Mercury Goes Into Gemini On April 29th, 2022

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On April 29th, Mercury will enter Gemini, its home sign, reminding us how to diversify our options for a more varied life.
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“So, what’s the latest gossip in our local scene?!”

We leave the mellow communication style of Taurus for the ultra-chatty tone of Gemini.

And the cool thing is Mercury is very comfortable here because this is its Home Sign. This planet hasn’t been in one of its Home Signs since August of 2021, which is Virgo; Mercury rules both of these Mutable Signs. However, the Gemini combination is more communicative than the Virgo version.

So, what this means is that we will be very expressive and open to socializing.

Mercury in Gemini will rev up the way we communicate along with thinking to a fast and friendly approach. And our interactions will be incredibly active throughout this period. Given that we are dealing with Gemini energy, you can expect your phone and social media to be really busy.

Furthermore, there is a significant degree of socializing, which will attract some much-needed company. This level of talkative energy indicates a time when we can expect loads of text messages and video calls. There will be an urge to pick up the phone to call people you miss connecting with for some much-needed catching up.

Activities online pick up with Mercury in Gemini. This Sign governs our day-to-day activities and what we do on the internet, so our social media activity might increase during this period. This could be a time when you are finding yourself playing around online, diving into things you’ve always been curious about, and possibly looking into doing some sort of writing online. The latest trends will be cranked out more so than usual, so media should be pretty buzzy at this time, along with juicy gossip because that tends to happen in Gemini energy.

Our minds will be more open to new ideas and just thirsty for stimulation, primarily intellectual but playful stuff as well. Mentally, our ability to reason might feel enhanced. With a Mercurial Sign, our thoughts could be filled with technical solutions to our problems. We could end up spending a significant amount of time experimenting and fact-checking to ensure that our following moves are correct. Additionally, this may pique our interest in learning a new subject out of curiosity.

Another significant shift with this Sign change will be flexibility regarding our viewpoints because Gemini is all about objectivity. This allows us to see many different perspectives than our own, which could help us understand where another person is coming from, even if it isn’t our cup of tea.

After the last few years, we all know the importance of diversifying our lives by having a variety of interests, sources of money, and social circles. Having multiple interests keeps us mentally stimulated so we don’t become bored. As a result, it prevents burring ourselves out by just focusing on one thing for entertainment. With more variety in our social circles, we get the opportunity to play in different environments, have people to hang out with when our other friends aren’t up to getting together, and we satisfy different facets of our personality. Financially, having more than one source of income is an excellent strategy because if one source slows down, there’s another to help. This is why the Gemini way of keeping your options open is lovely.

One of the cool things about this Ingress is playful and youthful vibes. We feel more inclined to be breezy and reconnect with the things we loved as teenagers, such as video games. What makes Gemini energy easy is the need to let our hair down, laugh, and do something adventurous. The urge to have an exhilarating outlet will be significant under this alignment.

Curiosity could give us the urge to explore our area and try out places we’ve overlooked. Gemini energy is about your local environment, your city, neighborhood, plus mini road trips in the surrounding areas, so this could be a time to venture out and enjoy what the town has to offer.

Of course, there is a lower expression of this Ingress which is what happens when any planet goes into a Sign. We have to be mindful of consistency in this energy because it’s easy to become scattered and socially flaky. With Gemini energy, we tend to become distracted easily, which could lead to not finishing projects or getting back to text messages. So even though this is intellectual, multitasking, and social energy, we need to make sure we are following through.

People tend to be more contradictory with the unrefined side of this placement, leading to distrust. With the shadow side aspects of Gemini, we also deal with those who bend the truth and gossip. And because there is a need for constant stimulation under this Ingress, we could become bored with things quickly and have a low tolerance for people who aren’t on our energy level.

These are just a few uncomfortable scenarios that could play out while Mercury is in Gemini. And Mercury will also go Retrograde on the 10th, which could further amplify these harder expressions.

But does that mean we won’t have a good time in this Sign change?! Of course, not!

We will have a few weeks before the Retrograde to get the most out of this Sign. And after that, by the time we get to June 18th, when this planet is out of Shadow RX, we will get Mercury's high vibes and good times in Gemini.

-Later Guys

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