Mars Goes Into Aries On May 24th, 2022

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On May 24th, Mars enters Aries, its home sign, and this is how it might encourage us to begin something that will better our relationships and careers.
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The sudden, unquenchable urge to go after what you want in a pioneering way.

Mars, our planet of motivation and taking action, is going into its Home Sign of Aries! This will change the Piscean tone that we’ve had that was more passive combined with this planet. The only celestial body left in Pisces is now Neptune. So, with the last of the pile-up of planets leaving the abstract vibes of Neptune, we will feel very motivated and like we have direction again.

To top that off, Mars hasn't been in its home Sign since January of 2021. Mars went into Aries for an extended period in 2020 due to its Retrograde cycle, so from June 27, 2020, to January 2021, we had this planet in its home Sign. Due to this planet's slow orbit, once it Retrogrades, it spends 6 months in a Sign; the next Inverse Cycle with Mars will be October 30th in Gemini. Since we are now returning to Mars in Aries, this could bring up residual things that you’re finally wrapping up or show you how far you’ve come over the last 18 months.

With Venus “Until May 28th,” Jupiter, and now Mars in this sign, we are in Aries Season 2.0. Chiron, the asteroid, is here in Aries and will add to this stellium. With this amount of Aries energy, it will be hard not to feel energized.

Mars is like a motivational coach, helping us develop ways to take our passions and turn them into something tangible. This level of enthusiasm will help us connect with our pioneering spirit; as a result, we introduce ourselves to a new way of doing things. So, with our planet of how we go after the things we desire in our lives, we will feel like we are back in our element.

Mars will give us an extra push because it’s our planet of action. This red celestial body is associated with going after what we desire and is our motivational coach, especially in Aries. As a result, we won't feel as anxious about starting the things we’ve wanted to initiate.

Trailblazing becomes second nature with this combination. Our confidence levels increase, and we feel like we can set ourselves on a new trajectory. Self-doubt tends to fall away, so we can jump in and take care of business. The great thing is that ambition and risk-taking under this energy can lead to success in what we initiate. With this, we feel extra sharp, our intuition tends to be rapid, decisiveness comes easily, and we can develop some quick reflexes under this alignment.

Because of the energetic nature of this Ingress, it will feel easy to create something worthwhile for ourselves. This could be in the form of creativity itself. Or it could be something along the lines of athleticism. Since we have a ton of energy with this Mars in Aries, it’s excellent for channeling your inner warrior or gladiator and starting some strength training routine or whatever fitness regimen you prefer.

The urge for excitement will be another area of our lives that needs fulfillment. With it being warm outside combined with this energy, we will be in for a thrill-seeking fest. This could be a time when you are going out more, looking for something bold, and being more open with your choices in terms of activities. We feel less inclined to say no to what could be an incredible experience, so if there is something we usually wouldn’t try, this might give us an extra push to say, “For sure, I’m in, let’s do it” under this ingress.

Being able to do your own thing will come naturally with Mars in Aries. In other words, this alignment energizes our independent spirit. Having friends is vital, but being able to do your own thing when everyone else is occupied is crucial. Also, getting up and having fun without waiting around for others builds confidence. Besides, there are things your friends might not be into, so why put your enjoyment on hold just because others aren't interested.

Or, if there’s a group project where nobody is pitching in, you could decide to fly solo because there’s no way you’re getting in trouble due to the irresponsibility of others. Therefore, you complete it yourself and gain all of the accolades.

Love-life-wise, this could be a time when you’re bolder than usual. In other words, Mars rules our intimacy and passion, so this will rev up our need for romance. We care less about what might go wrong with this energy, so we tend to be less shy about asking a person of interest out. Or saying yes to a date with someone we’re interested in getting to know.

Unabashedly, the need to be ourselves becomes strong, so we feel okay with just speaking our minds. We tend to step into our self-hood, be self-reliant, and realize our personal power. People become more assertive under this energy, which is helpful in situations where it's essential to stand up for ourselves. Or even in cases where we can use assertiveness to help others who don't have a voice of their own.

With assertion comes the lower vibration of Mars in Aries.

Honesty can sometimes go wrong with this energy due to the blunt nature of Aries; we can come off rude. We can sometimes overly assert ourselves, leading to others thinking we are pushy and demanding. Our tempers need to be watched because it's easier to get annoyed or irritated when something or someone is stressing us out. We also tend to have a low tolerance for slowness under this alignment.

The need to stay busy could lead to burnout with the shadow aspects of Mars in Aries. Because Mars is how we exert our energy and deal with our ambitious side, we need to be mindful of going full throttle on things we are eager to obtain. Due to this being an energetic configuration, it’s essential to not push our limits with work, exercise, goals, and even passion.

Speaking of intimacy, this can be a time to ensure we aren’t being selfish in our relationships. Mars, associated with its Home Sign of Aries, tends to bring out the need for self-gratifying behavior, which could translate to being concerned with your own pleasure. So, try to ensure there’s an even exchange between you and your person.

Jupiter is also in Aries and will make a Conjunction which might further amplify the expression of this Sign. So, some of the complex elements could feel more pronounced than typical. Of course, it will also inflate the positive sides of Aries, so let’s get pumped and use that to our advantage.

But either way, this will be an energetic time filled with adventurous possibilities.

Use this Mars in Aries period to be a go-getter and take charge of your life.

-Later guys

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