The Sun Goes Into Gemini On May 20th, 2022

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The Sun will enter Gemini on May 20th, which might help us become more enthusiastic about what other options are available to us and develop better social experiences for ourselves.
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The ability to be versatile is a superpower!

Welcome to Gemini Season 2022!

And Happy Birthday, Geminis; it’s your time to be brilliant!

We leave the Taurean vibes that showed us the importance of relaxing for a more energized tone. The Sun in the Sign of the Wonder Twins will encourage our inquisitive natures, help us be more active, seek out a more stimulating social life, and add a very cheerful note to the air.

Mercury is the Ruler of Gemini and will come back into this Sign as it gets to the early part of June, amplifying our need for interaction. Venus will eventually be joining this grouping, adding to the overabundance of cheerful, chatty, flirty, and party vibes of this Sign. Also, with all of this Mercurial energy, expect buzzworthy topics on a collective level and interesting data since Gemini energy has a way of relaying news and other information.

Gemini rules communication, so this could be a time when our social batteries are revved up, resulting in more text messages, DM’s, calls, or video chats. Our urge for verbal stimulation will feel intense during this time. With this, the need for interaction won't feel as draining, which will allow us to bounce ideas off of others, have humorous chats, and feel stimulated from talking to multiple people.

Conversations could feel more open-minded, and objectivity could seem easier in this energy. Our minds will be curious about other people's opinions and how the other side of the coin works. So even if we don’t understand something or agree, we tend to consider all possibilities before committing to a belief. This is an excellent time to be neutral and impartial; sometimes, it’s more harmful than good to let our opinions override useful data.

Another cool thing about this extra Gemini energy is its playful and social side. The urge to just go out and let loose, participate in warm-weather activities, and open up our options socially will be strong. We could work on being more outgoing, look at alternatives to where we usually hang out, find a social scene that suits us better, and be more open to meeting new people for friendship.

We all got a huge wake-up call in 2020 about the importance of loving where you live, and if that’s not the case, find a place that is totally your scene. Gemini rules our immediate environment and local travel by car, so why not embrace your city or find a local scene that fits your vibes. It’s crucial for you to be comfortable in your city and thrive in your environment; otherwise, you may feel stifled by your surroundings. At least with this, our need to explore our town will be revved up. So, we will seek out these terrific areas to hang out more than we typically do. And feel more curious about places we haven't seen yet with the Gemini vibes.

Versatility comes easily in this energy, so this could be a time when we are juggling more than one thing at a time. Being dexterous efficiently is a remarkable ability to learn because it shows us how to multitask in situations that require us to be the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. Of course, it's best to accomplish one thing at a time, but it's okay to multitask every now and then.

Energetically, our inquisitiveness will give us the urge to learn new things, look up intriguing stuff, and stimulate our thinking. This will also help us look at ways to diversify our gains in life. In other words, we will look at how to create more opportunities with money, dating, goals, personal life, and friendships. In this energy, we learn not to tie ourselves to one thing because there are always alternatives that can improve our lives.

A youthful tone will be in the air because this is the Sign of the teenager. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself revisiting things you did years ago and getting in touch with your not afraid to let your hair down sprightly side. It's beneficial to go back to what we used to appreciate when we were younger because it’s calming and gives us a rush of feel-good vibes.

Of course, this leads to the lower expressions, which happens when any Sign goes into a new planet, so this is no different. With this, people could have a low tolerance for long-windedness. Nervous energy can also be an issue, so we could have moments when being overly energetic leads to anxiousness. Try to manage your caffeine intake because that could further aggravate your system during Gemini Season.

There is a tendency to leave people on read over text or DM and not reply promptly. In this energy, people become flakier than typical because they hop from one thing to another, resulting in a lack of follow-through with communication.

We could also encounter situations where people contradict themselves and are seemingly duplicitous. People tend to gossip and lie more than average during higher concentrations of Gemini energy. As a result, we could notice an amplification of dishonesty during this time. Mercury, the ruler of this Sign, is a trickster, so telling tall tales and creating mischief becomes more prominent.

Additionally, due to the need for constant stimulation, it’s pretty easy to become bored as a result. And this could be a period where sticking to one thing will be complicated due to our urge to multitask, resulting in unfinished projects and half-read books.

Even with some of the lower expressions of this energy, it's still an exciting period and filled with many options to keep us busy.

Use this Gemini Season to get curious about the things that stimulate your mind and social battery.

-Later guys

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