Mars Goes Into Taurus On July 4th, 2022

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Here's why Mars entering Taurus on July 4th will help us slow down and take more thoughtful actions to live a softer life.
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Let’s take action in a sensible way.

Mars going into Taurus is a definite vibe shift from the energy we experienced in the Spring of 2022. As Mars exits its Home Sign, Aries, the high-octane tone slowly leaves the atmosphere giving us mellower energy. Mercury will also change Signs within 23 minutes of Mars and go from Gemini to Cancer.

Therefore, this shift will feel like a total 180 compared to the last two months with Fire and Air energy.

Venus, Jupiter, and Mars went into Aries around mid-spring, giving us what felt like Aries Season 2.0. Then Mercury entered Gemini in May, which lasted for two months due to its Retrograde cycle. All of this combined helped us feel energetic and mentally alert.

As we transition to a mellower Sign like Taurus, the first few days of this Ingress might feel like we’re pumping the breaks to a screeching stop.

We could finally notice how burnt out we’ve actually been and take the time to rejuvenate ourselves. This combination causes us to stop and take our time which seems great, but it can be the more challenging part of this Ingress.

Still, at this point, I think we are all just ready to feel grounded.

Mars in Taurus happens to be in Detriment because of how this planet operates.

Essential dignities are used in Astrology Sign-Planet pairings. With this, some assortments work excellently together, and others might have a difficult time. With so many Astrological configurations, there is bound to be one blend that will have a more challenging time. Therefore, we get Sign Planet blends that are either well-matched, fair, or not so compatible mixtures.

Also, Mars is the ancient Ruler of Scorpio, Taurus’s polarity point. Scorpio likes things intense, to see the hardcore truth, needs constant change, about facing our fears, being reactive, and focusing its action on what makes us uncomfortable.

Taurus doesn’t like that; this Sign needs comfort, to be tranquil and let things roll off its back, keep things the same, and not allow its emotions to overpower them. This sign needs stability, not turbulence. Also, because Mars is a fast-paced planet, it can have a tug of war with this combination because Taurus must take its time.

So does this mean Mars in Taurus will be dull?!

Absolutely not because despite the pairing having issues, there is still plenty of positive attributes.

Taurus might be the kind of Sign that gingerly takes their time, but once they get moving, there's no stopping them.

Combined with Mars, we will be able to act methodically, so even if it takes us time to get there, the outcome is still fabulous. Instead of being impulsive, our feet will be firmly planted on the ground. We will pace ourselves and build momentum.

Because Mars is about going after what we want, Taurus's hang-back approach could help us wait until we know what we want before pursuing our goals. Instead of just expecting things to happen immediately, we could feel more understanding about being patient.

So instead of grinding and ignoring the warning Signs that what we are pursuing isn't suitable for us, this helps us wait until we sense things will be comfortable. What we go after will become reliable and not unstable.

This is not the kind of Mars that throws Spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Having a deliberate approach to our pursuits helps us stay the course. In other words, we aren't operating on a whim; we’re committed to the goal, so losing interest won’t be an issue. Or take on so many projects we burn out. With this, we only focus on what works to prevent us from becoming scattered.

Earth Signs don’t become as burnt out in Mars because they don’t try to be the butcher, baker, or candlestick maker; for that reason, they have the stamina to keep persevering. As a result, their long-haul strategy leads to success later down the road.

With Taurus, we take action to create a softer life. Mars in Taurus helps us look at what we treasure and how to bring value to our life. We become motivated to make a strategy that gives us the resources needed to be secure and obtain creature comforts. So, this will motivate us to go out and build the kind of life that offers us sustainability on all levels.

Healthy confidence in us becomes more pronounced. With Taurus, we work through our self-esteem and self-worth, so this could be a time you’re actively looking at ways to build that up sureness within yourself. This will motivate us to only go for things that build up certainty in ourselves and eliminate the situations where we aren’t valued.

Temperament-wise, this is a pretty chill Mars.

This planet governs our temper, and in Taurus, it tends to mellow out more than most Signs. It’s not to say we won't get irritated, but this is one of the best placements for low reactionary responses. Mars in Taurus is more of a slow build-up before it does let out steam, so things could roll off your back for a while before you’re getting angry.

Romance-wise, Mars in Taurus is very passionate about stability and relationships overall. This is not the kind of Mars that's looking for a casual fling. Even if it starts simple, things could slowly become more committed in a dating situation.

Mars rules our intimacy style, so we could feel more romantic and sensual with this Ingress. There’s also a tendency to have more stamina and be insatiable during intimate moments. This is due to Taurus’s association with pleasure, so combined with Mars, it wants to savor situations that light up our senses.

Energetically, Mars is also where we can see how passionate people are about what they desire. With Taurus, we could get the urge to seek out nice things, take the opportunity to pamper ourselves, go shopping for beautiful items, and seek out a fabulous restaurant. We could channel our inner foodie with this Mars and feel passionate about our dining experiences.

So, there are many benefits to Mars being in Taurus.

Obviously, there's a lower vibration.

As mentioned earlier about Mars in Taurus, anger tends to hit because things keep adding up. And once things keep adding up, eventually, you're going to get to a point where you've had your fill of the malarky. Taurus energy isn't interested in discomfort and doesn't want to deal with the problem until later.

Later leads to a congestion of unused energy and then turns into explosiveness. Mars needs to release tension, enthusiasm, and anger, so a build-up of energy causes problems. As a result, anger could come out surprisingly and explosively.

Resistance to change and taking action can also be an issue within this energy.

Don’t get me wrong; the slow, methodical approach is sometimes excellent. However, it could cause us to have moments when we’re resting on our laurels or not starting an important task because we aren't ready. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of saying we want to wait, which could be a problem with this energy. Multitasking and focusing on more than one thing can also be an issue with this combination.

Making important changes becomes difficult with Mars in Taurus. There is a need to stay in our comfort zone rather than acting on what no longer serves us. As a result, our hand tends to be forced to move forward from an old situation that’s worn out its usefulness. Being comfortable is essential, but there is a time in life when we need to transform; otherwise, we become stagnant.

Taurus is a sensory Sign about experiencing the blissful sensations in life, so we need to be mindful of going too far on indulgences. Overindulgence tends to creep in with this combination resulting in us pursuing only feel-good things. This Mars combination gets passionate about Taurus things, so with this Sign, we become obsessed with quenching our senses. With this, we could be overly passionate about food, drinking, shopping, and intimacy.

But either way, we have a lot of healthy ways to utilize this Mars Transit through Taurus.

Let’s use it to carefully craft a softer life for ourselves that will bring us comfort for the long haul.

-Later guys

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