This Week’s Horoscope Forecast August 29th to September 4th, 2022

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Venus will enter Virgo this week, encouraging us to think more critically about our relationships and finances. Additionally, Mars enters its Pre Shadow Retrograde Phase, bringing to light any unresolved Gemini-related issues in our lives.
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We have an interesting week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Venus enters Virgo, causing us to take a choosier approach regarding love and finances. Mars will enter Pre Shadow-Retrograde, bringing to our attention how we take action and the Gemini situations that need resolution in our lives. We will see many alignments with Jupiter, which could boost our optimism and give us the energy to take more risks. And Venus will make most of the Transits this week, which might cause us to make tweaks to love life and career situations that are disempowering.

With the Transits occurring on the 29th, we could feel very sociable one moment, then on pins and needles the next.

Venus will connect with Jupiter in a complex Transit that revs up our need for drinking, dining, and dancing.

These planets together in a Sesquiquadrate will give us the urge to have a Monday-Funday, so the need to go out for some summer antics could be higher than typical.

But, even though these planets are in a problematic alignment, it’s still fun.

Mainly we need to do things in moderation because being too carried away comes easily with this Aspect. Venus and Jupiter are celebratory in Transit with one another but tend to bring out our overindulgent side, irresponsibility, and spending more than we should.

Love-life-wise, this is good for connecting on a superficial level, so if you’re interested in a no-strings-attached dating situation, this Aspect has you covered. Money-wise, we need to be mindful of our spending because this alignment can over-inflate irresponsibility.

That same day Mercury will be in Transit with Uranus causing the day to feel offbeat.

Heads up, Mercury is in Pre-Shadow Retrograde, so this Transit will come back up for review. We will see this Aspect, along with the other Mercury connections you’re reading about, revisited over the next month.

Our minds could be overactive due to overanalyzing and experiencing eureka moments. However, the issue with this is it could make us feel jittery and restless due to our thoughts being more revved up than typical. Therefore, if you’re feeling on edge, check in with yourself and do something grounding.

Be prepared for the unexpected because this configuration tends to inflate surprise contacts. In other words, it’s possible to hear from people you usually wouldn’t hear from or learn about an unusual circumstance. Also, people tend to speak in an offbeat, polarizing, and contradictory way, so communication could become frustrating, resulting in bickering.

Tuesday brings in a Transit that gets us doing exciting things but also pumps our ego up in unhealthy ways.

The Sun will be in a complicated Aspect with Jupiter, which tends to bring in tons of fun, antics, and the need to lose yourself. So, if you need an excuse to get carried away, this Transit has you covered.

A Sun-Jupiter Quincunx can be fun; you just have to be aware of going overboard when it comes to too much of a good thing. Be mindful of your finances because it’s easier than usual to act impulsively and spend on frivolous items.

However, this does bring with it issues with our ego, so we need to be mindful of being overly cocky. We could feel overconfident from this energy. As a result, we might believe we can do whatever we want without consequences. Also, there is a tendency to bend the truth and misunderstand others which can cause you to overreact.

Wednesday has an air of confusion regarding relationships and finances due to an alignment between Venus and Neptune.

A configuration like this can have some bright spots, primarily if channeled correctly, so the experience can be more productive if we tap into our creative side. Because of the right-brained nature of a Venus-Neptune Transit, it’s fantastic for connecting with our artsy side, losing ourselves in cultural things, music, and poetry.

But with this being Venus and Neptune in a complex Transit like a Quincunx, we need to be aware of our blind spots, self-sabotage, and ignoring red flags. If we’re experiencing lower vibrations, our unrealistic expectations can seem more pronounced.

So, there could be moments throughout the next few days where we must accept the truth, even if it’s inconvenient about relationships and being wasteful with money.

Try to use your discretion and if you’re foggy about a situation or person, wait until you feel clear-minded to make decisions.

Thursday is a jammed-packed day filled with a mixed bag of Transits.

Connections between Mercury and Saturn on the 1st could cause us to need moments to ourselves.

Because Mercury deals with communication and our thoughts, our ability to be amicable in discussion might feel challenged. We may be in our minds due to ignoring something that didn’t go as planned or as a result of someone being overly critical.

Having a lively conversation might be tricky due to the icy nature of this Transit. A complex configuration involving Mercury and Saturn tends to enunciate other people’s numbness.

Expressing yourself might also feel complicated throughout the day without sounding short. The best course of action if you don’t feel like talking is to let people know you need a moment to gather your thoughts; otherwise, it may appear that you don’t care or are blowing them off.

At least on that same day, Mars and Jupiter will form a harmonious Transit that could help us take action on big goals.

Unlike the Transit with Mercury and Saturn, this one boosts our confidence, so hopefully, it mitigates the icy tone of the previous alignment.

Mars and Jupiter, in a balanced Aspect, help inspire us to pursue opportunities we generally blow off due to fear of rejection. With this Aspect, we feel pressed to take advantage of rare opportunities and connect with our ambitious side.

Therefore, our self-assurance could feel high enough to go for the gold. This gives us the urge to stop overthinking and start doing. So, this could offer some encouragement to apply for a position you once felt too self-conscious about but now feel more confident to send out your resume finally.

Romance-wise this encourages us to ask a person of interest on a date without overthinking it. So don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more confident than usual to pursue because your attitude will be like, “At least I tried!”

And one of the most incredible things about this configuration is it helps us take ourselves less seriously. Instead of overthinking, we feel free to let our hair down, and that’s necessary with the other Transits being so gloomy.

And we will need the assistance of the Mars-Jupiter Transit because there are more complicated Aspects on that day.

Observing how people react to the truth or when they don’t get their way will be helpful in hard decisions with Venus and Pluto in a challenging alignment.

In other words, how someone reacts to doing something wrong could tell you exactly how they value you.

A complex connection with Venus and Pluto reveals the unpretty attributes of situations so we can see the truth and empower ourselves. Issues brewing under the surface could be associated with relationships, out-of-control financial matters, what’s being omitted, control issues, and mistrust in a partnership.

Venus-Pluto transits emphasize the value of advocating for oneself. The combination of these planets in an awkward alignment drudges up circumstances where you’re called to stand up for yourself, especially in relationships with dominant and envious people.

Even if these are harsh situations, we do benefit down the line from this configuration. Empowering yourself is one of the best things about this Transit because it nudges you out of unhealthy scenarios.

Friday could be a day where we’re very social, but at the same time, we could deal with mixed messages and situations being blown out of proportion.

Mercury and Jupiter have the potential to make communication problems worse.

Take people with a grain of salt throughout the day because a configuration like this tends to bring out the exaggerator in others. Even if they mean no harm, this does pronounce the truth being stretched in conversations.

Communication by text, DM, or face-to-face can also become out of hand due to misunderstandings. Under this energy, we might encounter more whiners, those who drink their own Kool-Aid, and other types of irritating individuals.

And concentration could feel challenging because of the scattered nature of this Transit.

Therefore, if you have important work, docs, or contracts to review, try to do it slowly and avoid skimming. Otherwise, it could result in missing important information needed to advance or avoiding a bad deal.

Aside from that, this Transit can be enjoyable if you love socializing, thinking ambitiously, and being motivated.

Saturday could be another day where things get blown out of proportion because others want to be the center of attention with the Sun and Pluto.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with wanting the floor or the spotlight. However, there are times when others deserve their moment in the Sun too.

This Transit tends to bring up overly competitive antics when others aren’t getting the attention they believe they deserve. As a result, this could lead to trying to outdo others, so all eyes are on them, which also leads to bickering.

Dealing with internet personalities is also something else this Transit pronounces as well.

As a result, there could be moments of power struggles with those who are dominant and abrasive online. With this, we may see some instances of individuals who talk about other people’s secrets to make themselves look superior.

Try to channel this overly confident Transit properly because it does have benefits. The best way to focus our energy is through exercise, cleaning our homes, delving into topics like psychology, or using this to do research.

On that same day, Mars enters its Pre-Shadow Retrograde

Over the next 9 weeks, pay attention to Gemini themes because they will come back up for review during the Regressive Cycle. The Shadow RX Phase will give us a preview of what's to come for the next 7 1/2 months.

Mars will go into Retrograde on October 30th, 2022, then Station out of its Regressive Phase on January 12th, 2023. And by March 15th, it will leave its Post Shadow Retrograde Period.

Signs that will feel this Retrograde on a deeper level than most will be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 5 to 27 degrees of these placements.

Sunday allows us to come back down to Earth with Venus going into Virgo. With this planet entering Virgo, this could help us learn the art of being choosy with our love life and finances.

One thing to note is that Venus doesn’t get to fully express itself in this Sign because its Exaltation is in Pisces, which is the polarity of Virgo. This combination of the planet of love mixed with Virgo is in an Astrological term called “Fall position.” Venus performs better in Pisces because it can let its hair down, but in Virgo, it’s no-nonsense.

Being based in reality is sometimes hard when it comes to love, but in this energy, we can distinguish between a real relationship and what would be a cheap romance novel.

Sure, it’s fun to have idealized views of love, but there are times when we need to be realistic in our selection of partners. Therefore, the excellent thing about this Ingress is that it helps us tweak how we handle love, finances, and other problematic areas of our life that need a tune-up.

People become more reserved under this alignment; therefore, you might not be as receptive to dating and flirting. Nonetheless, Venus in Virgo is excellent for achieving stability in relationships and finances. With this energy, there are more chances to attract stable circumstances in your career and relationships.

Lastly, with the negative side, we need to be mindful of getting caught up in perfection in our love life and finances.

Vibes For the Week
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These next 7 days have a more accessible tone than we had throughout August.

From the 30th to September 2nd, there’s a tremendous amount of ambition and good luck energy.

This could be a period of pursuing goals that you typically second guess. The great thing about this is even if we have some edgy Transits, we will at least be able to capitalize on opportunities that can lead to something exciting for us.

And intersecting that is social vibes from the 2nd to the 4th. With this, we could feel like getting out there and mingling, which could lead to an adventurous time.

Also, there’s a possibility of this putting us in front of the right people with all the optimistic and fortunate vibes happening around that time.

Transits For The Week

As we leave August, the Transits calm down compared. Sure, we still have some edgy things occurring with the planetary activity, but at least we will feel more motivated to go after opportunities and let our hair down.

Transits For Aug 29th to September 4th:

  • 8/29 Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter: In Need Of Drinks, Dancing, And Dining
  • 8/29 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus: How To Make A Shocking Impression PT 1
  • 8/30 Sun Quincunx Jupiter: Feeling Overly Confident
  • 8/31 Venus Quincunx Neptune: A Relationship That Leaves You Constantly Confused
  • 9/1 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Shutting Down Mentally Pt 1
  • 9/1 Mars Sextile Jupiter: Taking Action On Big Goals
  • 9/1 Venus Quincunx Pluto: Seeing How A Partner Reacts When They Don’t Get Their Way
  • 9/2 Mercury Oppose Jupiter: How To Blow Things Out Of Proportion Pt 1
  • 9/3 Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Needing To Be In Charge To Boost Your Confidence
  • 9/4 Venus Enters Virgo: How To Be Choosy In Love And Finances

Use this week to take advantage of the right opportunities that are solid and try to destress with some much-needed leisure time.

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