This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 30th to June 5th, 2022

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The New Moon in Gemini begins this week's Astrology on Monday, which may help us understand the value of variety. And, over the weekend, Mercury will go out of Retrograde while Saturn goes into its Regressive Cycle, causing us to take responsibility for inadequate communication.
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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week's Astrology, we kick off Monday with a New Moon in Gemini, which might help us understand ways to bring flexibility to our lives. Saturn goes into Retrograde, causing us to look at where we need to become more responsible, mature, and hardworking. Mercury leaves its Retrograde motion, which could help us understand things that transpired over the last month. And we have more Mercury Transits this next 7 days, which could create odd moments with communication and have us feeling more preceptive than typical.

Monday gives us the New Moon in Gemini, which is all about creating something new we would like to see flourish in the next 6 months under this Signs theme.

A lunar event in Gemini could help us look at the areas of our lives that lack versatility, where we need to be more objective be easygoing, connect with our intellectual side, and look at the importance of not limiting ourselves to one thing. And, Transit-wise, this New Moon is making a mixed bag of configurations, causing us to need personal space. However, this could energize our ambitious side, develop improved strategies, and pursue better opportunities in our lives.

Our need to splurge could be in overdrive on the 31st with Venus and Jupiter in a Semisextile. This might feel like a day to lose yourself in adventurous activities and crave over-the-top social exchanges. The remarkable thing is this Transit puts an optimistic tone to the air, so it’s easier to feel upbeat and like nothing can harsh our mellow.

However, when Venus and Jupiter come together in a challenging alignment, we tend to overindulge in everything. Therefore, it’s easy to have a relaxed approach to going overboard because we feel good. We could experience the urge to spend money like it’s going out of style, having 4 too many drinks, or just gorging of any kind. So do enjoy yourself with this Aspect because it’s fun and filled with feel-good vibes, but try to make the right choices because, with Venus-Jupiter, there’s a thin line between a few slices and a group serving of pizza.

Around 10:49 pm PST, the Moon enters Cancer for the next few days, bringing in the urge for some personal space, emotional security, comfort, and a good meal with the people that matter to us.

As we get to June first, this Moon will make complex Transits to Mars and Jupiter, causing us to feel emotionally off-kilter and more edgy than usual, which could result in overreactions to things people are communicating with us. This could also inflate the need to be more indulgent than average due to Jupiter in this Square. On that same day, this Moon will be in a complicated alignment with Mercury and Saturn, which could result in dealing with people who communicate with an icy delivery and cause us to look at where others lack empathy.

By Thursday, the Moon in Cancer will continue to make connections that cause tension. However, there is an easier Transit that could help us feel relaxed. This Moon is making another connection with Saturn, which could cause us to feel more numb than usual.

Eventually, this Cancer Moon will connect with Pluto, causing us to look at why we need to let go of things that no longer serve us and are creating more disadvantages than benefits. However, a connection with Neptune could help us understand why we need to put faith back in ourselves, look for ways to escape through healthy outlets, and be more in touch with our intuition.

Saturday has a high concentration of planetary activity, which could cause us to feel edgier than usual. The good news is that we do have one Transit that day that hopefully mellows things out.

Mercury moves out of Retrograde on the 3rd; however, we still have the Post-Shadow Phase to get through, which will be done on June 18th. On April 26th, this Planet went into its Pre-Shadow Phase in Taurus, only spending 3 days in this Sign before proceeding into Gemini, which is its Sign of Rulership.

With the Taurus portion, themes could have been about our finances, consistency, inner dialog regarding our confidence, getting out of mental ruts, miscommunication in relationships, and the importance of self-respect. The Gemini phase was longer and more intense due to it being in its Home Sign. In this part, we focused on critical issues like errors with data, fixing documentation, improving communication, flakiness, gossip, and patching things up with siblings or immediate family.

That same day Mercury and Saturn are making A Square to one another. To top that off, Saturn is going into its Inverse Cycle while Mercury is leaving Retrograde.

Interestingly, both planets are in Station RX, which means their speed has slowed down to a stop. This occurs because Stationing planets stop to change motion to go in or out of Retrograde.

Because both planets are Stationing, this could result in dismissive communication over text. Another difficulty with this Transit is that it might inflate our more judgmental side. As a result, we may be tempted to criticize someone for various reasons.

This Mercury-Saturn Square could also bring out a know-it-all vibe; therefore, arguments could arise due to not agreeing with someone's point of view on a particular topic. Past disappointments may return in our minds, leading to petty attitudes toward others who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

I recommend taking a few steps back and waiting for these moods to pass before reacting; otherwise, you risk creating a storm of drama that isn't worth your time.

Continuing with the 3rd, Mars will make a Semisextile to Venus. With this Aspect, our focus goes on love life and finances in an extreme way. In other words, this could cause us to have passionate exchanges in our dating life and rev up intimacy in a committed relationship. However, there could be issues with overthinking, petty feelings could emerge, and our immaturity could cause us to react inappropriately towards the person we are interested in or with a romantic partner. We also need to be mindful of being reckless or acting irrationally at work.

Another complex Transit occurring on the 3rd is with the Sun and Pluto. Even though this alignment can be challenging, it’s great to focus on what we want to conquer in terms of our goals, so we will feel more energetic and more ambitious than usual. Also, if channeled positively, we work on kinks in our personality and adopt better-coping skills.

But, there is a slippery slope because Sun-Pluto configurations can also cause issues with needing control, obsession, personality issues, and being extreme. With this Transit, we need to be mindful of our need to be dominant for the sake of our ego; otherwise, it could result in being at odds with others who also feel the need to be in control.

Luckily, Mercury will be in a harmonious alignment with Neptune on that same day which could take some of the sting out of the air. A configuration like this gets us focused on our spiritual needs. Communication takes on a more empathetic tone with this alignment, so this Transit might help patch things up if things went wrong earlier. This Transit is also fantastic for discussing philosophy, art, music, or creating poetry, so use it to tap into your more creative side.

Finally, by the 4th, Saturn will begin its 4 ½ months Retrograde Phase. Saturn went into Pre-Shadow Retrograde on February 26th, 2022. So, think back to what was occurring with you regarding Saturnian themes over the last 3 months?!

Saturn’s Regressive Phase is about facing reality, becoming more responsible, learning how to adult like a pro, and creating better boundaries with ourselves and others. This celestial body teaches us lessons on how to level up, become more presentable, develop discipline, and create a better and more sustainable structure in our lives.

If a person is experiencing this Retrograde over their Natal placements, this will help bring in a dose of realism that can shape their lives for the better.

Outer planet Retrogrades can be experienced collectively and individually. Even if you don't experience these energies, you may notice a change from a global perspective. A Saturn RX may also feel indirect if you detect changes in others in your life. However, if you are Aspected by this, it helps you gain greater knowledge of how to improve your circumstances.

Those born between 20 and 29 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus will experience this Retrograde more than others.

Due to this being an outer planet with a slower orbit, Saturn won’t go out of Retrograde until October 22, 2022. And by January 26th, it will leave the Post Shadow Phase.

Here's to focusing on stability for the next 4 1/2 months of this Inverse Phase.

Vibes For The Week
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This week's vibes are a mixture of complicated things with at least some levels of harmony.

A steady stream of ambitious energy forms from Monday to Tuesday, fueling us to take action on our goals easier than normal.

Good luck, energy is intersecting solitude, and drive from the 31st to June 1st. Again, this is a week to get motivated and take care of business; however, there could be moments where you would rather do your own thing.

Emotional sensitivity is peaking on the 1st, bringing an edgy tone to the air. This week has more difficult alignments, which might result in feeling more sensitive and easily annoyed, so do your best to work through situations that cause irritability.

Romantic energy is low at the beginning of the week. This is not to say flirty situations can’t happen, but interactions might be more subtle in terms of romance.

And there are low-grade amounts of solitude, imagination, confusion, and social energy. This week has an odd tone to it, so there could be moments where we need to make sense of ambiguous situations.

This Week’s Transits

We are rolling into June with some interesting alignments. Considering Mercury goes Direct a day before Saturn enters Retrograde, we could feel thrown for a loop over the weekend, so try to go slow, cut yourself some slack, and do things that ground your energy.

Transits For The Week Of May 30th to June 5th:

  • 5/30 New Moon In Gemini: How To Become More Versatile
  • 5/31 Venus Semisextile Jupiter: Spending and Eating Like It’s Going Out Of Style
  • 6/1 Moon In Cancer: Maybe I Should Have Stayed Home!
  • 6/2 The Moon In Cancer Continues: Focusing On Your Emotional Needs
  • 6/3 Mercury Square Saturn: A Cold Way To Communicate
  • 6/3 Mercury Sextile Neptune: Spiritual Awareness
  • 6/3 Venus Semisextile Mars: Not Being Able To See Eye To Eye In Relationships
  • 6/3 Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto: Handing Out Band-Aids For Bruised Egos
  • 6/3 Mercury Direct: A Time For Clarity
  • 6/4 Saturn Retrograde: You Call That Adulting?! This Is Adulting!

Use this week to clarify the foggy things and focus on your obligations.

-Later guys

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