Jupiter Goes Into Aries On May 10th, 2022

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Jupiter enters Aries on May 10th, which should get us pumped to start a new quest that leads to better opportunities in our lives.

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If we could all feel motivated to explore a new path in our lives, it would lead to great things.

Suppose you needed an excuse to blaze a significant trail in your life, then you’re in luck because Jupiter is going into Aries. Jupiter combined with Aries might help us take action in a bigger, bolder, and better way. We leave the chill vibes of Jupiter in Pisces for the high-octane combination of this planet in Aries.

An Ingress like this will put a tone of unbridled optimism in the air! Jupiter rules Sagittarius, another Fire Sign just like Aries, plus both of these Signs play very well together, so there is no shortage of motivation and fun.

And Jupiter has not been in a Fire Sign in 3 years. The last time this planet was in its own element was around November 8, 2018, until December 1, 2019, in its Home Sign of Sagittarius. Then this planet went into Capricorn, heading for a long journey in non-fire Signs for a couple of years.

We seek out a journey aligned with who we are authentically, which will help reignite our passion and confidence. Even though Jupiter is Exalted in Pisces, Jupiter becomes more outward and adventurous in this combination, which this planet enjoys. So, we could feel more pumped about starting a new quest in our lives filled with possibilities and room for some recreation.

Jupiter in Aries helps us look at how we can expand our possibilities into opportunities that lead to expansion. This is one of those combinations that helps us to shoot our shot in many areas of our life, so we have the chance to scale whatever we are trying to grow. We gain this sense of hope that we can have the thrilling things in our lives and break away from what holds us back.

The urge to take a pioneering approach to all things Jupitarian will be strong. This could be a time to explore new ways to learn. We could find ourselves on a learning fest in a way that's quicker than average due to Aries's fast-paced. So absorbing materials could come easier.

An Ingress like this could also get us to feel more comfortable with our own perspective. In other words, there are times when we either don't want to share our viewpoints and others where we inadvertently take on other people's outlooks. So, this could help you realize that it’s okay to have another perspective different from others and that you have something to bring to the table in conversation. As a result, this could help us speak our truth and try to be more open-minded to others. Jupiter combined with Aries can sometimes go back and forth on this, so it can turn into a lower expression. We must balance our need to be opinionated if we aren’t experiencing the positive side of this placement.

Fighting for our fellow man is another strong urge with this alignment. Jupiter, combined with Aries, gets people passionate about doing what they can to make sure others are treated with respect. Therefore, this might be when people are more open to joining a cause or taking action by going out there and making a difference for those in need. In other words, this could be a time when people are looking out for each other, especially those who might not have the ability to sustain themselves.

Luck tends to come from the actions we take in this Ingress. Therefore, we could feel more open to shooting our shot when it comes to opportunities in front of us. Because of the ambitiousness of this configuration, we feel confident enough to take risks on the things we usually wouldn't dare. So, this impulsive action could lead to some fortunate moments.

An impulse to travel becomes big in this energy. We could be seeking adventures to places we usually don't travel to, so you could find yourself booking an excursion. Even if it isn't looking for an adrenaline rush, this could be heading to Miami instead of your usual trip to Maine, which could also be exhilarating.

With Jupiter in Aries, this could be journeys of the mind through a good action movie or reading a suspenseful book. Some people experience a nice journey of the mind through meditative running or exercise that puts them in a zone. And we deal with passion and intimacy, so this could be a journey through intimate connections.

Speaking of that, Venus is in Aries currently, so this, combined with Jupiter, could help us expand the way we date and deal with our finances. Mars will be here at the end of the month and further amplify our ability to take action in our romantic life and economic circumstances.

Our need to mingle will be potent under this Ingress. If you felt introspective during Jupiter in Pisces, this could give us the boost we need to make plans with our friends and family. There's a need to have exchanges with others through a party, check out a superb restaurant with cuisines you never tried, or go out for drinks at an exciting new hotspot.

Of course, there is a lower vibration as there is with these Sign changes. Jupiter is an expander, and while it will scale up the lovely attributes of this Sign, it could inflate things such as our tempers. Aries is a Mars-ruled Sign that governs our temper, so getting irritated might be too easy. We also have to be mindful of speaking too directly and being pushy because Jupiter's energy is blunt so is Aries, resulting in hurt feelings and disagreements. Hence, we want to make sure we aren't steamrolling others.

A few paragraphs ago, I mention perspectives and how this can be great for having your own views and trying to understand others; however, this doesn't always end up that way. There could be a mixed reaction which leads to our tempers getting flared up. Being opinionated comes too easily in this energy, so we need to check ourselves if we get too nitpicky about our way and line of thinking being what matters instead. Jupiter in Aries likes to fight for what it believes in, good, bad, or indifferent, so we should try to remain respectful of others.

We also need to be mindful of risk-taking because that can turn into carelessness under this Ingress. Our urge to go after what we want will be powerful under this configuration, which can be great if we aren’t being too impulsive. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure we aren’t being too reckless, stepping on anyone’s toes, or going after what we want due to feeling entitled.

All of these issues could collectively come up on the higher and lower vibrations. So, even though we can feel these effects individually, there are still issues that we could see play out in society that are of the nature of Jupiter in Aries.

The Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 1 to 10 degrees will feel this Ingress more than others.

Jupiter will be in Aries on October 28th due to its Retrograde; dip back into Pisces, giving us some much-needed review from April. By December, Jupiter will go forward in Aries and stay in the Sign of the Ram through most of 2023.

-Later guys

Jupiter in Aries Dates:

  • Enters Aries May 10, 2022
  • Goes Back in Pisces Oct 28th, 2022
  • Moves Forward in Aries December 20th, 2022

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