Uranus Retrograde Goes On August 24th, 2022

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The last of the outer planets to go into Retrograde on August 24th. Here's why it can help us freshen up circumstances in our lives that have grown stale.

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It's essential to pause for a moment to determine a better solution to an old standing problem to upgrade your life.

Now entering Uranus Retrograde’s 2022 Cycle.

The last of the outer planets has slowed down and is now Stationing to enter its Retrograde motion.

Now that Uranus has joined the party, all of the planets that orbit on the other side of the Asteroid Belt are in their Regressive Phase. In this particular order, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter are all in Retrograde.

As Uranus goes into its Regressive Period, we can sense that something is shifting in our lives and the world around us. In other words, Uranus RX Phases shows us long-standing problems that need resolution. Some of the topics that come up could be about our profession, relationships, personal ambitions, or even your living circumstances, which might have become stifled.

In these Retrogrades, we examine the areas where our comfort zone has turned into a trap.

As this planet is Stationing, things tend to be glitchy on a technological level. Similar to Mercury Retrograde electronics, gadgets, and internet connections tend to be spotty or malfunctioning.

Because Uranus is Mercury's higher octave, it has a more substantial impact on our technology. We experience these technological malfunctions more intensely when this planet is Stationing Retrograde or traveling directly for at least 10 days into or out of its inverse phase. Uranus Stations technical issues only last a week on either end of this planet’s Regressive periods.

Retrogrades are highly obvious when collectively occurring, but if they are aspecting anything in your chart, you can still experience them personally.

Individuals that will feel this Retrograde the most will be the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, at between twelve and twenty degrees of these Signs. So, if you have planets in these Signs or Fixed placements, you will feel this Retrograde more than most people.

Especially if you have these on your angles, whether that's your Midheaven, your IC, your Descendant, your Ascendant, or, again, chart points and planets.

Retrograde Uranus Reflective Questions

Uranus Retrograde ChartSirius Software

Uranus went into its Pre-Shadow on May 7, 2022. So, think about what Uranian themes were popping up in your life?!

We perform a wellness check on what's out of sync in this Inverse Cycle since it's crucial to be in alignment with yourself and life. This may involve discovering ways to value your eccentric side or sense of belonging.

These are some questions to ponder as you reflect:

Have you experienced a sudden awakening to break out of a slump?

Do you feel the need for a complete revamp at this point?

Are you experiencing what feels like a resurgence?

Have you been experiencing a sudden revelation about your direction in life?

Are you slowly breaking free from situations that were too restrictive?

During this period, have you realized it’s not okay to continue to suppress your needs?

Are you beginning to reconnect with your authentic self?

Has this been a time when you’re revisiting goals you put on the back burner to make others comfortable?

Slowly finding your voice and learning how to be less co-dependent?

Are you seeing why other people’s opinions of you no longer matter?

Has this been a period of awakening on a spiritual level?

Are you starting to have breakthroughs when it comes to intellectual blocks?

Learning to embrace your cerebral side better?

Recognizing your need to connect with people who share your frequency?

Are you liberating yourself from situations that have caused you to live a restricted life?

Has this been when you’ve realized seeking others' approval is causing you to abandon your own needs and identity?

Seeing why a monotonous existence is not for you?

Are you coming out of a funk and wondering how things got so stagnant?

Do you feel it’s time to roll up your sleeves and contribute to society?

Has this been a period of finally finding a way out of a problem that seemed unresolvable?

Have you slowly researched how to break ingrained patterns that are counterproductive?

Are you ready to improve upon a situation that’s worth keeping in your life but it needs an upgrade?

Have you reached a point where you’re ready to connect with your purpose?

Uranus Retrograde ChartSirius Software

One of the remarkable things about this Regressive Cycle is we get the opportunity to disrupt a clog in our system. Uranus is about progress, so a renovation or restructuring could finally be underway. As a result, the issues accumulating for months will come up for resolution during this Inverse cycle.

Uranus Retrogrades are excellent because they allow us to correct our course if life has become monotonous. This is also when you begin to awaken to your purpose, whatever it may be for you. We feel a need to free ourselves and head towards a goal or find a better way of doing things.

As a result, the issues accumulated for months or even years slowly get some sort of resolution.

During this time, we slowly begin the journey of awakening to a more purposeful life. If you’re Aspected by this planet, the urge to construct a better system for the future becomes crucial. Uranus RX permits us to let go of hindrances and other distractions that divert our attention from advancement.

Sometimes we’re stuck because we’re unable to find answers to challenging life issues. Uranus Retrogrades offer us that eureka moment we were searching for to bust out of complexities.

But most importantly, it's about living an authentic life and not the one constructed to make others happy. Many of these themes will come up throughout this Retrograde, depending on what type of topic you receive in this Regressive Cycle.

And even if you're not feeling this, Retrograde yourself; you could experience this by observing situations collectively or through people you know.

On a collective level, we might see world themes from three months ago coming up for review. Mistakes at the start of May could result in any kind of restructuring or a second look into a complex issue.

Obviously, there won't be any quick repairs, and even though this planet's inverse cycle lasts for 5 1/2 months, adjustments will take time. However, this gives you the motivation needed to start the process of freeing yourself from what holds you back from change.

An Inverse Cycle from Uranus emphasizes the areas of your life where you've hit a wall, so once we get to the Post-Shadow Phase, we'll have more clarity about earlier issues.

Change is necessary because we’re meant to evolve as humans, and lucky for us Uranus RX offers it. So, try to use this retrograde to revolutionize the things in your life that need an upgrade.

Uranus goes Direct on January 22, 2023, and will be out of its Post Shadow RX on May 9, 2023.

So, it's a long extended stint; of course, this happens with the outer planets. The further away celestial bodies are from the Sun, the slower the orbit; therefore, the Retrogrades take longer due to its Synodic Cycle.

Since we’ll be here for a while, try to find your groove and gradually work on your internal revolution.

Use this time to break stuck patterns.

-Later guys

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Enters Pre-Shadow Rx 5/7/22
  • Goes Retrograde 8/24/22
  • Turns Station Direct 1/22/23
  • Out of Shadow 5/9/23

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