Venus Went Into Taurus On May 28th, 2022

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Venus is now in its native Sign Taurus which should help us connect with our refined side.
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Sometimes you just have to be unapologetically fancy!

Taurus Season might be over, but lucky for us, Venus is entering its home, Sign of the Bull. So grab your comfy clothes and the world's finest chocolates for another round of Taurus vibes.

What’s lovely about this configuration is Venus will be back in her element after her time spent in Aries, a place that’s not as comfortable. This is due to essential dignities in Astrology; certain Planets pair better with certain Signs, but with so many Astrological combinations, eventually, a mixture can become awkward.

It’s been a little over 6 months since this planet was in one of its Home Signs. Libra is the other Venus-ruled Sign, but that hasn't happened since September. Luckily, Venus made a pit stop in Pisces, another Sign this planet enjoys being in, before making a journey through Aries, where it’s in a term called Detriment. This is not to say Venus on Aries isn’t wonderful; it just has certain limitations.

But now, Venus can bask in its own home and do what it does best.

Venus governs our love lives, finances, the way we relate to others, how we let our hair down, and style. So, with this planet entering Taurus, we are changing the tone from high-octane, risk it all in love and money to a chill-take our time and savor things method.

Taurus is a tranquil Sign, so with this, we could feel more relaxed, take our time making choices, and give ourselves the nice dose of self-care we deserve. Venus is also about what makes us feel good, which is one of the many reasons it works well in Taurus; this planet can do these tasks with patience and ease.

We need the soft life vibe of Taurus right now with all of the Aries energy currently in the sky. It’s incredible to take action and be a go-getter, but it’s also important to relax as well. So, the need to slow down a bit regarding what we are passionate about will be easier. It’s not to say we won't be ambitious, but we will take a lighter road.

Our needs become a top priority in this energy, so there will be more interest in making sure we are pampering ourselves. This could be through good food, taking a luxurious bath, making sure there's time to have fun, ensuring we are getting the opportunity to be romanced, and taking the time out to make sure we look good.

Romance-wise, this could be a time when you’re craving something solid dating-wise rather than cheap thrills. Taurus energy is good at knowing what is a non-negotiable in dating, so this could be when you assess things instead of just diving in because the person is attractive. However, in this energy, we take our time to make sure we are comfortable with a person and fulfilled on all levels.

With this combination, it’s easier to attract the types of people who are reliable dating-wise. This kind of energy encourages people to look for something more than just a fun night out. As a result, you could meet more relationship-oriented people.

Embracing our sensual side comes easily in this energy, whether that's romantic, getting a massage, buying essential oils that have aromatherapy, or leaving your skin soft because Taurus rules sensation. During Taurean times, our senses go into overdrive where we can take in the scents, taste our food better, and experience wine like a connoisseur or sommelier. And we get to take advantage of the guilt-free attitude of this combination, like the urge to beautify ourselves and our surroundings.

Taking advantage of Venus's fun activities in Taurus means going out to some of the best restaurants and doing a food crawl. Of course, it’s not all about food with this energy, so this could be a time to get out in nature, go on hikes, or head to a lush rose garden. For people who are avid concertgoers, music could be their go-to. This is the kind of energy for going to shows, having people over, and playing songs on high-quality audio. Taurus governs sensory and happens to be a musically inclined Sign, so pairing this with Venus gives us the urge to enjoy a good concert.

Our focus goes on building our self-esteem in this energy. We look at what and who is building us up so we can make proper tweaks with those we allow in our zone. In this energy, we understand the importance of surrounding ourselves with people that respect us and have the kind of inner circle we value.

A considerable focus goes on our financial comfort with this configuration. We aim to find something that builds up our monetary worth and look at how we can have something consistent and steady. In other words, we look at ways to build up our resources to create something sustainable. So, career-wise, the urge to look for something that will set us up for the long haul will be what we go after. The idea of a fast buck loses its appeal in this energy. Venus in Taurus isn’t about getting money as quickly as you can; it’s about finding something that will be reliable even if it takes time.

Because Venus is about attracting the things we want for ourselves and Taurus is about obtaining material possessions this is excellent energy for manifesting. In other words, Venus combined with Taurus is beneficial for setting intentions to attract the right opportunities money-wise and in career. This might not happen fast because this is a slow-moving Sign, but the things you set your intentions on will accumulate over time.

Of course, this Ingress has a lower vibration, as any Sign change does when combined with planetary energy.

With the shadow aspects of Venus in Taurus, we have to be aware of being too indulgent. This type of placement wants to enjoy and savor everything, so we need to make sure we aren't going overboard with food and other feel-good things.

Stubbornness in relationships could be an issue. There tends to be a pickiness in dating, so moments of feeling someone doesn't measure up could be an issue. It’s essential to make good choices in love, but this could be a situation where it’s coming from a place of being too closed off.

There could be moments of thinking we are too good for a job concerning our careers. It’s important to know your worth and not settle; however, this is more of an extreme situation where it brings out entitlement. There could be moments of thinking we are too good for a job concerning our careers. This could also inflate materialistic behavior and bring out our inner snob resulting in overspending along with judging others who aren’t as fancy.

Even with the more complex parts of Venus in Taurus, it still brings an element of luxury to the air.

Use this Venus in Taurus to get in touch with your glamorous side.

-Later guys

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