problems that require attention.

Intersecting the ambitious tone will be emotional sensitivity. With this coming through, we could feel edgy but determined to work through what bogs us down from the 6th to the 7th.

Solitude peaks on the 7th, so we could need to take a step back from others to get things done. This will be a day to regulate your thoughts and emotions due to some of the heavier things going on Aspect-wise. Plus, whatever you’re working on might require quiet time.

As the solitude vibe tapers off, motivation will be more accessible from the 8th to the 11th. This could be when you’re energized but not as ramped up at the beginning of the week. This is due to lighter energies occurring on Sunday, plus the ambitious energy is lower and not as urgent as it was at the beginning of the week.

Transits This Week

September’s first whole week is coming in harsh. However, because this is a week of edgy Transits, we will feel more motivated than usual.

Transits For September 5th to 11th:

  • 9/5 Venus Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Understanding Your Worth In Love
  • 9/7 Sun Quincunx Chiron: In Need Of A Pep Talk
  • 9/8 Moon in Capricorn: Going From Very Emotional To Numbing Your Feelings
  • 9/9 Mercury Retrograde Fall 2022 Edition: A Review Of the Last 3 Weeks
  • 9/9 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto: How To Speak Recklessly Part 1
  • 9/9 Venus Quincunx Jupiter: Careless Decisions With Indulgences And Romance
  • 9/10 Full Moon in Pisces: The Importance Of Connecting With Your Intuition
  • 9/11 Sun Trine Uranus: How To Intellectually Boost Your Ego
  • 9/11 Mercury Semisextile Venus: Surface Level Communication In Dating Situations

Use this week to research ways to boost your self-esteem and take the time to care for your needs.

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