This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For April 25th to May 1st, 2022

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Mercury enters Pre-shadow Retrograde this week, and by the end of the week, it will be in its Home Sign of Gemini. Pluto goes retrograde at the end of the week, prompting us to consider what in our life needs to change. We also have a Taurus New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, which should assist us in comprehending why we need dependability in our lives.
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Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed and transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have massive planetary activity with Mercury going into Pre-Shadow Retrograde, the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and Pluto entering its Regressive Cycle. Mercury will also leave Taurus for a bit and go into Gemini, which could help our minds feel exhilarated. And Venus will be more pronounced as this planet is making up a majority of the alignments causing us to focus more on love and financial situations.

As we come to the last 3 degrees of Mercury in Taurus on the 26th, this planet will enter its Pre-Shadow Retrograde. Just like the Retrograde we had at the beginning of 2022, this one will be separated into two halves the Gemini portion and the end of this cycle in Taurus. Issues with our communication, sibling relationships, our self-worth, and what lacks stability in our lives will come up with this Inverse Cycle.

This Regressive Period will be felt more strongly by the Zodiac Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which are between 24 and 29 degrees of these Signs. This Inverse Cycle will also affect the Mutable Signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces from 1 to 10 degrees. This celestial body will turn Retrograde on May 10th, go Direct on June 2nd, and leave the Post-Shadow around 6/18/22.

Even though we just entered the Pre-Shadow RX, this doesn't mean we won’t have some fun with Mercury. On the 27th, Mercury will Sextile Jupiter causing communication to rejuvenate us.

First, this configuration is excellent for connecting with friends you haven't seen or communicated within a while. As a result, this could be a day of pleasant surprises with the people you know, like running into old friends online or in person. With an alignment like this, people are easier to communicate with, and things go as planned.

Secondly, this might bring in new connections with people on your level, resulting in new friendships, networking partners, and romance. And thirdly, this is excellent for having fresh ideas and concepts out of nowhere, so your mind will feel sharper than typical.

The 28th is a busy day with a mix of Transits, some that are complex but others that are harmonious.

Venus will form a Semisquare with Saturn, creating emotions of dissatisfaction in love and work. This alignment makes you realize that you're no longer interested in a person or a particular job. However, don't abandon ship until you have a solid strategy to ensure your safety.

Venus will be in a Conjunction with the Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune on the 28th, causing us to feel more carefree than usual. This is a great aspect for going out to concerts or appreciating music overall. Also, we might be able to channel our artsy side intuitively; in other words, this could be a time when you feel inspired to create.

One of the other cool things is being open to spiritual attunement under this energy, so it would be a great day to buy crystals, get reiki, or go for a tarot reading. The only thing I would advise is to try not to keep your head in the clouds for too long, especially when it comes to money and people who aren't good for you, because our rationale could be a bit foggy on this day.

By the 30th, this Conjunction between Venus and Jupiter will become exact and will be visible in the early morning sky, so if you have the opportunity go out and watch it. The other planets will still be visible as well, Mars and Saturn. But with Venus and Jupiter in this tight Conjunction, we will have open opportunities to expand our luck in love and money.

Mercury's Semisquare to Chiron may bring our communication skills into sharper focus. This Transit is all about balance in the way we talk to others. To put it another way, this could be a day when we learn to speak less and take up less space. Alternatively, it's about using our voice because it is required. Another aspect of this journey is accepting responsibility for the words we use without shifting blame. Therefore, this is a helpful Transit that could show us how to become more self-aware in the way we use our words.

After that other Mercury Transit, we have a nice turn of energies on this day. Mercury will make a Trine with Pluto, which is excellent for concentrating on what truly matters. This helps us change a foggy outlook on our situations to delve deep and get to the root cause of what's making us think so erratically. Communication becomes easier again, so getting your words across will feel effortless. We could also have the opportunity, to tell the truth without drama. And this will be perfect for having deep conversations.

Thursday will be filled with transformation because Pluto will go into Retrograde. Retrogrades affect both the collective and individual levels, especially regarding the Outer Planets. Due to the long Cycle of Pluto in Retrograde, its effects may feel more internalized, although seeing outward change does happen when you are Aspected by this Planet. Even if you aren't experiencing these energies personally, you can still observe the global vibrational shift. With this Inverse cycle, we look at what needs transformation in our lives and how to gain better coping skills.

Sign Placements that will feel this Retrograde the Most are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 24 to 29 degrees of these Signs. Because this planet is far out, its Retrogrades are long; Pluto goes Direct on October 8th and will leave Post-Shadow RX on January 29th, 2023.

Another saving grace this week is Mercury going into its Home Sign of Gemini. Even though this planet will Retrograde in its own Sign, we will at least have a do-over when Mercury leaves Shadow, giving us ample time to capitalize on the benefits of this Ingress by June 18th. Think of this as a chance to double our pleasure- double our fun, because this is the Sign of the Twins, get it “Zing!!”

When Mercury is in Gemini, the tone of communication and thought will change.

Our thoughts will be more receptive to new ideas and in need of stimulation, predominantly intellectual but also playful. Because Gemini is all about objectivity, another key difference with this Sign change will be our ability to be more flexible in our opinions. There will be a strong desire to pick up the phone and call those you haven't spoken with in a while for some much-needed catch-up time. One of the appealing aspects of this Transit is its lighthearted and gregarious nature, so getting out and letting your hair down will be essential.

Friday might be a day where our focus is scattered with the Sun in a Semisquare to Neptune. Because the Sun works with our ego and Neptune is about sensitivity and things that are vague, our feeling about ourselves will vary. As a result, our moods will be all over the place, and you may feel as if you don't know what to do with yourself.

Saturday brings in the first Solar Eclipse of 2022. This will be a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which could help us have epiphanies about what lacks stability, reliability, confidence, and how our values might evolve.

Lastly, on the 1st, we have an Aspect with Venus in a Trine to Pluto that should aid with solid commitments in partnerships. Venus and Pluto in this harmonious configuration might positively increase the intensity if you're in a steady union. And Venus Trine Pluto is also the type of Astrology Aspect that empowers you to take control of your love life and finances in a non-toxic way.

Vibes For The Week

This week I am showing two images of the graph due to one of the lines covering up the other.
Transits GraphSirius Software

3D version of the graph showing the emotional sensitivity and romance vibes side by side
Transits Graph 3D VersionSirius Software

One of the energies this week that looks odd on the graph is emotional sensitivity mixed in with romance. With these two vibes appearing next to one another, we could feel like we are experiencing highs and lows with our emotions plus romantic situations.

Throughout the week, there is social energy. Unlike the previous week, this one does have more of a get-together tone, so communication and hanging out with the people that matter will be easier.

Mentally, this will be a week where we can gain some momentum, especially from the 25th to the 28th. Our minds are sharper than average, which could help us get things done that need your attention.

By the weekend, we have a nice variety of vibes; there is a high amount of good luck and social vibes across the board. Some of it will be about getting together with relatives or those we consider our family. Also, there are smidges of emotional sensitivity, psychic vibes, plus romance.

Transits Of The Week

Even though this week has many transformative alignments, it’s still pretty decent for our moods compared to the previous 7 days.

Transits For April 25th to 30th:

  • 4/26 Mercury Enters Pre-Retrograde Shadow: Prep For The Second Mercury RX Of 2022
  • 4/27 Mercury Sextile Jupiter: Meaningful Communication That’s Fun
  • 4/28 Venus Semisextile Saturn: Being Uncomfortable With Vulnerability
  • 4/28 Venus Conjunct Neptune: Viewing Love From A Dreamy Lens
  • 4/28 Mercury Trine Pluto: The Powers Of Concentration
  • 4/28 Mercury Semisquare Chiron: How To Reframe Negative Thoughts
  • 4/29 Pluto Retrograde: Cleaning Out What Has Outworn Its Welcome
  • 4/29 Mercury In Gemini: Seeking Mental And Verbal Stimulation
  • 4/29 Sun Semisquare Neptune: Feeling Sensitive To Feedback
  • 4/30 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus: A Revelation About What Lacks Stability In Your Life
  • 4/30 Venus Conjunct Jupiter: Expanding Your Opportunities In Love And Money
  • 5/1 Venus Sextile Pluto: Ready For Something Deep In Relationship And Career

Use this week to reconnect with the people who deserve your attention and create something sustainable for yourself.

-Later guys

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