Jupiter Goes Retrograde On July 28, 2022

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On July 27th, Jupiter will start moving retrograde. Here's why this could help us get back on track and pursue energetically beneficial possibilities.

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I’m open to seeking every opportunity imaginable; I just don't know how to start this journey.

Next on the list of outer planet Retrogrades for 2022 is Jupiter.

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, along with the asteroid Chiron (In that order) have started their Regressive Phases, so now we only have two left, Jupiter and Uranus.

Compared to most Retrogrades, Jupiter has the tamest vibe and lessons.

However, it does have its things that can be uncomfortable. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so it can inflate certain situations.

The area of life or planet Jupiter is Aspecting while its Retrograde will be where we examine our growth potential. As a result, this celestial body’s Regressive Period can scale up conditions concerning Jupitarian themes in our lives. For this reason, we can experience growth on all levels, which could be comfortable to complex.

Of course, this always depends on if you are aspected by this planet during the RX period. In other words, if Jupiter goes Retrograde over one of your chart points, you will experience it personally.

Since this planet will Retrograde from Aries to Pisces, there will be more Signs than typical that will experience this Inverse Phase.

Therefore, the Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this the most, between 1 to 9 degrees. Additionally, the Mutable Signs Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius at the last 3 degrees of these Zodiac Signs will experience this Retrograde more than others.⁠

Jupiter Retrograde Reflective Questions

With this Inverse Cycle, we seek a new path of wisdom and go on a journey that expands our horizons.

On May 4th, Jupiter went into Pre Shadow, so think about what Jupitarian themes happened during this period?

Here are some questions to reflect on:

  • Realizing that toxic positivity is keeping you in unhealthy situations?
  • Have you realized why spiritually bypassing yourself and others around you is unhealthy?
  • Seeing why too much of a good thing is hindering you?
  • Working on problems that have led you to greed?
  • Learning that shrugging things off isn't healthy?
  • Understanding why behaving in a sanctimonious way is shutting people out?
  • Realizing other people's opinions are just as important as your own?
  • Have your viewpoints slowly shifted?
  • Is this a time when you need to go beyond your own limits?
  • Are you opening yourself up to new philosophies?
  • Have you questioned old beliefs that are no longer a good fit for your life?
  • Are you ready to trust yourself again and develop your confidence in who you are after losing hope?
  • Interested in learning new perspectives other than your own?
  • Trying to understand universal truths?
  • Looking for training or consulting from those who are counselors, teachers, coaches, ministers, or gurus?
  • Going on a metaphysical journey
  • Did you have a vision that now needs to be revised
  • Realizing you need more depth in your social situations?
  • Understanding where you’re not seeing the big picture?
  • Is this a time you’re working on accepting the facts rather than things that confirm your biases?
  • Working on setting a limit on how generous you are?
  • Do you want to develop new skills from others in an apprentice program?
  • Have an urge to start a higher education curriculum or go back to college?
  • Trying to create an environment that’s fair and just for everyone?
  • Seeing why you need more freedom in your life?
  • Understanding what stops you from taking a risk?
  • Wanting to publish your ideas, so it helps others heal?
  • Do you need to go beyond your backyard to see what's out there?
  • Have you reviewed opportunities to ensure it’s the right fit for your journey?

Jupiter Retrograde ChartSirius Software

Energetically, this could be a time when you find yourself on a quest for the truth in your life. It's also about looking inward and understanding what is fair; you need to get in touch with your perspective on justice. This is a time to look at our belief system and other opportunities we can take advantage of in our lives.

In some instances, we could see the opposite of Jupiterian things. So instead of going for it without a second thought, we could be more cautious and make careful decisions. Things can feel restricted until the right choices are made.

As a result, we need to narrow down our possibilities until we see the correct path to take. We might have had a vision of where things were going for us, but now they need to be revised.

Even though Jupiter usually is about going for the gold, during its Inverse Period, we aim only one to 3 arrows at our options rather than 20 at a time. So, this is your moment to make better choices that will put you on the proper trajectory for your life.

Like a Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter’s Regressive Phase is about understanding actualities and knowledge.

A Retrograde like this helps us tap into our highest potential.

Seeking ways to tap into our higher mind could arise during this Retrograde. Jupiter is associated with coaches, spiritual counsel, regular counselors, shamans, teachers, and gurus. So, this could be a time to receive guidance from others for growth of all kinds. During this period, learning from others might help you build yourself back up and move past limiting beliefs.

Or this could be entering a certification program to become a coach or an apprentice. There could be a massive urge to help others with this energy. So, you go through the learning process to work with people, work on your interpersonal dexterity, and build solid consultation skills.

And, of course, with Jupiter, we work on our belief systems. This shows up as reviewing the faith we’ve lost, tweaking the ideals we’re keeping, and opening our minds to better principles.

Restructuring old beliefs during this Retrograde helps us adjust our opinionated nature. Even if we don’t share the same ideals, we work on hearing people out and being fair. If being dogmatic has worked against us, this could be a time when we learn to understand other opinions.

Education becomes a massive area of focus with this Retrograde, so this could be a period of reassessing your options regarding school. For some, this could be a time to investigate starting some sort of educational program to gain wisdom that helps them grow career or knowledge-wise.

For others, this can be because they’re continuing education. This could be when the urge to return to school is higher than average. In these cases, people tend to enroll in college or get a certification. Or your career path has changed, so now you want a different degree to fit the new job field you’re ready to start.

This is a period to reassess all things education and make sure you’re picking the right program, school, or location. We look at who has the best bang for our buck, and sometimes it’s a waiting period for a grant or scholarship program. Also, this could be time to see if traveling to a new city, state, or even abroad is right for you.

Speaking of travel, this could be a period when you want to explore other places. In other words, you want to see something more than your local area or state. So, you’re ready to research and plan trips you’d like to take. Or this could have been a period to put an overseas trip on hold or just long-distance overall. With Jupiter Retrogrades, we see delays with travel plans, so this could come up during the Regressive period for you.

Relocating to improve your living situation is reevaluated under this Inverse Cycle. With Jupiter, moves tend to be long-distance, whether cross-country or overseas. This worked to make this significant milestone a reality.

During Jupiter Retrogrades, we see where certain types of consultants are no longer with Jupiter; moves tend to be long-distance, whether cross-country or overseas, which resonates with you.

Continuing with seeking information or consultations, people tend to step away from teachings that might not be suitable. This could be due to a change in attitude, philosophies, or beliefs, or the situation seems unethical. Also, this doesn't have to be an individual. It can be a place of faith that no longer aligns with you for various reasons.

Coming back down to Earth is another crucial lesson during Jupiter Retrograde. This could be a period to work on egotism and see why feeling superior to others is wrong. With this Regressive Cycle, we learn why this has backfired in our lives. As a result, we could find ways to curb our entitlement issues, greed, or intellectual arrogance.

Spiritually this could be a time when we’re working on being too self-righteous. Pious behavior may have caused us many setbacks, so we might be in a place to course correct.

We have 4 months to work on some of these areas, so use this to your advantage.

Jupiter goes Direct on November 23, 2022, and will be out of its Post Shadow Retrograde on February 14, 2023. So, we have about four and a half months to reassess how we're expanding our life.

But either way, let’s use this time to free ourselves from attitudes that hold us back.

-Later guys

Key Dates For Jupiter Retrograde:

  • Pre-Shadow Retrograde 5/4/22
  • Goes Retrograde 7/28/22
  • Out of Retrograde 11/23/22
  • Leaves Post Shadow 2/14/23

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