This Week’s Horoscope Forecast July 4th to 10th, 2022

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Mercury and Mars enter new Signs this week, minutes apart from one another. Mars will move into Taurus, which may encourage us to adopt a more laid-back approach to achieving our goals. Additionally, Mercury enters Cancer, which makes us need emotional stimulation.
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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we get two Sign changes. Mars will leave Aries and head into Taurus, causing us to take a practical strategy to our goals. Mercury will exit Gemini and enter Cancer which will help us take a more dynamic approach to our communication. And throughout this week, we have a mix of Venus and Mercury Transits, causing us to express what we need in our love lives and career paths.

Monday is an interesting day of alignments between Mercury and Mars linked with two Sign changes.

Mercury will be in a Harmonious Aspect with Mars that could help us communicate boldly. Our minds will feel energetic with this Transit which helps us understand things that need an alert. Honesty becomes easier with this orientation because we don’t feel as concerned about what others think and are less passive.

Socially, this is great for interacting and having lively conversations with others. This configuration is good for getting your point across directly, so hesitation won't stop us if important things need to be said.

Both celestial bodies will be within minutes of leaving the Signs; they’re in Gemini and Aries, but before they do, we get one last taste of this Air-Fire combination.

Mars has been in the last 3 degrees of Aries since July 1st. The Cardinal Signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn tend to leave planets with a bang causing us to feel like we’re on pins and needles. Planets leaving the final zone of a Sign carry more complex energy called Critical Degrees in Astrology, so the last 72 hours might have felt edgy.

By 11:03 pm Pacific Time on July 4th, Mars goes into Taurus.

Taurus, connected with Mars, takes the high-octane approach of Aries and slows it down to a more mellow method. The tone in the air will shift from what we’ve been experiencing with Mars going into a laid-back Sign, so if you’ve felt like things were going too fast, this should help you catch up with yourself.

Honestly, we need this version of Mars right now because what it does is help us cool down temperament-wise and take action in a way that doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers. With a Taurean Mars, we won't be as fast on our feet, but at least we will take the time to finish what we started and create something sustainable for ourselves.

Twenty minutes later, at the end of July 4th, Mercury enters Cancer.

Continuing with the changing tone, Mercury in this Sign helps us take a more feelings-based approach to our thoughts and communication. This conveys a fashion that’s more inward-looking and empathetic in its message.

Socially, we become low-key and only want to engage with those who have the same emotional depth. This kind of Mercury causes us to feel like we need more time to ourselves or just with our close inner circle of friends and family. In this Ingress, we focus our communication on the people who matter and prefer not to waste our time on surface-level relationships.

Cancer rules things from our past, so the urge for nostalgia will be high, reminiscing about old times and even resolving things that were neglected. We also need to be mindful of our moods because our thoughts and emotions might fluctuate with a Cancerian Mercury.

From the 5th to the 7th, Venus will make 3 alignments which could cause us to look at what we need to heal in our love life. Venus will Semisquare Mars and Semisextile Uranus.

Venus will make a complex Transit with Mars, which has ups and downs. On the upside, this Aspect is excellent for healthy relationships regarding revving up passion, so this could be a day when intimacy is off the charts.

On the downside, this alignment does inflate the more dramatic side of relationships, so if there are issues with not seeing eye to eye, we could feel more riled up than usual. In already unhealthy relationships, this could inflate some of those toxic scenarios.

Wednesday gives us another Venus Transit, this time to the asteroid Chiron. With this, we understand being overly sacrificial in relationships is coming at a cost to us.

This alignment shows us how we need to love ourselves more and not abandon our needs for the sake of a relationship. Therefore, this is a time to evaluate why we seek approval from others. With Venus and Chiron, we tend to look at why we aren’t happy and what we need to heal within our love life. A Transit like this allows us to work on self-worth and find ourselves beyond only having an identity through a relationship.

Communication and plans might not go as expected on the 6th with Mercury in a Semisquare to Uranus.

Energetically this tends to disrupt the flow of communication. So, even if a conversation has a purposeful dialog, it could abruptly stop with no explanation, mainly over text or DM. Or you’re hearing from someone unexpectedly that you didn’t plan on speaking with for various reasons. This also causes conversations to shift from pleasant to erratic.

Mentally we could feel wired, which might cause us to go in extreme directions. We could either shut down due to feeling overly anxious. Or feel so energetic that we speak over others by cutting someone off mid-sentence because our patience is thin. Thus, try to be mindful of coming off abruptly today in your chats with others.

Thursday gives us another Venus alignment for the 3rd day in a row; this time, it’s connecting with Uranus. There is also a Yod on the Moon in Libra, which could further amplify uncomfortable situations in love and finances.

With a Transit like this, we could feel more aware of the restrictiveness of a current relationship or job situation. As a result, we might be on pins and needles and making impulsive decisions. Because this is an edgy week for love life and finances, try to hold off on abrupt changes because this configuration revs up erratic choices.

Make sure you have a backup plan if it’s a job or financial decision, and if it’s a relationship that just needs better communication, wait before jumping ship. If it’s a very unhealthy relationship, ensure you have a good exit strategy so this doesn't cause more stress.

Friday could be a day of ego fluctuations due to a Square between the Sun and Chiron along with Mercury in a tricky Aspect to Jupiter.

With this energy, going to others for approval to build your ego might not get your desired response. This Transit shows us we need to find better ways to cope with not getting our ego needs met by external validation. That way, you won’t always need confirmation from others and will learn how to gain inner confidence.

A Mercury-Jupiter Square could result in feeling very absentminded today.

If you’re feeling distracted today, use this as an excuse for a break. Otherwise, it can lead to stress because you’re unable to concentrate on important things. Another effect is that you can experience extreme jitteriness, so try to find ways to calm your mind and ground yourself.

Finally, this tends to bring out people's arrogant side, so communication might be challenging. When this occurs, try to disengage as much as possible otherwise, it might result in bickering. Honestly, it's best to let those who blow out hot air exhaust themselves, so try to focus on people who don’t drain your energy.

Saturday could have us more in our heads with Mercury in a complex Transit to Saturn.

This might be a day when you could be overthinking about situations when you weren't at your best. In other words, this may cause you to dwell on past moments that didn't go as you expected, triggering you to be critical of yourself. Because of this, your social batteries might be low, resulting in shutting others out.

Sunday might feel unexpectedly good with the Sun and Uranus in a Sextile.

Stagnated situations tend to resume their natural flow with the help of this Transit. Therefore, if limitations were an issue in your life, this should reduce hurdles, particularly a lack of confidence limiting your potential.

Sun-Uranus alignments encourage us to act on our goals; therefore, today may bring out our determined side.

On a social level, this is fantastic for attracting people who might end up being friends in the future. People we haven’t chatted with in a while tend to be more available for a day, night, or just catching up. Also, we might find and crave an adventure because this motivates us to try something new and thrilling. Enjoy this day with those who share your interests.

Vibes For The Week
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At the beginning of the week, there's a ton of mental energy.

Our minds will feel very alert, so constant stimulation will be needed. This energy will also help us have enough mental stamina to finish tasks that is usually exhausting.

Romance is high from the 4th to the 7th, intersecting mental and solitude on the 7th.

Because there are 3 Venus alignments, we could have moments when flirtation is off the charts. Passion will be high, and even if there are issues, it could be a time to make up intimately. However, there are a lot of complex energies to Venus, so this could result in intensity in relationships.

Then as we get to the 7th through the 9th mental and solitude energy are present. The situation with solitude and mental energy will go on throughout Saturday; this could cause us to be overly analytical and want some time to ourselves.

Psychically, we could have moments where our intuition picks up on small things. This is due to the low levels of psychic energy, which might result in us connecting to sensory-level stuff in our environment.

Transits For The Week

The first week of July comes in with intense energies. These next 7 days, it will be vital to pick and choose your battles and change things that aren't healthy for you.

This Week’s Transits July 4th to 10th:

  • 7/4 Mercury Sextile Mars: Communication That's Bold
  • 7/4 Mars at 29 Aries: Feeling Edgy
  • 7/4 Mars Enters Taurus: Why Rush A Good Thing When You Can Pace Yourself
  • 7/4 Mercury Enters Cancer: The Ability To Communicate In A Nurturing Way
  • 7/5 Venus Semisquare Mars: Sometimes I like You, Sometimes I Don’t
  • 7/6 Venus Sextile Chiron: Learning The Importance Of Self-Respect
  • 7/6 Mercury Semisquare Uranus: Abrupt Communication
  • 7/7 Venus Semisquare Uranus: Making Sudden Changes In Relationships
  • 7/8 Sun Square Chiron: Finding Ways To Heal Your Ego
  • 7/8 Mercury Square Jupiter: People Who Stretch The Truth
  • 7/9 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Feeling Emotionally Shutdown
  • 7/10 Sun Sextile Uranus: Having a Breakthrough That Boosts Your Confidence

Use this week for creating a game plan to move forward from unhealthy situations with finances, love, and your inner dialog.

-Later guys

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