Mars Goes Into Gemini On August 19th, 2022

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Mars enters Gemini on August 15th causing us to take action in a versatile way. Also, this planet will be in the Sign of the Twins for the next 7/2 months due to Mars's upcoming Retrograde Cycle!
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Let’s take action in a versatile way.

As we leave the determined vibes of Mars in Taurus, our energy levels go from plodding actions to a multitasking method with absolutely no chill.

After Mars left Aries on July 4th, it entered Taurus, which took us out of the combination of Aries and Gemini energy. This helped us slow down for a bit; it allowed us to stop and smell the roses.

Prior to the Taurus Ingress into Mars, we had our planet of action along with Jupiter, which was also in Aries during Gemini Season, giving us oodles of energy and the ability to be adaptable.

On top of that, this period gave us a sneak peek of what's to come for the next 7 1/2 months.

Yes, 7 1/2 months because Mars will be in Gemini until March 2023.

This unusual event is due to Mars’s Retrograde Cycle; on October 30th, 2022, Mars will enter its Regressive Period. So, if you were missing Gemini and Aries Season 2.0, this extended stint has you covered.

Sure, the Retrograde will bring some caveats to Mars Transiting through Gemini, but I will cover the Inverse Cycle thoroughly once we get to that point.

In the meantime, can we take this moment to appreciate Mars in Gemini?!

Now it’s time to get back to our juggling routine from the Springtime and complete tasks at lightning speeds.

Mars in Gemini helps us take on a flexible but action-oriented style and perform multiple things simultaneously. Because Mars is like our motivational coach and governs how we exert energy, we will feel more invigorated than usual under this combination.

Our intimacy style and temperament will also be highly charged since Mars governs these areas. Plus, we will finally have the stamina to resume our multiple projects that were put on the back burner while Mars was in Taurus.

For those who enjoy walking and chewing gum at the same time, this is your time to shine.

Combining Mars with the Sign of the Wonder Twins puts a high-octane boost to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, so expect Mercurial themes to be more pronounced. In other words, our thoughts, the need for mental stimulation, and communication will be vital.

Mentally, this Ingress could aid in absorbing data quickly because it’s a Mercury-Mars combo.

Therefore, a Gemini-Mars blend could help us see more details than typical, resulting in learning a subject fast. Our minds will be able to handle dimensions, so this could feel like a multilayered time for your mental skills. We will have the bandwidth to absorb more information because we feel intellectually sharp.

Communication will feel ultra-chatty.

So, on a social level, our phones and inboxes could be more active than average. Similar to Mercury in Aries, this combination helps us have verbal stamina, speak directly, and to feel confident enough to express ourselves. This kind of energy gives us the social battery to communicate continuously. As a result, Mars in Gemini will be helpful for feeling more open to talking, texting, or facetiming others without feeling overly stimulated.

As a matter of fact, Gemini seeks out stimulation, so during this period, we will need more excitement than typical. Because this combination needs to be entertained constantly, this could be a period of being on the go, planning new adventures, and going on a learning fest.

Gemini enjoys intellectual pursuits, so this could be a period of seeking out information for fun. And the cool part is your mind won’t grow tired.

With Gemini being a travel Sign, we could have the urge to go on a bit of adventure around our town. Exploring your local scene for activities you’ve meant to try but haven’t made the time to do will seem easier than usual. We could get the urge to be spontaneous and finally hang out at that rad venue we’ve been eyeballing for some time. Also, this Sign has to do with travel within our vicinity, so this could be a time to take a trip to the next town over. And if you live in the USA, this could be visiting a neighboring state.

Speaking of neighbors, Gemini also governs that area, so we could find ourselves finally taking action when it comes to getting to know the other people who live around us.

Romance-wise, this isn't the kind of Mars where you get into a relationship.

I’m not saying it can't happen; of course, you could meet someone worth your time during this Ingress. However, in Gemini, this planet doesn’t offer as much committal energy as other Mars combinations. Mars rules our intimacy style, so a mixture like this is about having fun and needing more selections.

Some of the themes that occur while this planet is Transiting through Gemini could be about looking for a good time but not the long haul when it comes to many things, including romance. People crave variety in this energy, so this could be a time to keep your options open if you’re single and let your curiosity run wild.

And depending on whom you’re asking, the no strings attached approach could be great if you’re not ready to settle down yet.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, this could be a time to try new things with one another. On an intimacy level, this could be a time to connect intellectually. Also, in terms of passion and bedroom things, this could be a time of exploring ways to satisfy one another. During this period, you and your person could look for adventurous dates in your local area, take a romantic getaway that’s a staycation or go to some cool town within your vicinity for a weekend away.

Goal and career-wise, we're dealing with Gemini energy with Mars, which is excellent for our ambitious nature. Gemini, combined with our planet of ambition, is looking for variety and ways to stimulate our minds. Therefore, this could be when you’re seeking multiple ways to make money, so taking on a side hustle or researching how to make passive income could be possible.

Anytime I talk about Gemini energy, I need to mention why this Sign shows us the importance of not putting your eggs in one basket.

And so, it could also be about having multiple goals and trying to tackle them all at once. Because again, this is that type of energy that's all about versatility and multitasking.

Of course, there's a lower vibration as there is any time a planet changes Signs.

Again, once the Retrograde comes, we will talk about that portion, but for now, some issues could arise in this energy will this planet is Direct.

Multitasking is excellent; however, we must be mindful that we aren't creating more work for ourselves. Try not to take on more than you can handle because it can result in a bottleneck. It’s problematic because we don't have enough hands, so piling on more than you can juggle will lead to burnout and half-finished projects.

Flakiness becomes an issue due to people getting bored or being so scattered that they forget to respond. So, this could be a period of experiencing moments where conversations are left unfinished. Also, be mindful of your activity on the internet, back up your data, and ensure you aren't sharing things you shouldn't because information glitches are more prevalent under this influence.

Gossip could be an issue with this combination, so try to be mindful of speaking about others in an unflattering way. With this energy, we also deal with loose lips, which could lead to blurting out other people's personal business.

Continuing with the no filter about communication, this could also be a time when people are too blunt. Tempers could flare up easily under this influence, leading to heated exchanges. A good debate could quickly become combative, so try to be mindful and excuse yourself if a conversation is becoming irritating.

Another way this could show up is through intellectually roasting others.

Gemini’s clever nature mixed with a planet about self-assurance pronounces the smarty pants side in us. We could have a low tolerance if we think someone isn’t on our level and be condescending.

So, try to be mindful of arrogant behavior with an energy like this because it tends to puff up levels of unjustified confidence resulting in thinking we’re more intelligent than everyone.

Even though this energy could get dicey, let's capitalize on this Ingress for all its excellent qualities.

And, let's make sure we have all of our ducks in a row before Mars retrograde.

-Later guys

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