This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For June 6th to 12, 2022

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In this week's Astrology, the Moon will be in Libra, and Venus will be more prominent, encouraging us to focus on our love lives, relationships, and finances. This week, the Sun will be active, which may help us discover new ways to bolster our ego.
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Hey guys, we have a colorful week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the Transits will be a mix of pleasant and complicated, causing us to feel like our moods our shifting from enthusiastic to irritated. Venus will make up the majority of the alignments resulting in an emphasis on our love life and finances. Speaking of relationships, we also have a prominent Moon in Libra in the middle of the week, which might force us to make decisions regarding our close unions. And the Sun will also make a bunch of Aspects this week, to help us look at better ways to boost our ego.

Monday is a mixed bag day with two very different Transits, which could cause our moods to feel up and down.

Venus will make a Semisquare with Neptune, which will help us examine where we’ve been in denial with our love life and finances. With this Aspect, there could be moments where we see the truth about those who are dishonest in our lives, mainly to do with romantic partners.

However, one of the issues could be seeing the facts of a situation and not accepting the truth, so try to look at a problem for what it is, even if it’s not the outcome desired. Self-sabotaging behavior comes to our attention more with this Transit, so use this as an opportunity to work on habits with money, not ignoring red flags, and find ways to build your self-esteem back up because you are worthy of happiness.

Even though the Venus-Neptune Transit is challenging, at least we get one that could pump us up.

A dose of Monday motivation occurs on the 6th with an alignment from the Sun to Chiron that promotes healthy confidence. A Transit like this is great for coming up with solutions to heal our self-esteem. We also slowly realize that it’s time to be ourselves unapologetically, rediscover our talents, and how our own uniqueness contributes to society.

Also, this gives us the motivation to pay it forward and help others who might not feel good about themselves. So, this could be a day where you’re assisting friends, family, or co-workers in understanding that they have something to bring to the table by giving them an energized pep talk.

Tuesday has an edgy feel with two alignments that could cause us to act on impulse.

The Sun and Uranus will be in a complex aspect, causing us to feel like our confidence is fluctuating. On the one hand, these Transits cause us to look at why we might not feel comfortable being ourselves around others.

Hence, this could be a day where you are looking at ways to feel comfortable showing your true personality to others and accepting your distinctiveness. Being able to accept who you are is so freeing, and it helps you attract people who appreciate your awesomeness.

On the flip side, this Transit could bring out the abrasive side of others. As a result, this could be a day when we deal with people who have unhealthy egos and strong personalities. Also, things tend to not go as planned due to weird occurrences, which could also result in irritation and impatience.

Mars will be in a Semisquare with Saturn on that day, so we must be aware of acting carelessly.

Productively channeling this Transit will get us the results we desire. In other words, we can take action that leads to success on our long-term goals. The thing about this one is it’s not great for short-term situations or an outcome you want right away.

Needing instant gratification won’t get you very far, so try to have patience. With this Aspect, our attitudes could flare up due to things not happening in the time we want, so try to be mindful of your temper. A complex Transit between Mars and Saturn can feel like a tug of war, resulting in the need to get our way through impulsive actions, so try to pump the breaks when possible. Otherwise, you might not get what you want in the long run.

Wednesday, the Moon enters Libra for the next 2 ½ days.

Libra Moon’s brings our attention to close relationships, deep friendships, fairness, how we relate to others, and the people we collaborate with, so this day could emphasize those unions.

Even though this Moon is in a gentle Sign like Libra, it’s making complex alignments to Jupiter, Mars, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus from the 8th to 9th. With these configurations to the Moon, we might need to resolve conflict in relationships regarding communication and issues with our attitude.

This could also result in unexpected contact from people we avoid. Also, it’s crucial to be mindful these next few days about reacting impulsively from a place of emotion, immaturity, requiring validation, or because we feel irritated.

Friday is another day of mixed bag transits that could cause us to dwell on the past and turn our focus on the right things afterward.

Old feelings could come up regarding our love life with an alignment between Venus and Chiron. Energetically, our minds might dwell on unresolved situations and require our attention because it’s time to heal and move forward. This could be a day where we realize we’re better off away from certain relationships because there was too much toxic behavior.

With this alignment, it’s crucial to examine your triggers and be aware that you don’t have to settle or put yourself last in relationships. Also, realize red flags before getting involved, so you aren't being taken advantage of by selfish individuals.

By the afternoon, the Moon in Libra will Quincunx Mercury and Square Pluto, which could cause us to speak the truth about deceit. Or help us face facts about situations that don’t help us evolve.

On the Brightside, the Moon leaves Libra by 1:41 pm Pacific, but before that, it will be in a Trine with Saturn. This might help us feel more stable, plus help us realize that upgrading our circumstances is possible. So, our outlook could turn around to a more optimistic one by the end of the day.

Luckily, Mercury and Pluto will be in a harmonious connection on that same day. This one is beneficial in taking care of things we’ve ignored. In other words, this is excellent for getting on top of tasks you didn’t complete. We also feel more compelled to work on clearing our minds of unhealthy things, working on coping mechanisms, and understanding the importance of not repressing our emotions.

An alignment like this is excellent for having good communication with others. With Mercury and Pluto in this Transit, we are more open to deep conversations, connect with others on a soul level, and are less inclined to talk over people. And this is excellent for uncovering things which could be doing research, understanding truth, and discovering aspects of life that are deep but cool.

Over the weekend, we might have some unexpected occurrences with love and money with Venus and Uranus in a Conjunction with one another. An Aspect like this gets us energized to go out and enjoy ourselves, so this will be a day when we are craving more adventure than typical.

We get the urge to revamp our lifestyle with this configuration. So this weekend could be all about what needs an update in our lives. Saturday and Sunday could be all about exploring ways to change things up in our love lives, career, social life, and even fashion.

Another thing with this combination is it helps us come out of our shell dating-wise and take on a new approach. So, romance-wise, we could be more open to meeting new types of people we usually wouldn't go for because they were outside of our comfort zone.

People in long-term relationships might rev things up by trying new places to go on dates and become more creative intimacy-wise. Lastly, this could get us to look at innovative ways to increase our income. Or start the process of seeking out a career that’s aligned with our authentic selves.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes this week are a mixed variety of harmonious and uncomfortable.

There's a bit of ambition, mental, and social energy from Monday to Wednesday. Because some of these energies are low, this could be a period of taking the initiative on goals but needing to think about things thoroughly before acting. Also, communication could be low maintenance.

By the time we get to the ninth, there's a mix of solitude, social with family and friends, mental energy, and romance. Because these energies are contrasting, this might be a day of dealing with being social when all you want is some personal space to examine what’s going on in your mind.

Over the weekend, the romantic vibes peak along with emotional sensitivity and a smidge of social energy by the weekend. The emotional sensitivity will make us feel edgy, so we will need to stabilize our moods.

But even with the emotional sensitivity, there are some sweet spots. Saturday and Sunday might bring in fun, socializing, and good surprises about love life situations.

Transits For The Week

Even with some of the odd alignments these next 7 days, at least the weekend is all about doing activities we enjoy and trying new things.

This Week’s Transits, June 6th to 12th:

  • 6/6 Sun Sextile Chiron: Finding A Way to Boost Your Confidence
  • 6/6 Venus Semisquare Neptune: A Reality Check In relationships
  • 6/7 Sun Semisextile Uranus: A Sudden Urge To Do Something Wild
  • 6/7 Mars SemiSquare Saturn: The Importance Of Taking Your Time
  • 6/8 The Moon Enters Libra: Over The Top Displays Of Affection
  • 6/9 The Moon in Libra Continues: When Being Petty Goes Wrong
  • 6/10 Venus Semisextile Chiron: A Time To Know Your Worth
  • 6/10 Mercury Trine Pluto: The Ability To Understand Complex Situations
  • 6/11 Venus Conjunct Uranus: The Urge To Upgrade Your Love Life Situations

Use this week to recognize why some relationships might not be healthy for you. And revamp the things in your life that need updating so you can level up your circumstances.

-Later guys

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