Mercury Goes Retrograde On May 10th, 2022

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Mercury is going Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus o On May 10th, showing us why we lack consistency and where we need to reorganize.
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Mercury Retrograde in Earth and Air Signs take 2!!

Yup, this is the second inverse period for Mercury; we had the first back in January to February, which occurred in Capricorn and Aquarius. This second round is another double feature with Mercury RX in the Signs of Gemini and Taurus.

Due to this Retrograde occurring in two Signs plus Modalities, this energy will be more prominent for the Mutable and Fixed Signs. Therefore, the Fixed Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which are between 24 and 29 degrees of these Signs, will feel the effects strongly. Also, the Mutable Signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces from 1 to 10 degrees will experience this Retrograde more than most.

The Gemini Portion- Mutable Air
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With Mercury being in its home sign of Gemini, expect this one to feel more amplified than usual.

In Air, you focus on relationships; because, in this element, it's all about how we connect. So in a Retrograde like this, we get the opportunity to recalibrate our communication skills. Gemini is a Mutable Sign, so we need to prepare for changes, look at erratic behavior, and things we need to move on from here.

Reflective Question For Mercury RX In Gemini:

Think about the Gemini themes popping up in your life from April 29th until now?

Are you comfortable with your local environment?

Or is it time to find a better local scene where you fit?

Have there been issues with your siblings?

Are there any conflicts with friends who are like siblings?

Where are you working on crucial things that require attention to the details?

Have there been issues with paperwork for the last few weeks that haven’t been resolved?

Are you experiencing a communication that’s gone wrong, and everything is getting misconstrued?

Has there been an issue with gossip or hearsay?

Have there been issues with people who refuse to speak the truth?

Over these last few weeks, has this been when a deception became more apparent to you?

Are you working on being more consistent with the people in your life?

Or having issues with someone who’s lacked follow through with you, causing a strain on the relationship?

Gemini is a Sign of communication, facts, details, direct relationships, our environment, and dealing with our dual natures. With a Retrograde in this Sign, we aim to resolve these issues.

Communication problems come up during this period with our immediate relatives. Gemini governs brothers and sisters; therefore, misunderstandings with siblings that need resolution will be more prominent. Or, this could also be issues with friends who are like siblings. Parent’s rarely come up with this Retrograde combination; if this was Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn or Cancer, then this would bring up complex issues with mothers or fathers. However, if a person’s relationship with their parent is sibling-like, scenarios from those dynamics might need to be resolved.

A Retrograde like this could bring up some unresolved issues with a person's direct relatives. Gemini represents relatives such as cousins, aunts, or uncles. So, we could question if it's worth mending or if it is time to move on from those relationships. Also, this may increase the chances of working through things with an estranged family member.

This Inverse Period could help us review whether or not our local environment is right for us. In other words, this could be a time where you reevaluate where you want to live and what would be the best places for you. Gemini is about thriving in our local area, so this could motivate you to research what would be a better city or state to live in that aligns with your soul.

We need to be mindful of the fine print for Mercury Retrogrades, but specifically, this one due to it being in its Home Sign. Gemini is about the details and getting the facts straight, so you want to make sure you look at everything before you put your signature on a contract. Also, be very diligent with documentation and other paperwork; otherwise, it can delay things leading to more frustration.

Duplicitous actions tend to be revealed under a Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. The truth could come out about those who have over-embellished what is really happening. With this inverse cycle, there is also an opportunity to address contradictory behavior from others or yourself. Gossip is another situation that can come up. Rumors tend to bubble to the surface, so this could bring them to light for a resolution. Also, to show you where you need to move forward from certain relationships that lack honesty.

Another situation to be aware of in this energy is flakiness. Because of the fickle nature associated with lower vibrational Gemini traits, people could experience ghosting over text that's higher than usual.

Additionally, this Sign deals with our day-to-day activities with technology. So, there could be glitches with cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. Therefore, be aware of how you handle your data. It’s always good to back up important information, be on alert about phishing schemes, and think before you post online because things get misunderstood during Retrogrades.

The Taurus Portion Of Mercury RX
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Mercury RX in Taurus is the shorter portion of this Cycle. This planet went into Shadow on April 26th and was only in Taurus until the 29th, giving us 3 days of themes in this Sign.

Earth is about turning our unrealistic expectations into tangible ones. Because this is in a Fixed Earth Sign like Taurus, we need to look at what isn't bringing us the security and comfort we crave in our lives.

We work on where being stubborn has painted us in a corner. This could be an opportunity to free us from rigid thinking. During this period, there is a lesson on the importance of being stable and reliable, plus how to be resourceful. A cycle like this causes you to work on practicality and money.

Reflective Question For Mercury RX In Taurus:

What kind of Retrograde themes were going on with you for the Taurus portion?

Have there been communication issues regarding possessions and money?

Are you learning your worth in romantic relationships?

Have you noticed a change in what you value at this point in your life?

Have there been communication issues when it came down to your relationships?

Are there issues with an ex coming back

Have you come to a point where you realize the importance of having only reliable people in your life?

Working on negative self-talk that is causing your confidence to dwindle?

Is this a time when you are working on building better self-esteem?

Are you looking to work on the areas of your life that became stagnant?

Mercury Retrograde with Taurean themes deals with issues about your confidence, self-worth, what you value in life, and the need to be stable plus mentally solid. Our minds seek serenity in this energy that way; we can feel confident and let go of toxic inner dialog.

Throughout this Retrograde, we could experience situations where we question if the relationship or job we are in brings value to our lives. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus causes us to look at why we deserve the best and helps us understand our worth to reevaluate our finances, career, along with relationships that don’t build our self-esteem.

We look at what's meant to last in our lives, so if something or someone has been unreliable, it's not worth our time. Therefore, even if there was an ex we wanted to rekindle things with, this Inverse Cycle could shed light on why it's better to move forward. This could help us realize the ex wasn't someone we could count on, which is why we never felt confident in that relationship.

With this portion, we learn the importance of being reliable and having those in our lives that we can depend on so our relationships aren't one-sided. Also, we realize that it’s crucial to create a less stressful life, so we work on how to seek more comfort.

And we work through ruts we’ve gotten in so we can become unstuck mentally and emotionally. In this Fixed Earth energy combined with Mercury, there is a tendency to get into a mental rut, so this Retrograde could show you where you need to make these changes.

Mercury will move Retrograde on May 10th, then Direct on June 2nd. Finally, on June 18th, it will exit the Post-Shadow Retrograde Phase.

So, yeah, do your best to reevaluate, research, reorient, and resolve all of your Mercury Retrograde scenarios.

-Later, guys

Gemini and Taurus RX:

  • RX during the Taurus-Gemini Season Inverse Cycle
  • Degrees 26° Taurus 4° of Gemini
  • Shadow 4/26/22
  • Retrograde 5/10/22
  • Direct 6/2/22
  • Leaves Post-Shadow 6/18/22

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