The Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus Forecast April 30th, 2022

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With the first eclipse for 2022 in Taurus, we could begin to understand why it’s essential to build a life of comfort and stability.
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Hey guys, we have the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Taurus on April 30th at 1:27 pm PST, which is 4:27 pm Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation is occurring for you.

Welcome to the Spring Eclipse Season 2022!

We kick off the first of 2 Eclipses for the next month in the Sign of Taurus. Since it’s a New Moon, this will be a Solar Eclipse, but a partial one. This is due to the Moon being in a weaker section of the shadow; it will be partially eclipsed because the Earth's Shadow is only obscuring a small part of the Moon. We will see some coverage over the Moon regardless of whether it is a Total Lunar Eclipse or not, but it will be fainter in appearance.

This Eclipse will be visible in parts central to the southernmost tip of South America and Antarctica. Therefore, we won’t be able to view it in North America.

This Moon is making a mix of complex alignments, but there are some harmonious ones.

The Moon will be in Semi Squares to Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, and a Conjunction with Uranus. With Uranus here, this could help us find sudden solutions to problems that have been unsolvable for a while. There is still a T-Square from the Lunar Nodes to Saturn, which could cause extra pressure to make serious changes to the areas of our lives that need revision.

Luckily, there is a Sextile to Mars, which could cause us to feel energized. Even with the T-Square that’s happening around this same time, having Mars in this harmonious alignment with the Moon might give us the extra boost of confidence and an optimistic outlook about where we are headed.

The Chart Ruler Venus is in a Semisquare with Uranus, which could bring in some unexpected discomfort with money and love. However, the Chart Ruler is making harmonious alignments which could help take some of the edge out of the air. Venus will make a Trine to the North Node of the Moon, Sextile Pluto, and a Trine to the Moon’s South Node. Coincidentally Venus is the depositor for the North Node, and Pluto rules the South Node, so these planets making harmonious connections with one another helps this eclipse feel less intense.

Venus is also sandwiched between Jupiter and Neptune in a Conjunction, bringing in some extra benefits of ease, fun, enjoyment, and abundance.

These special lunar events are more likely to influence us if aligned with one of our planets or angles in our astrology chart. Check the eclipse's degree because if it is close to your Natal position, it will influence you. And if you're not experiencing the effects directly, you may be observing these on a collective level or among those in your local proximity. Lastly, Fixed Sign placements Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 4 to 16 degrees will feel this Solar Eclipse more than others.

Vibes For The Solar Eclipse
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The vibes of this Solar Eclipse are mixed due to the alignments.

Complex vibes like solitude and emotional sensitivity could cause us to feel moody, but most of the harmonious energies could hopefully take the edge off. Motivation is crossing the more complex energies, which could help us get out of bad moods faster than usual.

Good luck energy is high on the graph and one of the more dominant vibes. This is all due to Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter connecting harmoniously. With good luck being one of the highest vibes, this could be a time where opportunities land in your lap.

Social vibes fill the air with a tone of energy involving family and friends, plus other pleasant interactions. Even for an Eclipse, the energy of this one is about having enjoyable exchanges with others. So, use this as an excuse to connect with the people who matter and let your hair down.

And, there’s a steady stream of romance vibes during this lunation which could lead to some amorous moments in dating and relationships.

New Moon In Taurus Solar Eclipse

Eclipses are complex versions of the New and Full Moons that create significant atmospheric changes by shifting the light of the luminaries. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, covering the Sun's rays and obstructing the light of this luminary.

As a result, it has the potential to jumpstart a new era in a person's life, something that needs improvement or to help us let go of situations that are no longer feasible. Because these Lunar/Solar events are like revisions, they can be considered an update. Imagine it as a software or operating system upgrade. Your computer is usually rebooted when you install new software or receive a prompt for an update, which creates a change to the existing script running on the computer.

So, look at this as a time when the refresh button gets utilized to clear out the glitches in our lives.

With the Zodiac Sign's energy at the time of the lunation, New Moons are about starting something fresh in your life. However, because this is an eclipse, I don't encourage setting intentions for this lunar event; please don't manifest. Due to the unpredictability of this type of Solar/Lunar occurrence, manifestation rituals performed during eclipses may have unwanted consequences.

Possible Experiences Of The Solar Eclipse In Taurus
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Because Solar Eclipses are about abrupt shifts ushering in something new, there may be an update in terms of Taurus themes in our own lives or on a communal basis.

Instead of a checklist, here are several possible beginnings during the Taurus New Moon Eclipse:

  • How have you established a sense of security in your life
  • This could be a time when you’re accepting that you don’t need to be in control
  • An epiphany could occur that it’s time to leave behind the hustle and bustle to live a softer life
  • Realizing you need to develop a plan to be more consistent in your life
  • Understanding that you’re ready to build better relationships with reliable people
  • Looking at why you need to develop patience and be okay with things going slow sometimes
  • Recognize that if you aren’t feeling valued, then it’s time for you to move forward
  • This could come as a decision that others are pressing you to make, but you’re learning the art of saying no during this period.
  • A realization that you can no longer sacrifice your comfort to keep other people warm
  • Discovering that you have to take better care of your needs and do something that decompresses you
  • Feeling like you want to connect with your more sensual energies
  • Starting a new cycle to boost your self-esteem where you create inner self-worth instead of seeking external validation to boost your confidence
  • This could lead to an understanding of how to manage money better
  • Beginning a new era in how you earn money and create financial stability
  • Feel like it’s time to stay the course on your goals rather than being scattered
  • No longer guilting yourself for enjoying material possessions
  • You could feel directed to work on achieving emotional stability, calmness, and comfort

Taurus is all about having a steady, serene, and satisfying life, so hopefully, this starts a new chapter that provides those things for all of you.

Have a fabulous Solar Eclipse In Taurus!

-Later guys

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