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In this week’s Astrology, there will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius this week. The majority of the alignments will be made by Venus and the Sun, as they were last week. We also have a combination of Mercury and Mars alignments, which could lead to communication problems.

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Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, there will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius which should help us look at the importance of not selling ourselves short. Venus and the Sun will make a majority of the alignments again as they did last week, causing us to work through relationships, career, confidence, and our sense of pride. And, we have a mix of Mercury and Mars alignments that could cause communication issues this week due to feeling more edgier than typical.

Monday could be a day where communication might not go as expected with Mercury and Mars in a Semisquare. The good thing about this Transit is it helps us speak up regarding situations where others are being pushy, so this could be a day to assert yourself so you aren't being steamrolled.

On the other hand, this could cause arguments over text due to the fast to react nature of this Transit, so there could be moments when someone lashes out because they are taking things wrong. Also, this tends to lead to things being said in a manner that's too blunt, so if you’re trying to be honest with someone, try to think about the best way to be truthful without being brutally honest.

The Sagittarius Super Full Strawberry Moon could help us overcome our constraints.

After two years, this is the first non-eclipse lunar event. In May of 2020, the Lunar Nodes went into the Gemini Sagittarius axis resulting in eclipses in both these Signs. Now that we’re out of that cycle, we won’t have another eclipse series in Gemini and Sagittarius until September 23rd, 2029. The last Eclipse was on December 3rd; thus, it could have given you direction 6 months ago.

Planetary activity during this Moon may induce mood swings, but there are sweet spots that can help. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will be more affected by this Full Moon than other Zodiac Signs.

Mercury and Mars continue to make Aspects the next few days, and while this is going on, both planets are connecting with Chiron.

June 14th will be a day of working on our communication skills due to Mercury in a Semisquare with Chiron. This Transit tends to have two sides: one where we need to learn how to deal with our anger more outwardly, and the other portion is all about regulating temper.

An alignment like this could show us why passive-aggressive behavior is causing more harm than good in our relationships. As a result, we could be confronted with opportunities to speak up when others encroach on us. On the other side of this is learning that we don't always need to blurt things out and control our attitude. A Transit like this could come up to show us how to be more mindful of our triggers and why we need to adopt healthy coping skills.

Because Mercury is still connected with Mars, the 15th will have the same communication issues.

Mars will also make a connection with Chiron that can be uncomfortable. With this, Transit situations could arise to bring to our attention why we need to work on our temper. This could come from being too aggressive or bottling up our emotions. Mars with Chiron shows us the importance of working on ways to improve our attitude so we can move through life with less aggression and why we shouldn't let our anger build up. Use it to research how to cope with the things that trigger you.

At least on that day, the Sun will make a Trine with Saturn.

Even though this is a Transit we get when the outer planets go in or out of Retrograde, this is at least a breath of fresh air. The beautiful thing about this Transit is that it brings in the appreciation you deserve for all of your hard work if you feel that your efforts have gone unrecognized. Additionally, if you've needed to get your life in order and become more responsible, this Aspect will make it possible for you to do what's required to begin adulting.

Thursdays vibes could make us feel lethargic yet unable to rest due to Transits from the Sun with Neptune and Mars Semisextile Uranus.

Energetically, when the Sun is in a Square to Neptune, we could feel like our ability to stay focused is impaired; as a result, our judgment might not be as good. With an alignment like this, we want to be aware of being too gullible, especially because complex connections to Neptune tend to cause deceitful behavior to be more prevalent.

Try to be aware of scams, questionable behavior, and lies by omission because, under this alignment, we are more susceptible to believing things that aren't based on fact. Also, taking care of our body is important because we tend to be easily influenced by energy, and our vitality could be a bit lower today.

Due to the Sun-Neptune Transit on the 16th, try to use caution with this next alignment. Mars and Uranus will be in a Semisquare, which could have us feeling more antsy than usual. Today our moods will feel like they are fluctuating mainly because of the other Transit, so try to make sure you are staying as grounded as possible.

Because we feel wired and need instant gratification, the urge to rush or want things now, now, now leads to irritation when things don’t happen as fast as we would like. Our tolerance for slow people becomes extremely low with this Transit, so becoming irritated by those who don’t move as quickly as you could happen easily. And this could also cause issues in relationships due to restrictions from a jealous partner. Try to channel this nervous energy to resolve what’s within your control and use it productively to get things done.

Mercury goes out of its Post-Shadow Retrograde on the 18th; rejoice!! This planet has been in its Retrograde Shadow since the end of April; however, we are finally and entirely out of its Regressive Phase. Now we get the opportunity to enjoy Mercury in Gemini as intended, so our need for mental stimulation, humor, and socializing will slowly increase.

Venus will form a Square to Saturn on the 18th, causing us to look at where we’ve lost interest in relationships and job situations that feel empty. An alignment like this helps us realize that we’re no longer invested in a relationship because we aren't being fulfilled emotionally. We also look at finances and job situations more realistically. This could be a sobering moment about a career that’s not generating the income you need, and there are no growth opportunities.

This will give you the strength to close doors on people who are siphoning you for everything, but when it is time for you to ask for help, they go radio silent. This will be when you evaluate those around you and the difference between those who need you and those who use you. When faced with this today, you will know how to say no to toxic people gracefully.

On the 18th, Venus and Neptune should bring romantic sentiments to the air throughout the next few days. Because these two celestial bodies get along so well, we get positive vibes and wonderful moments from their energy.

Since Venus-Neptune alignments tend to create spiritual connections, this might be a day when the vibrations with others are exactly right. It could be a day when you notice that your ties with folks you care about are more substantial than usual. The main caution with this mode of transportation is to keep track of your spending because you may feel as if you have more than you actually do, resulting in money wasted.

Lastly, on the 19th, the Sun and Pluto will form a Quincunx, which might make for a hard day. This Transit brings up concerns with those who just want to dominate others, so you may find yourself dealing with fragile egos and those who act up when they can’t get their way.

Try to be conscious of ego-driven decisions and petty actions because this could trigger compulsive behavior that prevents you from receiving what you desire.

Vibes For The Week

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We have a high-octane week of vibes.

Even though there is a steady stream of social energy, we still have solitude vibes that peaks on the 15th and then at its highest on the 18th. This is mixed in with emotional sensitivity, which peaks and valleys throughout this week.

Psychic vibes are high and intersect those more challenging energies. This could be a week where we are more sensitive to energies than typical, resulting in high intuition. Also, this could result in dreams that seem psychic in nature, so it’s good to write down what you experienced in your sleep. That way, you can return to it later and see if it adds up.

Love life-wise, the romance energy is decent; however, it's mixed with emotional sensitivity and solitude. Relationship and dating situations fluctuate this week, so there will be moments when things are fun and when we need to deal with complex issues.

There's a smidge of mental energy, which could result in moments of feeling like your intellectual stamina is low. Even though Mercury is going out of Shadow on the 18th, we still have a little bit of time before it gets our mental juices firing on all cylinders again.

At least by the weekend, we get an abundance of good luck vibes, phew. Hopefully, some of that good luck and enthusiasm translates into opportunities for growth and letting our hair down.

This Weeks Transits

The middle of June is pretty edgy, to say the least. We have many growth opportunities to evaluate what’s worth our time with relationships and careers.

This Week’s Transits June 13th to 19th:

  • 6/13 Mercury Semisquare Mars: Having Frustrating Conversations
  • 6/14 Full Moon in Sagittarius: Have You Taken Advantage Of Opportunities
  • 6/14 Mercury Semisquare Chiron: Overthinking That Leads To Stress
  • 6/15 Mars Conjunct Chiron: Working On Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • 6/15 Sun Trine Saturn: Much Earned Recognition
  • 6/16 Sun Square Neptune: Feeling Unclear About Yourself
  • 6/16 Mars Semisextile Uranus: Impulsive Behavior
  • 6/18 Mercury Leaves Post Shadow
  • 6/18 Venus Square Saturn: Feeling Dissatisfied In A Cold Relationship
  • 6/18 Venus Sextile Neptune: Needing A Love That's Spiritual
  • 6/19 Sun Quincunx Pluto: Controlling Others is An Unhealthy Way To Boost Your Ego

Use this week to work through circumstances holding you back from healthy relationships, career, and personal growth.

-Later guys

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