Mercury Goes Into Cancer July 4th, 2022

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Mercury enters Cancer on July 4th, providing us the chance to develop our emotional intelligence.
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There’s nothing wrong with saying you care with a sentimental card.

Since May, Mercury’s been in Gemini due to the Retrograde Cycle. But now, we get to move forward because this planet will enter Cancer.

Can you say vibe shift?!

Leaving the wonder twins' fast-paced and stimulation-hungry approach after two months will be very noticeable. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which governs how we absorb information and our conversational style. Our minds and chats with others were buzzing around like a hummingbird flying from flower to flower with this combination, but now it’s time to recoup from those mental Olympics.

As Mercury transitions into Cancer, we take on a hung-back and feeling-based method.

Mindset and communication-wise, we calm down and aren’t so hyper with a watery Mercury. Cancer combined with this planet brings out our more reflective side. This vibe is more of a mentally inward tone, and communication takes a more compassionate manner.

This is not to say that we won’t be social or shut our phones off.

Communication becomes less chatty, and we take a moment to stop and listen to what others have to say. But we become more receptive and connected with our inner world. And we tend to look for deeper conversations in our relationships.

Surface-level communication need not apply with Mercury in Cancer. In other words, you might prefer to keep things low-key and surround yourself with a limited group of friends with whom you share a tight relationship. We choose not to waste our time on unimportant relationships in this Ingress and instead concentrate our communication on the individuals who actually matter.

Because we want to focus on more meaningful conversations through this kind of Mercury, our tolerance for chats that lack substance will be low.

Our thoughts focus on our personal life and how to have a better one that brings emotional security. Therefore, this could be a period where you’re making plans to create a better quality of life with loved ones. Also, our focus goes on home matters. During this period, your focus goes on making your house a sanctuary; that way, you're instantly soothed when you step inside after a long day. Or your thoughts might lead you to do research for a better-humbled abode that suits your needs.

The nature of Mercury in Cancer helps us realize that time to ourselves is vital.

With this combination, it’s not that we feel antisocial; it’s more so we need time for R&R. Our minds need more quiet than usual, so there could be periods when you just need peace to stabilize your emotions. We tend to become mentally drained with too much going on at once with this Ingress, so it’s crucial to rejuvenate your mind.

Our privacy needs to be honored. Cancerian energy is excellent for helping us understand that everyone doesn’t need to know our business. Doing this establishes stronger boundaries and only discuss our personal life with a selective few. So, this might be when you have important things going on and realize it’s better to keep things hush-hush until they’re ready to be revealed.

Stimulation-wise, we will crave more emotional intelligence than anything else. Of course, we will crave mental stimulation, but our emotional needs are a top priority. Emotional stimulation is about deep relationships, not mushy stuff, even though it can be mushy with Mercury in Cancer.

Cancer combined with Mercury helps us develop a better EQ “Emotional Intelligence.”

Emotional intelligence is about self-awareness, empathy for others, social consciousness, not being erratic, and motivating others. We will need to know that we're in emotionally stable situations.

Validation becomes necessary with this Ingress.

Getting and giving reassurance unexpectantly is a way we get the dose of stimulation we’re craving with Mercury in Cancer. Nurturing others also becomes vital in this alignment. We tend to do this by giving people pep talks and doing things that help them blossom as a person.

Sentimentalism goes a long way with this Ingress. Mercury in Cancer helps us be expressive with our words or send someone a thoughtful message. Sometimes, the way we communicate our sentiments could be through a lovely card or handwritten letter for a personal touch. Also, we become better at thinking of others by picking up the things they enjoy or getting a ton of creative ideas to make something personalized for them.

Mercury in Cancer gives us the nostalgia bug.

We could get the urge to go through old memories with photos and reminisce with loved ones. In other words, we could feel stimulated by things from the past. Cancerian energy urges us to go antiquing, look through an archive of some kind, or just research over the internet about past events. Also, we tend to indulge in our craving for old movies, shows, or documentaries.

A neutral expression of this energy is memories resurfacing. Recollections of events tend to resurface, possibly some repressed thoughts that need to be resolved. Therefore, things left unsaid might come up in conversation to be hashed out. Or our minds may need to sort out situations we’re moving forward from to gain emotional and mental balance.

Of course, there is always a shadow side to these Sign ingresses, so be aware of harboring petty feelings and bringing up things that others thought were resolved. Dwelling on old stories can be problematic during Mercury in Cancer because we become more focused on the past.

Grudges with others must be worked through and moved forward for your own sense of peace. Otherwise, this might lead to egging on a fight about something that happened years ago. As a result, it could be shocking to the person you’re confronting. Your feelings are valid, so if you are having difficulty getting over something, try to approach these situations in a way that isn’t combative.

Needing validation comes up in this energy. There is nothing wrong with wanting reassurance; however, there are moments when it becomes unhealthy. There can be issues if we're not getting our needs met, leading to emotional reactivity, pettiness, or passive-aggressive behavior.

Additionally, you could feel like your mind keeps fluctuating, affecting your moods and communication. It’s crucial to ensure our emotions are in check and grounded, so when this happens, find healthy outlets to stabilize your mind.

Even with the lower vibrational situations associated with this Ingress, we can still use it for diving into our mental and emotional needs deeply.

Use this Mercury in Cancer time to create a mental sanctuary for yourself.

-Later guys

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