Venus Goes Into Virgo On September 4th, 2022

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Venus enters Virgo on September 4th, which will aid in identifying and resolving any issues with our love lives and financial affairs.
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“It’s not bad lighting. It’s the entire outfit that has to go!”

As this planet leaves Leo, the tone of how we approach love life and finances shifts from a passionate- open-hearted expression to a slow-your-roll and choosy approach.

Venus is all about what we enjoy, how we adorn ourselves, matters of the heart, indulging in rich foods, self-esteem, and finances.

Virgo is about sifting through the unsightly parts of the wheat to ensure the grains we pick are perfection. As a result, this combination pronounces the need to be more selective about who and what we choose if it doesn’t meet our standards. Therefore, this is a more contained version of Venus and restrictive than most other combinations.

For this reason, Venus is in a position called Fall in Astrology.

With many Astrological combinations, we come across ones that fit like a glove and others that might have a more challenging time wearing said glove. Therefore, some Signs have a tougher time connecting to certain celestial bodies because their objectives don’t match.

Here’s the issue, Venus just wants to have fun and doesn’t care to throw caution to the wind.

This planet is about what we enjoy, being carefree, drinking the best wine and spirits, eating decadent foods, being celebratory, and wearing your heart on your sleeve. This is why it works well in its Exalted Sign Pisces. Also, Venus is the higher octave of Neptune which just so happens to be Pisces' modern Ruler. With Pisces, Venus can let its hair down because this is a boundless Sign, so there’s no limit to the fun and antics.

Transiting through Pisces gives Venus the freedom it needs to just be blissful with no cares in the world. Venus also Rules Taurus and Libra, two Signs that are majorly chill. Pisces also happens to be the Opposite Sign to Virgo, so it can create friction when Venus is connected to that energy.

Virgo is detailed oriented, needs to make sure everything is 110%, uses rationale, and needs for things to be tidy. So, with Venus being a carefree planet, it could run into some issues. Also, Venus governs self-esteem, which could get dicey in Virgo due to the overthinking that comes with this Sign.

Does that mean that this planet will never work Transiting through Virgo?!

No, absolutely not!

It just means Venus might run into more hiccups than usual; however, this is still a lovely Ingress.

I want to take the time to admire Venus in Virgo for how much this Ingress improves our lives.

Let’s be honest; we could all benefit from using our discretion regarding love, money, or other situations.

Looking at life from a realistic perspective isn't easy, but it’s necessary. In love, it’s crucial to qualify someone; just because they’re attractive doesn't mean this person’s the one. With a job, just because it makes us a ton of money doesn't mean it’s the right fit for us career-wise. And even our finances, sometimes opportunities seem too good to be true, so it’s essential to do your own research to ensure it’s not a scam.

Just look at what's happening in the world; if that’s not proof that we need to take a moment, look at the details, and make sure what we are taking in is healthy, then I don’t know what is?!

Life is not a one-size-fits-all; what’s suitable for some might not be fantastic for you.

But luckily, a Virgo Venus has you covered with all of these issues. This combination helps us sift through the trappings of situations that could be problematic for us in the long run.

Love life-wise, this helps us be choosier and not fall into the trappings of a Romcom.

Or live in The Land Of Make Believe with King Friday and Lady Elaine. “Yeah, yeah, my age is showing with that reference, Xennial over here, haha!”

Observing people before you proceed becomes pronounced with Venus in Virgo. Sometimes we must step back and watch behaviors to ensure the situation is right for us.

In life, the benefit of the doubt needs to be earned and not just freely given to anyone. Venus in Virgo helps us withhold the urge to overlook things that could become problematic later with a romantic prospect. So, if you’re single, this energy is excellent for taking a moment not to ignore red flags with a new person.

Our eyes become wide open about things we typically let slide; it’s like seeing a smooth rock on the ground. We could think it’s pretty, but once we pick it up and study it, we know what's under said rock. “Eww, worms!” This is not to say we will become judgmental, but this will help us take a moment to see things realistically. That way, when picking someone, they’re of high caliber.

It’s crucial to notice discrepancies, but it's not always about red flags.

Sometimes it's like, hey, you and this person may not be a match, and you're not trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole.

With this energy, we become aware of what's better for us, which could be when our eye is also catching the ones more suitable for long-term relationships. Venus in Virgo helps us find someone who matches our energy.

Another benefit to Venus in Virgo is taking our time dating-wise.

During this period, we don’t feel as inclined to jump into situations, primarily if that hasn’t worked in the past, so we try a new method. Venus in Virgo is about being more deliberate rather than just rushing in with the first person who gives us attention. Therefore, this is another scenario with this Sign Ingress that could put you in a better position to meet a quality person.

Relationship-wise, acts of service could be huge between you and your special someone. Virgo is a Sign that gets a self-esteem boost for doing nice things for the people that matter, so this energy might bring out more thoughtfulness in your relationship.

Career-wise, this could be when you’re also looking carefully at jobs.

Energy like this helps us find practical ways to make money rather than a quick buck. In other words, this is the kind of Ingress that helps us look for something rock solid rather than a payout that isn't ongoing. Earth Signs combined with Venus help us look for stability.
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Healthier routines come easier with this Venus.

Developing a way to clean up your lifestyle becomes a focal point of this energy. We could be more concerned with cleaning up our diets since this isn't an indulgent combination.

Also, the urge to polish our style could be strong with this Ingress.

Venus is how we adorn ourselves, so combined with Virgo, this combination is all about looking pristine. Shopping sprees are not the most significant issue under this energy, but there could be one item so perfect you decide to splurge. Usually, this is bargain-hunting energy, and with Virgo’s eye for style, you could find a hidden gem on a clothing rack.

So, of course, there’s the flip side to this combination.

With the lower vibration to this planet Transiting through Virgo, we need to be aware of obsessing over orderliness.

As mentioned earlier, this Sign sifts through what's unsightly, which could veer on the unhealthy side of things. In our dating lives, we must be mindful of not being too picky. It’s essential to qualify someone, but it can be detrimental to your love life when it gets extreme. Our levels of choosiness become inflated under this influence, so try to curb that when possible.

On the extreme case end, this energy could be too picky, like not dating someone because they’re 5’11, but you want someone who’s 6 ft, so it’s a complete deal breaker.

Even though height-wise, there’s not a massive difference between 5’11 and 6ft, a small detail such as this could result in believing there’s no compatibility. So, try to move past this because you could be missing out on someone perfect for you.

In committed unions, try to be aware of being too nitpicky. Because of Virgo’s excellent eye for detail, we see things that we typically ignore, so on an unhealthy end; this could lead to criticizing a spouse for their habits.

If you're in a relationship, you want to ensure you're not turning your partner into a passion project and a fixer-upper. Sometimes in Virgo, the need to feel useful could result in trying to polish out the rough edges of a spouse. The yearning to give your special someone a makeover could take the passion out of a relationship, so try to curb that impulse if possible.

Therefore, try your best not to become your spouse’s therapist or put them through a Build a Bear workshop program.

There's also a tendency to be picky about our appearance and feel like we're not perfect. Venus is about our self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth, so we could feel self-conscious when this combination is experienced more negatively. The need to be 110% might cause us to fixate on the areas we believe we’re lacking, resulting in being harder on ourselves than typical.

So, do your best with this energy because it's excellent when used in a balanced manner!

And, on those hard Virgo energy days, please cut yourself some slack and know there’s no such thing as perfect.

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