This Week's Horoscope Forecast August 22nd 28th, 2022

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This week, Uranus enters Retrograde, pushing us to analyze if our comfort zones are an issue. The Sun moves into Virgo, which may help us focus on improving our quality of life. Additionally, Mercury enters its Pre-Shadow Retrograde before moving into Libra, illuminating the areas where we need to work on communicating in a balanced manner.
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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week's Astrology, Uranus goes Retrograde, causing us to look at where we've stayed in a comfort zone that's not helping us. The Sun enters Virgo, which could help us understand the importance of creating a healthier routine in our lives. Mercury enters its Pre-Shadow Retrograde this week at the end of Virgo. Then Mercury will head into Libra, allowing us to think about how we can gain more balance in our world. And this is a busy week of Venus alignments which will cause us to put our focus on love life and financial situations that need a revamp.

Monday shows us the importance of making healthy changes with Mercury in a Trine to Pluto.

A Transit like this is lovely because it helps us communicate with others in a less self-absorbed way. In other words, we're more receptive to others and don't feel the need to make the conversation about ourselves.

With this energy, we're also more perceptive than typical, which is why we're able to sense other people's needs and use commonsense. Therefore, it's a day to be open and diffuse any drama from the past few days. The chats we have with others will feel profound and eye-opening, causing us to feel mentally stimulated.

Under this configuration, plans are easier to make, logical thinking is more accessible, and our focus goes on important matters.

Speaking of common sense, the Sun enters Virgo on that same day.

Happy Virgo Season and Happy Birthday to all the Virgoans out there!

With this energy, we get an ego boost for helping others and improving our circumstances. In other words, this kind of energy causes us to be more aware of people's needs and how we can be helpful to them. We start to feel good about ourselves for paying it forward and ensuring other individuals' needs are met.

If you've been looking for an excuse to improve your life, this energy helps you become more organized. We feel ready to get back on track from all the summer antics, get our lives in order, find a healthy regimen, and do something useful with our time. It's truly a period for self-improvement, coming back down to Earth, and understanding how we can become more focused on our goals!

Like any Sign Ingress, we deal with the lower vibrations, which could be perfectionism, nitpicking, overanalyzing, and being our worst critics.

So, hopefully, you guys are getting the brighter side of this energy. Take this time to capitalize on Virgo Season and tweak the areas of your life that need improvement.

Tuesday brings a Transit that pronounces self-doubt with the Sun and Chiron. We could feel overly concerned with approval from others. Our confidence could rely on external validation to affirm who we are regardless of its self-betrayal.

Wednesday brings in Retrograde vibes from Uranus and Mercury.

Uranus will be the last outer planet to go into Retrograde in 2022.

With Uranus RX, we look at how our comfort zone isn't benefiting us and why it's time to revamp certain areas of our lives. The Regressive Cycle of this planet helps us work on parts of our lives where we plateaued.

Dormant situations come up for resolution as this celestial body moves backward. These periods make it hard to ignore a long-standing problem that needs a clever solution or what comforts have turned into a trap during these Retrogrades.

But the goal is to free yourself from restrictive patterns.

So, this might have to do with your profession, relationships, personal aspirations, or even a living environment holding you back. Uranus Retrograde could also help you gradually awaken to your life purpose as well.

This planet goes out of Retrograde on January 22nd and will leave Post Shadow on May 9th, 2023. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 12 and 20 degrees will feel this Retrograde more than others. Therefore, it will be a period to focus on your future if this is Aspecting one of your Natal placements.

Continuing with the Retrograde stuff, Mercury enters its Pre-Shadow Phase that same day.

From now to September 9th, pay attention to themes involving Virgo and Libra because these are the Signs this planet will traverse. This planet will enter Libra in a day and then get to 8 degrees of that Sign before it turns back to 24 Virgo.

The Virgo section is short, but it will pertain to things that happened from August 20th thru most of the 25th. This could bring up issues with overanalyzing, perfectionism or being overly critical of ourselves and others. Another issue that could arise is understanding a balance between caring for others and neglecting yourself.

Libra’s portion will be more extended, starting at 6:02 pm Pacific Time on the 25th to September 9th. Some issues that could arise are related to fairness, close relationships, romantic unions, codependency, people-pleasing behavior, open adversaries, individuals from the past reappearing, passive aggressiveness, and resentment. We also deal with collaborations, affiliates, and business partnerships, so that is something else to be mindful of during this Retrograde.

Mercury goes Direct on October 2nd and will leave its Post Shadow on 10/16/2022.

Of course, you can count on me to talk about this period as we get closer to the Stationing of this planet.

Our need for a healthy relationship gets pronounced on the 24th with Venus in a Trine to Chiron.

Thanks to a Trine between Venus and Chiron, we can let go of the painful memories of being rejected and hearing unkind comments that made us doubt our worth.

Under this Transit, we feel compelled to heal the relationship with ourselves because it’s crucial to practice self-respect and self-love. That way, when we’ve healed our choices of love interest will be of a higher caliber.

There could be a sense of calm washing over us because we can view ourselves from a more favorable lens. Utilize this alignment to help you eliminate the things that make you feel less valuable; that way, you can increase your self-assurance in love and money.

Thursday brings us a softer way to communicate with Mercury in Libra.

Even though Mercury is in Shadow Retrograde, we still have some lovely notes to enjoy from this Sign change.

Mixing Libra with Mercury brings a charming tone to communication. We also become more open to making better connections in our one-on-one relationships. Romance-wise, this energy from this aspect brings in flirty and charming dating prospects, some that are keepers and others who are too indecisive.

However, this does indicate the chances of meeting like-minded individuals looking for something committed.

Socially, our conversations become intellectually harmonious, so the exchanges with others tend to be even. Communication-wise, this helps us attract lighthearted individuals in our lives, so if you’re open to meeting new people, this Ingress is helpful.

With the lower vibration of this, be aware of people-pleasing behavior; it is one thing to use social niceties; it’s another to butter up conversations to win approval from others. Also, be aware of passive-aggressive communication when feeling resentful in relationships.

Friday urges us to break out of restrictive patterns regarding love, our wardrobe, and finances.

Venus will be in a complicated alignment with Uranus, so be aware of making too many drastic changes.

If you feel restrained for some time or have the urge to freshen things up, try to put it off until you have a solid action plan. This Transit pronounces the opposite outcome than you hoped, so please take your time making changes to your relationships, profession, and appearance.

Just because you feel the impulse doesn't mean you ought to execute it. Therefore, abruptly ending a relationship or employment that you believe is holding you back could create a backlash. If you need to make significant decisions, ensure you have an exit strategy and support.

Changes you didn't intend to your appearance could go wrong when Venus and Uranus form a Square.

To put it another way, Venus and Uranus Squares are how you get bad bangs. Or the unfortunate incident of bleaching your hair in hopes of a blonde color, but you end up with an orange tone.

A Sun and Mars alignment happens on that same day which could further pronounce the reckless energy in the air. Our confidence will feel puffed up so we can make some choices that might go in our favor and others that backfire.

Because we feel like we have nothing to lose and need an audience, we could make choices to boost our ego that's not healthy. As a result, our careless behavior could have consequences or lead to tension with others.

Saturday gives us a New Moon in Virgo, which could help us kick start some healthier habits.

Now that the New Moon has arrived, it will help us figure out what we need to do to become seamless in our lives. With this lunar event, we can take our actions and improve them.

Virgo energy helps us realize to create a better lifestyle. Therefore, it's time to cut back on things that prevent you from being organized, practical, and healthy. Sure, it doesn’t sound glamorous, but it’s essential to be mindful of habits hindering our growth.

It's time to better ourselves, find our footing, and assess where we may be of service to others!

So, this New Moon could be a time we realize what we need to do to polish up the unsightly areas of our lives.

Zodiac Signs most affected by this lunation will be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 00 and 8 degrees of these placements.

More relationship situations will need to be examined on the 28th with Venus and Saturn in an Opposition.

Venus, combined with Saturn, causes us to look at where we're emotionally unfulfilled.

Because this Opposition involves a Leo and Aquarius tone, there could be a tug of war in relationships that lack passion. This could show up as a partner who’s unaffectionate to the point you feel alienated in your relationship.

As a result, numbness could wash over us because we're drained from investing our emotions in a relationship that’s running its course. This Transit could bring up conflict in relationships that aren’t equal in terms of feelings. There could be moments where you conclude that you are in a relationship that isn’t reciprocal regarding love and genuine emotions.

In this alignment, it highlights where we feel rejected by a partner. But, on the other hand, this could show you that your feelings for someone aren’t what you thought they were because your heart isn’t in it any longer.

Also, it brings in the realization of dissatisfaction with their current position about a job. Sometimes this is because of feeling undervalued at your place of employment, there’s no room for growth, or it pays well but doesn’t offer value in terms of fulfillment.

Although this is a harsh Transit, it gives us the nudge to make gradual changes to situations that leave us feeling depleted. Sure, it’s not something you can do overnight, but it does help us look at things realistically so we can eventually do what’s best for ourselves.

Vibes For The Week

The energy this week is edgier than typical.

Around the 22nd, solitude, mental, and emotional sensitivity are mixed, which could cause us to feel like we need to take a step back from being social. This could be a day when we don't have the energy to deal with other people's issues, so retreat is necessary.

From the 24th to the 26, there's a high amount of mental energy intersecting ambition, social, emotional, and romance vibes. We could feel triggered when things become overwhelming in social and romantic scenarios. This could be a very active period for our thoughts regarding our personal life and decision-making to be in healthier situations.

By the 27th, solitude intersects emotional sensitivity, ambition, social, and romance, causing us to need space to clear our heads. Over the weekend, this could be a time to create some strategy for yourself that helps you become more grounded in your personal life.

This Week's Transits

August has been a month filled with making significant changes to things that don't work for us any longer, and this week is no different. Maintaining as much balance as possible with these complex energies is crucial so try to find healthy outlets for your stress.

Transits for August 21st to 28th:

  • 8/22 Mercury Trine Pluto: How To Make Healthy Changes
  • 8/22 The Sun Enters Virgo: Boosting Your Confidence By Helping Others
  • 8/23 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Accepting Who You Are
  • 8/24 Uranus Retrograde: Realizing What’s Making You Stagnant
  • 8/24 Venus Trine Chiron: Ready For A Healthy Relationship
  • 8/25 Mercury Enters Libra: How To Diffuse Drama
  • 8/26 Venus Square Uranus: Do You Want Bad Bangs?! Because That’s How You Get Bad Bangs!
  • 8/26 Sun Square Mars: A Reckless Way To Boost Your Confidence
  • 8/27 New Moon in Virgo: How To Get Your Life In Order
  • 8/28 Venus Opposite Saturn: Feeling Emotionally Unfulfilled In A Relationship

Use this week to upgrade the things in your life that are no longer viable.

-Later guys

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