Saturn Goes Retrograde On June 4, 2022

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Saturn, the second outer planet, will retrograde on June 4th, showing us how to construct a long-term stable life.
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We are now entering Saturn's Retrograde Cycle for 2022!

Now that this celestial body is going into its Regressive Cycle, we will have two of the outer planets in Retrograde; Pluto was the first due to its orbit.

One of the interesting things about this Saturn Retrograde is that it goes into Retrograde while Mercury leaves RX. On top of that, these planets are making a complex alignment with one another.

Both celestial bodies will be in a slowdown phase called Station RX, which means their speed has decelerated to change from an in or out of Retrograde motion. During planetary Stationing, we tend to feel the vibes of these celestial bodies stronger than usual, resulting in feeling edgy.

So, this Saturn Retrograde is off to a strenuous start. Because of this, communication could come off more harsh than usual. Therefore, we need to be mindful of being overly critical of ourselves and others.

With Saturn, it’s a Retrograde that has to do with gaining structure in your life, learning how to be responsible, maturing, and setting boundaries. So, with this Retrograde, those being aspected by it will get a dose of reality. This planet brings these situations to a person’s attention to move forward and live a life that isn’t messy. In this Inverse Cycle, we learn the art of discipline, gain mastery of our lives, and let go of things that lost their purpose so we can build something more sustainable.

Those born between 20 and 29 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus will experience this Retrograde more than others.

Saturn's Retrograde Reflection
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On February 26th, Saturn entered its Pre-Shadow Retrograde phase, which is a time that symbolizes the topics we could deal with as this planet goes into Retrograde. If Saturn aligns with your Natal placements, you could experience this Inverse Period.

Think about the Saturnian themes occurring since the end of February.

What's been going on in your life in terms of limits?

Have you been seeking a means to bring structure to your life, learn to commit to things, or become more responsible?

Does your life lack integrity?

Are you setting boundaries with yourself in terms of indulgences and laziness?

Have you tried to become a leader in your life or just obtain more discipline?

Have you begun the journey toward maturity and accountability?

Are you learning to hold others accountable for actions that aren’t appropriate?

Thinking about what kind of positive mark you want to imprint on society?

Working to build a solid and trustworthy reputation?

Do you want to become more authoritative on a subject or career?

Have you cleaned up your act or reorganized your life in general?

Looking at ways to become masterful in your life?

Have you considered how you can achieve stability?

Beginning to realize you need to build financial security?

Are you realizing the importance of focusing on your own path?

Feeling ready to do what it takes to level up in all areas of your life?

Do you want to become more polished regarding your outward appearance?

Have you mastered the art of making promises to yourself and others?

Are you finally putting boundaries around things or individuals who distract you, poor behavior, and those who don’t respect your limits?

Saturn Retrograde is all about creating structure in your life, learning to be serious and mature, and putting limits on things that hinder us.

As a result, people affected by this Retrograde will receive a dose of reality. This planet draws these issues to a person's attention for them to go forward and live a less chaotic life.

During the Pre-Shadow Phase of Saturn RX, we slowly become aware of things we’ve ignored.

Since February, we could have gradually noticed what’s been holding us back from getting to the next level. Then by the time we hit the Retrograde portion of this cycle, we will go back over the things we were noticing and feel compelled to create a strategy to resolve them. This is when things will start to reveal themselves, and you'll be able to make a more practical move.

Once this planet goes out of its Regressive Phase, most things you've established become solidified. This Retrograde is excellent for getting your affairs in order, re-examining commitment to a relationship or career, a project, or anything else that takes dedication and consistency. Therefore, this will be your opportunity to re-assess responsibilities, commitment, and what should remain intact.

Saturn Retrograde also highlights getting in touch with reality about ourselves, including getting honest about unrealistic relationships. We also learn the art of how to say no to toxic people that sabotage our growth.

One of Saturn's best virtues is that it’s like a friend who wants to help us; they're clever, mature, and say the things that everyone else is afraid to say. Usually, these are the kinds of friends who will warn us to get it together. You know they're right, and they're looking out for your best interests because said friend wants you to be happy, even if you don't want to hear it.

This is how Saturn operates, and the frameworks it provides helps us to live brilliant lives.

Because karmic occurrences are more likely to develop when Saturn is in Retrograde, you may see events like that play out in personal life or from a broad perspective, especially as we approach the Post-Shadow period.

With this being a Retrograde from an outer planet, its effects could be felt more individually. However, we could see themes playing out collectively. Even if you aren't feeling these energies, you may still observe a shift from a global perspective. Additionally, you might notice that a few individuals in your life go through significant changes during a Saturn RX, making the experience feel indirect.

Of course, it doesn't sound pleasant, and it isn't; restructuring our life can be challenging. The excellent thing is that you will learn how to change your circumstances effectively.

We will have 4 ½ months of this Inverse phase to build a better foundation in our lives. Saturn goes Direct on October 22nd, 2022, entering its Post Shadow phase until January 26th, 2023.

Here’s to becoming stable and creating something we can be proud of in our lives!!

-Later guys

Saturn Retrograde:

  • 2/26/22 Pre-Shadow Retrograde
  • 6/4/22 Retrograde Station
  • 10/22/22 Station Direct
  • 1/26/23 Out of Retrograde Post Shadow

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