Pluto Goes Retrograde On April 29th, 2022

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With Pluto going into Retrograde on Friday, we will begin to look at the areas of our life that require transformation.
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After two months with no planets going backward, Pluto will enter its Retrograde Phase in Capricorn. At least we had a nice long break, but now it’s time to review the things that need tuning up in our lives.

This planet kicks off the Retrograde Season; soon, the other celestial bodies will follow Mercury “Currently in its Pre-Shadow RX,” Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, etc. Pluto happens to be first since it spends half the time on either side of the Sun in a synodic cycle due to the slow orbit of this planet. Therefore, this planet spends 50% of its time Direct and the other portion in Retrograde.

Retrogrades affect us at the collective and individual level, especially regarding the Outer Planets. Even if you aren't experiencing these energies personally, you can still observe the global vibrational shift. Or, you might notice a difference in the people you know who seem to be going through a considerable change in their lives.

The Cardinal Signs will feel this Retrograde more pronounced than others. Therefore, if you have placements in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 24 to 29 degrees, then you might experience this Pluto Retrograde more personally.

Pluto Retrograde Reflective Questions
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Energetically Pluto RX has a complex feeling because it deals with issues that we consciously or unconsciously hide deep beneath the surface. As a result, we begin to address the unpleasant problems to experience growth so that we come out the other side a healed and healthier version of ourselves.

Pluto went into its Pre-Shadow Phase on January 6th, so since that day, think about what type of Plutonic themes were developing in your life?

  • What are you trying to transmute in your life?
  • Have you been looking for a way to let go of bad habits?
  • Are you researching how to resolve repressed trauma?
  • Learning to stay strong and say no to toxic people?
  • Realizing that it’s important not to stay in an unhealthy environment?
  • Looking to empower yourself so you can build your confidence and feel strong?
  • Finding a way to break free from unhealthy relationships?
  • Ready to figure out what’s no longer viable in your journey?
  • At a point where you want to work on issues regarding possessiveness and jealousy?
  • Understanding that holding a grudge isn’t worth it any longer?
  • Looking to move forward from those you have power struggles with?
  • Learning how to relinquish control over things that aren’t worth the victory?
  • Are you wanting to gain your personal power back after being in a controlling situation?
  • Have you cleaned out what’s no longer working?
  • Trying to break destructive patterns that have you at a low point?
  • Thinking it’s time to deal with the things you suppressed?
  • Understanding that some of your reactions are trauma responses?
  • Are you researching ways to adopt better coping mechanisms?
  • Ready to make an action plan that has you on the right track for personal growth?
  • Starting a journey to become more enlightened and connect with your higher self?
  • Are you ready to detox from the bad things that hold you back mentally, emotionally, and physically?

Pluto Retrogrades are about releasing the things causing decay in our lives. During these Regressive Periods, we go through a cycle of purging out a form that no longer suits us and then come out of it feeling regenerated.

These Inverse cycles are where we have to dig deep and deal with complex situations swept under the rug. In other words, the stuff that we have been avoiding in terms of emotions we’ve bottled up, issues with control, bad habits, self-destructive behavior, or letting go of something that’s a lost cause come up to be resolved. Pluto’s longer duration in Retrograde causes these conditions to feel continuous, so if we are Aspected by this planet in RX, the situation can feel like it isn’t letting up.

Pluto is a planet that deals with our psychological nature, so during this Regressive period, we deal with a lot of introspection and how to find better coping mechanisms. Also, there are external factors as well that will come up that we need to resolve outwardly.

Of course, challenging circumstances are complex; they are unpleasant, and it takes time to overcome them. I don't want to give the impression that these Plutonic conditions are simple, so do the best you can to stay grounded and find healthy stress relievers when possible.

The fantastic thing about Pluto Retrogrades is that as complex as they are, it’s about connecting with your phoenix energy so you can stand up again after major challenges. Hopefully, this Inverse Cycle helps you clear out all the situations preventing transformation in your life.

Pluto won't go Direct until October 8, 2022, and it will go out of its Post-Shadow on January 9, 2023. So yeah, this is indeed a long process; take this time to get in touch with your personal power.

-Later guys

Pluto Retrograde 2022 Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow 1/6/22
  • Retrograde Station 4/29/22
  • Out Of Retrograde 10/8/22
  • Leaves Post Shadow 1/29/2023

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