Mercury Goes Into Leo On July 19th, 2022

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On July 19, Mercury will enter Leo, which may cause us to feel more passionately committed to our objectives and creatively enhance our intelligence.
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I’m at my best when I can truly express myself.

Who’s ready to roar?!

We’re getting a little dose of Leo before we actually hit Leo season. Within a matter of days, Mercury is entering this vibrant Zodiac Sign.

So, now we leave the emotional approach of Mercury in Cancer and transition to a passionate, extroverted vibe.

Leo, combined with our planet of communication and thinking, Mercury, will bring us out of our shells. In other words, this pairing helps us communicate confidently and with more flair. Our thinking becomes fast, steady, and creative. This combination allows us to speak from our hearts, so expressing ourselves with sincerity will feel easy.

The previous Ingress with Mercury in Cancer caused us to be more internal, but in Leo, we project outward. There is still an emotional element to this Mercury, but it's fiery emotions rather than watery. Communication becomes revved up, projective, playful, attention-grabbing, and artistic.

Confidence levels tend to go up with Mercury in Leo.

This could be a period of feeling self-assured about expressing your personality. A combo like this helps us speak from our soul more freely. For this reason, we can convey what we want and be more decisive about important choices.

Mindset-wise, we come from a heart-centered perspective on intellect, thoughts, everyday life activities, and how we understand others. This gives us cognitive abilities to analyze and solve problems through a passionate lens.

Mercury in Leo creates the opportunity to be a fierce learner.

Absorbing data comes fast with this Ingress. With Fire Signs, information comes through quickly. However, in Leo, our minds are steadier than they are with Aries and Sagittarius. This is because Leo is Fixed Fire and is meant to stabilize conditions. Because of this, we can understand the information in a quick and focused way but also retain what we learned.

Stimulation-wise we will need an outlet for all of this vitality.

Throwing ourselves into creative outlets will be good for our minds. We will feed our stimulation needs through pleasure, validation, playfulness, being at the center of it all, and entertainment. The one thing that could make this a problematic Ingress is that our need for validation becomes higher than average, so be aware of expecting more praise than anyone can give.

Because this Sign is about our artistic passion, colorful ideas could flood in, causing creative blocks to clear up. As a result, we could feel inspired to create something artsy and put it out there so we can show the world our bold expressiveness.

Generally, we think of the Venus signs, like Taurus and Libra, with beauty or art. Or Pisces with their poetic flair and abstract art style. But, the Fire Signs have this too, through creative passion with Leo.

With Leo, artistry comes from self-expression.

Channeling this bold side helps bring joy because this playful energy connects us to our inner creator. So that inspirational spark from this Ingress might translate into fashion sense, being a stylist, writer, a creative communicator, i.e., public speaker, acting, or comedy.

A Leo Mercury combo could also be a time when we are interested in learning about art.

Since Mercury is about education, we might be interested in a program to further us skill-wise or career. We might be interested in taking an art appreciation class to learn about color theory, photorealism, or composition.

During this period, we could take up courses to do with painting, sketching, sculpture, or photography. Or take up a degree program in the Fine Arts. So, this Mercury is great for accessing our creative intelligence.

Social stimulation with others could be about going to galleries, the theater, movies, sports, and romantic dates. A fiery meeting of the minds is possible during this time, so our hangouts will feel lively and passionate.

Also, a little praise will go a long way with others and yourself.

Love generally isn't associated with Mercury, but we could have romance on our minds more than typical. This combo could help us be more charismatic and flirtier for the sport. Amorous exchanges, compliments on our appearance, and attention from someone we’re crushing on are very stimulating with this Ingress.

Of course, there's always a lower vibration with any Sign change.

Due to this combination's bold, fiery, passionate nature, we must be mindful of our tempers. Mercury is how we think, but Leo energy needs leisure, so it won’t let worrying impede on its fun until necessary.

Mercury in Leo is slow-burning until it reaches its boiling point, so like most Fixed Signs, things build up into an explosive rage. Pressure cooker-like-anger is the worst way to express frustration. Also, it’s shocking, so ensure you’re not ignoring problematic situations.

Having a center-stage mindset could lead to treating others like backup dancers.

The issue is a tendency to steamroll people because we want to be heard. It’s vital to ensure everyone’s voice gets heard, so try to be aware of demanding all the attention and dimming someone else’s shine.

Irritations also come up when we don’t get validation from others.

Everyone needs to be praised at times; however, this gets amplified in Leo's energy. This is a Sign of getting applause for your uniqueness and what you bring to the table, so with the lower expression, things get tricky.

Leo is a Sign that goes above and beyond for others, so the need for appreciation is higher than average. It’s important to know we aren’t being taken for granted, which is understandable. But, the shadow side of this ingress can turn into low self-esteem or hostility when others aren't getting admiration or approval from others.

Arrogance also is a lower expression of this energy.

Having pride is necessary; we all need to carry ourselves with dignity; however, there are ways this can swing to an unhealthy side. We could think highly of ourselves and act too prideful of situations, things, or people. So, try to be mindful of pompous behavior.

But either way, Mercury entering Leo is so welcomed.

Let's learn the art of confident communication and motivational thinking.

-Later guys

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