Mercury Enters Libra On August 25th, 2022

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A Pre-Retrograde Shadow Mercury will enter Libra on August 25. Here are some ways it can aid our romantic and professional life. Additionally, this Mercury could reveal the themes we might run into during its Regressive Cycle.
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For those looking for the perfect excuse to practice the art of being charming and connecting with others, along with an endless supply of pick-up lines, it’s your lucky day because Mercury will Transit through Libra.

We leave Virgo's practical and focused tone to a more diplomatic and delightful vibe with the Libras method. Therefore, having a way with words will seem more accessible than typical with this energy.

But we have a lot more going on with this Sign Change.

Even though this planet is leaving Virgo, it will be back for another round.

Mercury will Retrograde out of Libra by the time we get to September 23rd and re-enter Virgo. This planet has already begun its Pre-Shadow Phase. Therefore, it's a good idea to be mindful of themes regarding Virgo and Libra because these are the Signs this planet will traverse.

The Virgo portion is brief but will cover events from August 20th to August 25th.

Virgo’s themes could raise concerns about overthinking, perfectionism, or being harsh on ourselves and others. In this section of the Inverse Period, we will also have lessons about why we shouldn’t neglect our needs to make other people comfortable.

From September 9th to 22nd, Mercury will Retrograde in Libra.

Due to Libra being a Sign about relationships, some topics that could arise are unfairness in unions of all kinds, codependency, or exes returning for closure. Another item with Mercury in Libra that might get thrown off course is dealings with business alliances and collaborations with partners or affiliates.

Other issues that could create potential discomfort are dealing with those who openly oppose you, addressing people-pleasing conduct, passive aggressiveness, and resentment, among potential problems.

Many of the stuff we'll experience in early Libra will come back during Mercury RX. So, there will absolutely be a need to harmonize things between our love and social life.

Does this Retrograde situation mean we won’t get the most out of this Ingress?!

Of course, not; we still have some blissful energy associated with this combination that will be fantastic for our interactions and intellectual stimulation.

Mercury is our planet of communication, how we process data, and what's going on in our minds. So, placing it in a communal Sign like Libra pronounces the need for harmony and one-on-one connection with others. Our thoughts will be more focused on how to bring fairness to our situations and achieve balance in our personal lives.

Even though Mercury is heading into its Inverse Phase, there could still be an air of agreeableness and making peace with others.

Libra is all about compromising and seeing other people's points of view. Combining this with Mercury helps us be more understanding and speak harmoniously. We could notice that our exchange of ideas with others becomes more reciprocal and less selfish.

Such an Ingress helps us maintain balance in our one-on-one relationships.

In this energy, we yearn for peaceful encounters and are more inclined to make concessions to others than usual.

Mentally, this Mercury combination helps us see both sides of a situation.

We become more inclined to think judiciously.

Justice doesn’t mean we’re doing something controversial; although it can, this could be simply about helping others who need advocation.

This could look like advocating for a co-worker having a hard time at work because others are trying to take credit for their efforts. In this energy, our sense of justice becomes more enunciated, so there could be an urge to speak up and help your colleague get the credit they deserve.

Mercury in Libra energy is about being Even-Steven.

As a result, when we witness something as simple as one person getting more cupcakes than the others, down to the co-worker being taken advantage of, we feel compelled to make things just to correct imbalances.

Artistic stimulation is a beautiful way to feed your mind what it needs.

We become more invigorated by doing artsy and cultural things within Mercury in Libra. So, this could be a time to soak up a gallery or go somewhere with tons of creative types. Go to a cultural event or a festival to stimulate your mind and absorb different aesthetics.

Creativity becomes essential with this combination to feel mentally stimulated. Our desire for creating or immersing ourselves in something beautifully balanced becomes potent.

An element of sociability and romance also helps us gain a mental buzz when Mercury is in Libra. The chances to influence others positively or run into brilliant individuals who have a way with words become higher with Mercury Transiting Libra.

Romance-wise this could influence thoughts about being in a relationship or reaffirming your commitment.

Because Libra is about relationships, we will benefit from romantic exchanges and possibly being flirty with a person that catches our eye. Charm gets kicked up 10 notches, so conversations in person or text/DM could seem flirtier than average.

For single people, this could be a time when you’re less open to those who don’t offer stability. So even if someone is visually appealing, this could be a period when you’re gravitating toward those with the same values as you about commitment.

Committed relationships could be more focused on revving up intimacy and romantic gestures. If you happen to be in a relationship, this could be a very demonstrative period with you and your spouse.

Energetically, this is a fantastic Ingress for establishing a calm tone in our dialogue, making it superb for diffusing tense circumstances. Personal relationships seem chattier than typical under this Ingress. Work-wise we could aim to create a pleasant atmosphere which might be beneficial for negotiation at the job. Being sociable with co-workers might happen more naturally than usual.

Naturally, these energies always have a lower vibration.

People-pleasing behavior is a significant problem with the not-so-positive side of Libra energy. There is nothing wrong with trying to make other people happy, but the flip side is doing things for others, hoping to receive something in return.

If you've been overly accommodating and it has resulted in antipathy, it can eventually cause it to boil over and result in an argument.

Resentment builds up with Libra energy due to not speaking up to keep the peace. Because of this, animosity could lead to situations like someone acting out their aggression behind the scenes because they feel slighted.

Petty behavior tends to be more apparent with this Ingress, especially when confronting someone for these kinds of tactics. As a result, evening the score actions come out when people don't get their way.

One of the traits of Libra energy is analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, yet this can occasionally make decision-making difficult. Therefore we could have moments where indecision creeps in, resulting in feeling scattered.

Besides that, this is favorable energy; therefore, let's take advantage of it before the Mercury Retrograde Season begins.

And as we get to the Retrograde portion, I will talk about it in the upcoming weeks.

Signs most affected by this Inverse cycle will be Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 00 to 10 degrees of these placements. Also, the Mutable Signs will experience this Regressive Phase more than most, which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, between 24 to 29 degrees.

-Later guys

Dates To Remember:

  • Shadow Retrograde Period 8/24
  • Goes Retrograde 9/9
  • Back Into Virgo 9/23
  • Station Directs 10/02
  • End of Shadow period 10/16
  • Moves out of Libra on 10/29

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