Neptune Goes Retrograde On June 27, 2022

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The 3rd outer planet to go into Retrograde in 2022 is Neptune; here’s how it will help us work on being more realistic in our lives.
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Taking off our rose-colored glasses isn’t easy, but it helps us see the truth so we can move forward from unrealistic situations.

Neptune is the 3rd Outer Planet in 2022 to enter its Regressive Period. Over the next 5 1/2 months, we will examine what we’ve ignored.

Since February 3rd, 2012, this celestial body has been in its Home Sign of Pisces. As a result, Neptune's last 10 years of Regressive Periods have been more potent than typical. When this planet goes into Retrograde, that haze over us suddenly lifts, causing us to see things realistically.

In life, we do what's necessary to protect our emotions. We want to be hopeful and ignore things that are hard to look at because it’s unsettling. At the moment, it might feel easier to pretend there isn't a problem; however, in the long term, this could result in being stuck in a toxic situation for an extended period.

This planet's Retrograde Cycle helps us question vague things, our boundaries, where we've been too selfless, and question the faith we place in other people or circumstances.

The Mutable Signs, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, in the last 10 degrees of these Zodiac Signs, will be more affected than others by this Retrograde.

Reflective Questions For Neptune RX
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On March 27, Neptune entered Shadow, so think about what was happening regarding Neptunian themes in your life?

Have you slowly become clear in situations where things were foggy over these last 3 months?

Here are some questions that can help you make sense of things:

Has this been a period when you’re looking at ways to set limits on others?

Are you beginning to realize people are trying to benefit from your kindness?

Learning to spot deceptive individuals in your life?

Starting to piece together things that didn't add up with someone’s behavior?

Understanding that those who won't accept responsibility for their actions shouldn’t be in your life?

Are you feeling like you’re becoming more spiritually enlightened?

Realizing you need to pay attention to others' intentions?

Trying to curb bad habits that cause you to escape your problems?

Realizing it’s time to be more compassionate with yourself?

Dealing with someone who’s projecting their behavior on you?

Learning not to idealize others?

Working on the things that limit your belief in yourself?

Understanding that you’re sacrificing your own needs to make others happy?

Are you seeing a pattern of self-sabotage and self-abandonment?

Beginning to see why impulsivity has caused more harm than good?

Ready to implement a healthy relationship with food and alcohol?

Are you starting to see why unrequited love won't work?

Understanding why it’s not healthy to pursue someone that’s romantically unavailable?

Are you looking to find yourself after being lost in a relationship?

This celestial body is about believing in the unseen through our faith, which can be a great thing but can also be problematic. So, if any of your Natal placements are aspected by Neptune RX, these reflective questions can help you understand what's shifted.

During Neptune’s regular motion, it governs spirituality, our faith, fantasy, spiritual connections, unconditional love, sacrifice, and altered states of consciousness. This planet shows us where we self-sabotage, like, purposely staying distracted, not having boundaries, seeing things from a blurry point of view, denial, and being easily swayed by others.

But situations eventually come into focus for us when this planet goes into Retrograde.

As a result, we could feel like we’re slowly making sense of what's real vs. things based on illusion. This could be a period of learning to use discretion properly and not always believing everything you hear or see.

We learn to be cautious about what subjects we immerse ourselves in and start forming our own opinions. This is a period of making up your own mind so that others won’t do it for you any longer.

With this Inverse Cycle, we could feel like we’re in a never-ending haze of thoughts. Our anxiety tends to come in waves making it hard to concentrate. We get a strong urge to get back to ourselves due to being lost for a while. It becomes harder to evade problems through the things we tried to numb ourselves with as a coping mechanism. Also, there can be sobering moments of addictive behavior we need to curb.

Clarity washes over us about relationships and why we need to limit certain types of people. This Retrograde shows us where we need to learn to say no to toxic relationships of all kinds. With Neptune, sometimes we create an ideal image of what a person could be and only focus on their potential while ignoring warning Signs.

But once this planet Retrogrades, we begin to recognize why overlooking red flags in others isn’t serving us.

Another way this can show up for us is by learning we deserve compassion and standing up for ourselves. This could be by getting out of a one-sided love position, a harsh relationship, or the situation is not kosher due to the other person being unavailable in many ways. Other love life scenarios could look like taking steps to get out of a toxic relationship and asserting ourselves with a restrictive partner. Because these circumstances cause us to feel isolated, we learn to let go of them and put energy back into us.

Spiritually, this Retrograde could help us unlock our higher wisdom. With Neptune RX, we could experience moments where we’re feeling more heightened on a mystical level which could bring out our psychic skills, talents, and healing abilities. This could be a period where your dreams are more vivid than usual, so it helps you pay attention to them, resulting in understanding the messages you receive in your slumber.

Everyone gets different themes during a Neptune RX; it all depends on which planet or house it’s Transiting.

If this is connected to a planet in your 5th house, this could be about being pickier about the people you’re going out on dates with to prevent hanging with the wrong types.

Or, if it's occurring on a planet in your 11th house, this could be a time when the truth about friendships, groups, or associations that aren’t worth your time anymore.

Because this celestial body is further out, its Retrograde is long and feels more subtle than Mercury, Venus, or Mars. If you aren't aspected by Neptune's Retrograde, the vibrations are nuanced, so you may experience it collectively.

If you’re feeling anxious due to the nature of Neptune, I recommend doing things that ground your energy. This planet is about connecting with our higher consciousness, so go out to crystal shops, get out in nature, listen to high vibrational music, go for a reiki healing session and try meditating.

Pisces is Ruled by Neptune; we’re dealing with the Water Element, so do something that gets you close to bodies of water. Neptune also represents Poseidon, so take in the ocean breeze at a beach. If that’s unavailable in your area, hang out by the pool, lake, river, or pond.

Or, if all else fails, take a lovely spiritual bath with ambiance.

An Inverse Cycle from Neptune helps us realize we're not facing things we need to resolve. These cycles assist us in breaking our patterns that way; we can empower ourselves and move through life with clarity.

Use this Retrograde to fix overlooked issues.

-Later Guys

Dates to remember:

  • Pre-Shadow 3/7/22
  • Retrograde Station 6/27/22
  • Out Of Retrograde 12/3/22
  • Leaves Post Shadow 3/24/2023

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