The Total Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio Forecast May 15th, 2022

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The second eclipse of 2022 will help us clear out what's no longer helpful in our lives in order to gain something better.
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Hey guys, we have the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Scorpio on May 15th at 9:13 PM PST, which is 12:18 AM Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation occurs in your area.

The Second Eclipse of 2022 is underway in the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio, which could help us make significant changes to the things in our lives that are no longer workable.

May’s Full Moon is also known as a Flower Moon. The Reason this Moon got its name is due to its association with Spring flowers. Native and ancient tribes noticed that flowers were in full bloom during this recurring cycle, resulting in this Moon’s name.

Spiritually, a Flower Moon can represent a time where growth is visible in your life. So, this could be when you see that the things you worked hard on are finally blossoming. This gives us a more colorful and optimistic outlook about where we are headed and that things are starting to work out.

This Lunar event will be visible in the United States, so those of us who live in the US will be able to view the Eclipse. Other countries where this Eclipse will be visible are most of Canada, especially the Eastern Side, all of South America, Africa, Western Europe, some of New Zealand, and Southwest Asia.

With the Transits happening at this Moon, we have a mix of harmonious and edgy alignments, which could cause our moods to fluctuate. At the time of the Eclipse, there could be a considerable urge just to do you and take care of essential matters for yourself.

Luckily, the Chart Rulers, Mars “The ancient Ruler,” and Pluto “The Modern Ruler'' are mostly making proper alignments, which could help us feel more energized than typical. These planets are in good alignment with the Lunar Nodes, which coincidentally are the depositors for the South Node of the Moon. With these connections, we could feel motivated to make necessary changes to help us have a better outcome for whatever goals we wanted to carry out.

Mars, the ancient ruler, is in a Semi-Square to Saturn, Conjunct Jupiter plus Neptune, and Sextile and Trine the Nodal Axis. With all of these Aspects to Mars, I recommend going slow and not pushing your luck due to the complex Transit to Saturn. Even with the positive connections to Jupiter and Neptune, you want to wait for the right moment to act. Doing this will set you up for success and give you the extra boost you need for your goals to flourish.

However, there are still some complex Transits. The Nodes are still in a Square to Saturn, which could put extra pressure on us to move forward on the things that restrict us. The Moon will be in this Square to Saturn as well because it is also connected with the South Node of the Moon, which could bring up old emotions we disassociated from that need to be resolved. There will also be an Opposition to Mercury, the North Node, and Uranus, which could result in unexpected communication with people from your past. Or a message about something that needs to be reworked or completed.

A big sigh of relief is that this Moon will be in harmonious Transits with Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Hopefully, these connections mitigate some of the complex alignments because they bring in the sense of feeling enthusiastic, an element of fun, hope, and the energy to move past challenging situations.

Finally, Fixed Sign positions Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 20 and 29 degrees will be more affected than others by this Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipse Vibes
Transits GraphSirius Software

The energy of this Eclipse is a mixed bag, so there will be moments where we feel triggered and others where we could feel better about where we are headed.

Solitude from the 15th to 17th is the highest on the graph. This could be when you need to be introspective, so you could be in your head. With the vast amount of strenuous energies, it is good to take time to yourself and re-charge your emotional batteries.

The mental energy is steady for a few days but a bit low, so we could have moments where we need a break from overthinking. Having this mental energy tie in with the solitude further reiterates a need for a retreat to rejuvenate yourself.

Visionary and inspired energy is creating peaks and valleys, so waves of intuition might fluctuate throughout the day. It’s a good idea to write down what kind of psychic hits you are getting or dreams that seemed prophetic that way, you can go back and review them later to see if these precognition moments have occurred.

And not surprisingly, the social and romantic vibes are low on the graph but mixed in with a massive amount of solitude energy resulting in wanting to be low-key.

Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio

Scorpio is about connecting with the sides of yourself you are afraid to look at that need to be transformed. A Lunar Eclipse occurs at Full Moons, so they are cycles of completion.

Energetically, a Full Moon Eclipse might indicate the conclusion of a cycle which could mean you’re ready for the next step; something needs to be reviewed or tweaked. Or, it could be a turning point in your life when you realize something isn't working for you and it’s time to clear it out.

Scorpio energy is about purging, transforming, and letting go. This Scorpio quality is useful when we need to shift our lives. This energy's power is in recognizing what impedes us; then, we can change our condition and behavior to progress.

Scorpio's power helps us see where we need to heal our repressions. With this Sign, we think critically and understand psychological concerns. This energy inspires us to do some soul searching and make changes to better ourselves. We go inward to remove toxic things to purify our souls and then do the difficult work needed to advance. Because Lunar Eclipses are feminine in nature, there may be some sort of change regarding that sort of energy during this lunation.

Eclipses are more complicated versions of the New and Full Moons, which cause substantial atmospheric changes by shifting the luminaries' light. The Earth is between the Moon and the Sun during a Lunar Eclipse. As a result, the Moon goes into the Umbra, “Earth’s Shadow,” obscuring its light reflected off of the Sun, causing the Moon to look a reddish color.

Consider Eclipses like a software or operating system refresh. When you replace old software or receive an update alert, your computer is rebooted, causing a change to the script running on the device. As a result, consider this a period when the refresh button is pressed to clear out the kinks in our life.

If one of our planets or angles in our Astrological chart is aligned with one of these exceptional Moon events, they are more likely to influence us. Check the eclipse's degree because it will affect you if it is close to your Natal position. Even if you aren't personally affected, you may notice the effects on a collective level or among individuals in your immediate vicinity.

Scorpio Eclipse Occurrences
Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Chartimage by author

Full Moons are about moving forward with what's working, things that need revision, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

However, given this is a Lunar Eclipse, I do not recommend creating intentions for it; please do not manifest. Because this type of Solar/Lunar occurrence is unpredictable, manifestation ceremonies done during eclipses could have unintended outcomes.

So instead, here’s a list of what could happen during this Eclipse:

  • It is all about renewal; this is your time to move on to the next chapter in your life
  • Solutions could come to help you remove mental blocks and stagnation or find answers to what was hidden from you
  • With this Eclipse, an urge to break old habits, patterns, and particular behavior could be strong
  • This could be a time where you relinquish control
  • Or gain control back in a situation where you lost yourself
  • A moment when you take a deep dive into what relationships are only surface level in your life⠀
  • Understanding that it’s time to work on trust issues with yourself and others
  • Feeling it’s time to set spiritual boundaries to protect your energy
  • There could be an urge to do deep research to understand the complexities
  • This could be a moment when you decide to work on coping skills or even look into getting coaching or therapy for unresolved emotions
  • A need to reconnect with yourself and get in touch with your emotions might come up
  • The light could be shed on something that was mysterious to you
  • A sudden moment of clarity that helps you become more observant ⠀
  • Feeling a strong need to connect with your personal power
  • This could be a time when you emerge from situations that have derailed you and come back swinging⠀
  • A deep cleaning might be in order, so a detox or purging out what is toxic in your life⠀
  • This could be a time to purify your life of those who drain your energy

Scorpio is extreme energy; however, there are moments when looking at harsh truths to revise our lives is vital.

Use this Eclipse to filter out what’s unhealthy so you can attract high vibes only.

-Later guys

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