This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For June 27th to July 3rd, 2022

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Neptune goes retrograde this week, revealing the truth about fog. A Cancer New Moon could help us prioritize our personal lives.
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Hey guys, we have a busy, transformational week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Neptune goes Retrograde, causing us to see the truth about foggy things. There will be a New Moon in Cancer, which could help us determine why we need to prioritize our personal life. Also, Mercury and Mars will make most of the Transits causing this to be an active 7 days for communication and taking action on important matters.

Monday brings in the 3rd outer planet to go into its Regressive Cycle. Neptune is going Retrograde for the next 5 ½ months, so this is an extended period of understanding our lack of boundaries.

This inverse cycle gives us a dose of realism, so if one of your natal planets is being aspected by this Retrograde, you will be working on Neptunian situations. Some of these themes could be a loss of faith in yourself or others, ending unrequited love scenarios, walking away from people who take advantage of you, or fixing the areas of your life where you are overly sacrificial.

Additionally, with a slow-moving planet like Neptune, the vibes are subtle if you are aspected by this Retrograde, so you could experience it on a more collective level. When Neptune is in Retrograde over a Natal planet, you will most feel these themes. Individuals who could be affected by this Inverse Cycle are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, who are within 24 to 29 degrees of these Zodiac Signs.

Neptune will go Direct on December 3rd, then hit the Post-Shadow on March 24th, 2023.

That same day Mercury will make a Sextile with Chiron. Even with Neptune going Retrograde, this harmonious Aspect can aid in all sorts of communication; if any issues need to be resolved, this Transit will make it simpler to do so. Another fantastic feature of this Alignment is that it provides moments of clarity and concentration if you've been experiencing mental obstacles or brain fog. Additionally, we should be able to work on our harmful internal dialogue.

We luck out some more on the 27th with an alignment between Mars and Saturn, which will come in handy if you've hit a wall and are entirely burned out on a challenging endeavor. An alignment like this offers us the motivation to get back on track and make progress on the tasks that have been pushed to the back burner. This is a fantastic way to get proactive regarding your objectives, job, and relationships.

Tuesday is filled with planetary activity!

A New Moon in Cancer will occur on the 28th, helping us understand why we need to focus more on our personal life goals.

Because we’re in the first week of Cancer Season, we are getting a New Moon in this Sign. This Lunation is all about starting something fresh in this Sign that we would like to see flourish in our lives over the next 6 months. With Cancer, some of the big themes are about working towards having a happy home life, connecting with loved ones, creating your ideal image of family, and getting connected with your emotions.

An alignment from Mercury to Uranus could result in unexpected communication. Therefore, we could interact with someone we didn't expect, which might leave us feeling unprepared. Additionally, this configuration tends to throw plans, or other things on our schedule for a loop, so unexpected cancellations could happen. Try to prepare a backup plan in case things veer off course.

Our energy could feel slightly low with Mars in a Semisextile to Neptune.

Mars and Neptune, in a complex grouping, could cause us to feel unmotivated. As a result, this could slow down progress regarding important tasks for the next few days. Getting some rest should be our top priority due to feeling drowsier than typical during this Aspect, so if possible, take a few days to recharge your batteries. Additionally, setting boundaries with others will be crucial because emotionally draining people tend to be more pronounced with this alignment. So, try to put yourself first for a change and set limits with individuals who drain your energy levels.

Continuing on the 28th, the Sun and Jupiter will be in a Square with one another.

Even with the draining alignment between Mars and Neptune, this one could mitigate it to a degree. The key to a complex Sun-Jupiter Transit is connecting with our sense of humor and not our ego. This alignment could help raise our confidence; however, we need to be aware of coming off arrogant. An Aspect like this does inflate our self-importance, so it’s crucial not to be full of ourselves. If that occurs, it can result in uncomfortable communication where others don’t want to deal with our ego.

On the reverse end, we could have issues with others who spout hot air and try to outshine us to inflate their ego. If that occurs, try not to feed into their attempts for validation. Another issue that tends to happen is being frivolous and more indulgent than usual. Therefore, try to be mindful of risky behavior and overspending.

By the end of Tuesday, Venus and Jupiter rounds out the day with fun energy. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, will connect harmoniously with Jupiter, ushering in a sense of good fortune and prospects for advancement in relationships, jobs, travel, and education. Hopefully, it softens the blow of the other alignments on that particular day.

Friday is an edgy day where we need to work on our confidence and not let our temper get the best of us.

The Sun and Saturn will Sesquiquadrate one another, which may cause us to feel demotivated. With this Transit, we could feel like things aren’t working as fast as we would like resulting in us questioning if all of our efforts are worth the time and energy. Try to let these feelings pass because we tend to become overly pessimistic about goals and our confidence with Sun-Saturn alignments. Wait for these feelings to pass and get back on the horse because, with Saturn Transits, there is light at the end of the tunnel when we persevere.

Mars and Pluto will form a Square that evening, which could cause us to react intensely. Things may get harsher than typical because this alignment raises the volume on our irritable side. Since our energy levels become high under this Transit, use it productively. If channeled correctly through exercise, focusing on hard work, or doing research that requires you to be alert, we can be more productive rather than temperamental.

Saturday brings us a mixed bag of Mercury Alignments which, on the one hand, is helpful and, on the other, a bit confusing.

Some assistance could come from Mercury in a Trine to Saturn. Conversations should be more constructive, and it's easier to strengthen your relationships with others from this planetary Alignment. Mercury in a Trine with Saturn is excellent for looking at what future goals you want to obtain. Therefore, it's ideal for making long-term plans without being too hasty.

However, there is another Transit from Mercury to Neptune that could slow us down due to fogginess on Saturday.

Hopefully, the Transit with Mercury and Saturn mitigates this energy because it can cause moments of confusion. It causes people to be a bit lapse in memory and not care about essential nuances of work or important documents.

Energetically, this is a Transit where absentmindedness runs rampant, so there is a tendency to glitch out mentally. And with problematic Aspects between these planets, it’s critical to be aware of shady behavior because deceptive individuals and scams seem to come out of nowhere in this energy.

Sunday could feel edgier than usual with Mercury and Venus in complex Transits to Pluto.

Mercury, along with Venus in complicated alignments to Pluto, could result in misunderstandings and distrust in relationships. A conversation could start off fine but then cause us to feel triggered about the past. This brings up suppressed feelings that have been building up due to resentment. And the chances of verbal power struggles are high because this Transit tends to puff up those with a dominant personality.

Vibes For The Week
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The beginning of the week is a mixed bag but primarily fun energies. The first 3 days of this week have the right vibes to get us connecting with others and doing what we enjoy. From the 27 to 29th good luck, social, family, and friends are heightened, with a smidge of solitude and romance.

Waves of psychic energy, good luck, a high amount of ambition, a moderate level of mental, an ample amount of confusion, and a smidge of solitude are grouped from the 30th to the 3rd of July. Our minds will be all about strategies that help us go after our aspirations, but we also want to ensure we’re clear on how we will execute our plans.

With some of the edgy alignments that occurred over the weekend, we could feel motivated to take action on our situations.

This Weeks Transits

The final week of June, leading into the first few days of July is quite edgy so try to blow off steam in a healthy and productive way.

This Week’s Transits June 27th to July 3rd:

  • 6/27 Neptune Goes Retrograde: Blurry Things Will Eventually Come Into Focus
  • 6/27 Mercury Sextile Chiron: This Calls For A Pep Talk
  • 6/27 Mars Sextile Saturn: Taking Action That Leads To Stability
  • 6/28 New Moon In Cancer: How To Create A Better Personal Life
  • 6/28 Mercury Semisextile Uranus: Saying The Unexpected
  • 6/28 Mars Semisextile Neptune: Feeling Drained And Encroached Upon
  • 6/28 Sun Square Jupiter: When Bragging Goes Wrong
  • 6/28 Venus Sextile Jupiter: Grand Displays Of Love And Luxury
  • 7/1 Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Confident One Moment Not So Sure The Next
  • 7/1 Mars Square Pluto: Pent Up Irritability
  • 7/2 Mercury Trine Saturn: Making Your Long-Term Plans Happen
  • 7/2 Mercury Square Neptune: Communication That Seems Like Word Salad
  • 7/3 Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Built Up Resentment In Relationships
  • 7/3 Mercury Quincunx Pluto: Rudely Expressing The Things You Held In

Use this dynamic week to see things for what they really are and find healthy outlets to alleviate stress.

-Later guys

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